Listing of Virginia Death Row Inmates

Started by Jeff1857, June 24, 2009, 05:19:37 AM

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June 24, 2009, 05:19:37 AM Last Edit: September 24, 2010, 01:54:25 PM by Jeff1857
Joshua Andrews
Born 12-03- Prince William County, on DR since 10-19-2009, victims:Robert Morrison, Romanno Head, and Rutherford Berry. On Jan. 2, 2002 Andrews and another man, Jamel Crawford, went to the Dumfries area apartment looking for marijuana, they planned a robbery but did not plan to hurt anyone. Crawford said he waited outside of the apartment while Andrews went inside and told the three men in the apartment to go into the bathroom, take off their clothes and kneel in the bathtub. Then Andrews shot the men, killing Morrison and Head, both 22, and injuring Berry, who survived.

William Burns
Born 04-30-66, Shenandoah County, on DR since 05-12-00, victim: Tersey Elizabeth Cooley (was Burns' mother-in-law and died from blunt force trauma in the commission of rape, statutory burglary, and forcible sodomy on 09-21-98); summary judgment in Circuit Court that he is not retarded 09-17-08.

Ricky Javon Gray
Born 03-09-77, Richmond, on DR since 10-23-06, victims: Ruby Harvey and Stella Harvey (on 01-01-06, four-year-old Ruby died from stab wounds to her back, one of which punctured her lung, while her nine-year-old sister Stella died from smoke inhalation and blunt-force trauma to the head; in addition, five other were murdered by Gray and an accomplice, including Ruby and Stella's parents, Bryan and Kathryn); state habeas VA response received 04-21-08.

Jerry Jackson
Born 07-22-81, Williamsburg/James City County, on DR since 04-03-03, victim: Ruth Phillips (raped, robbed and smothered with a pillow at 88 years of age on 08-25-01); federal habeas petition filed 09-27-06.

Anthony Juniper
Born 11-23-71, Norfolk, on DR since 04-01-05, victims: Ruben E. Harrison III, Keshia Stephens, Nykia Stephens and Shearyia Stephens (On 01-16-04, stabbed and shot to death his ex-girlfriend, Keshia Stephens, along with shooting to death her 19-year old brother and her two little girls); state habeas VA response received 02-28-07.

William Morrisette
Born 04-02-47, Hampton, on DR since 10-30-01, victim: Dorothy White (was found stabbed to death in her Hampton mobile home on 07-25-80. The 47-year-old bank worker had been raped and stabbed eight times); retrial 04-12-10.

William Morva
Born 1982, Montgomery County, on DR since 03-14-08, victims: Derrick McFarland and Eric Sutphin (while in jail awaiting trial for attempted armed robbery, and facing a maximum 38 years sentence, Morva was taken to Montgomery Regional Hospital on 08-20-06 for a sprained ankle and wrist. After using a hospital bathroom, he assaulted and knocked deputy Russell Quesenberry unconscious using a metal toilet-paper container. He seized the deputy's gun and shot Derrick McFarland, a hospital security guard who was running to the deputy's aid. McFarland died from his wounds. This initiated a manhunt for Morva, who on the morning of 08-21-06 shot and killed a Montgomery County sheriff's deputy, Cpl. Eric Sutphin); awaiting decision on direct appeal.

Thomas Porter
Born 11-01-75, Norfolk, on DR since 07-16-07, victim: Stanley C. Reeves (on 10-28-05, Reeves, a police officer, was shot three times by Porter while responding to a complaint); US Supreme Court cert denied on direct appeal 04-20-09.

Alfredo Prieto
Born 1965, Fairfax County, on DR since 03-04-08, victims: Warren H. Fulton III and Rachael A. Raver (on 12-04-88, Fulton was shot to death while his college sweetheart, Raver, was raped and shot to death by Prieto, who is also on California's death row for a 1990 murder); awaiting decision on direct appeal.

Ivan Teleguz
Born 11-17-78, Rockingham County, on DR since 07-18-06, victim: Stephanie Sipe (on 07-21-01, had her throat cut by killers hired by ex-boyfriend Teleguz); state habeas VA response received 05-21-08.

Leon Winston
Born 07-02-80, Lynchburg, on DR since 01-29-04, victims: Anthony Robinson and Ronda Robinson (husband and wife shot to death in the commission of a burglary on 04-22-02); federal habeas petition denied 03-06-09.

Justin Wolfe
Born 03-07-82, Prince William County, on DR since 06-26-02, victim: Daniel Petrole, Jr. (Wolfe, a 21-year-old suburban drug dealer, hired another individual to serve as a hit man upon rival dealer Daniel Petrole, whom Wolfe owed money. On 03-15-01, Petrole was followed home and murdered in a hail of bullets outside his Bristow area townhouse); remanded by 4th Circuit to District Court for further hearings 05-11-09

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