Keith Leroy Tharpe - GA - 9/26/17

Started by Grinning Grim Reaper, September 07, 2017, 02:54:03 PM

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Grinning Grim Reaper

Execution set for Georgia man who killed his sister-in-law

ATLANTA -- A Georgia death row inmate convicted of killing his sister-in-law 27 years ago is set for execution later this month.

Department of Corrections Commissioner Gregory C. Dozier on Wednesday said Keith Leroy Tharpe is scheduled to die Sept. 26 at the state prison in Jackson. The 59-year-old inmate was convicted in the Sept. 25, 1990 shooting death of Jaquelyn Freeman.

A Georgia Supreme Court case summary says Tharpe stopped his estranged wife and her sister-in-law as they drove to work and ordered them out of the car. He then took Freeman to the rear of his vehicle and killed her.

Tharpe's attorneys had asked a federal judge to reopen his case, saying a juror's racial bias "impermissibly influenced the imposition of his death sentence." A judge Tuesday declined to do so.
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

Grinning Grim Reaper

Jones County killer set to be executed, clemency hearing announced

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles has set a date to hold a clemency hearing for a Jones County man set to be executed later this month.

Keith Leroy Tharpe was sentenced to death for the 1990 murder of his sister-in-law, Jacquelyn Freeman.

Tharpe shot Freeman three times with a single-shot 12-gauge shotgun. He was convicted of malice murder and kidnapping and was sentenced to death on Jan. 10, 1991.

Tharpe's state and federal appeals have concluded, and clemency will be considered at a 9 a.m. meeting in the board's hearing room on Sept. 25, according to a Wednesday news release from the board.

Tharpe is set to die by lethal injection Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

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