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Lets get to know each other, be sure to introduce yourself here.

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Need help?

If you need help, post your problem here.

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General Death Penalty

U.S. Death Penalty Discussion

Debate and dicuss the death penalty and other capital punishment issues here.

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Recidivism - why the Death Penalty Works

Posts in this section must remain on topic.

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Nationwide Death Penalty Statistics

Listing of death sentences by year and the victims of those crimes. Information only, no discussion in this section.

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Scheduled Executions

Discuss or debate all upcoming executions here.Only those offenders with pending dates should be listed in this area

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Executed Offenders (Graveyard)

Only those offenders who have been executed are listed in this section. Once an execution has taken place their topic is locked, their debt is paid. To discuss these offenders please start a new topic in the discussion section.

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Inmates Removed From Death Row

This section will list those inmates who have been resentenced, retried, exonerated or deceased and removed from death row.

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Letters to the Governor / Petitions

This section is for letters to the Governor requests in support of pending executions.

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Parole Protest Requests

This section is for protest requests and information of those sentenced for murder who have parole hearings pending.

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Serial Killers

General SK Discussion

This is the place to discuss serial killers. Please use the specific case forums when available to discuss specific cases.

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General Crime

Crime Debate and Discussion

Debate and discuss non DP Crime related issues here.

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Specific Cases

A place to discuss non Death Penalty Criminal cases.

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U.S. Crime Related News

Posting non death penalty related news is permitted here. Please be sure to attribute the articles your post.

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Across the Globe

World Death Penalty Discussion

Discuss / Debate the death penalty around the globe.

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World Crime Related News

Debate / Discussion of crime related news other than the death penalty around the globe.

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Missing Persons and Children

Missing - Organizations

This board is for the sole purpose of advertising those organizations that help the families of missing persons and children. Please read the rules in this section prior to posting.

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Missing Persons

This board is for the purpose of keeping the cases of missing persons in the public eye. Please read the rules in this section before posting.

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Missing Children

This board is for the purpose of keeping the cases of missing children in the public eye. Please read the rules in this section before posting.

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Off Topic

Off Topic - Anything

Relax, have fun, discuss anything you desire here.

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The Crapper

If you think you can come here and trash us then you might just find your posts sent straight down into "The Crapper".

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Off Topic- News

Posting of off-topic news is permitted here. Please be sure to attribute the articles you post.

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Victims and Victim Related

Remembrance and Support

This is a place to remember the victims of violent crimes, discuss victims issues, post victim memorial pages and provide support to those victims left behind.

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Victim Issues

Please feel free to use this area as both a discussion and info section.

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Chat Notices

Chat Notices

Let us know if you are the first person in the chat room and would like some company.

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