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Friday, April 16, 2010
Arkansas: Latest execution stay won't last
Arkansas death row inmates have had what Attorney General Dustin McDaniel considers a full round of appeals, and despite court challenges to the state's lethal injection procedure and other issues, he says they may soon be scheduled for execution.

Convicted killer Don W. Davis was within 6 hours of dying Monday when the Arkansas Supreme Court ordered a halt to preparations so a judge could consider the rules on lethal injection making him the latest in a series of death row inmates to get such a reprieve.

4 of them, also convicted killers, are claiming that the Legislature improperly shifted part of its authority to the executive branch when it agreed to let the Correction Department change lethal injection protocols.

McDaniel has asked that the suit be dismissed so the executions can proceed, and expressed confidence this week that the latest execution stay will not last. No hearings have yet been scheduled in the suit the Supreme Court sent back to Judge Tim Fox.

The 5 that could be next affected are Frank Williams Jr., who filed the suit last May, and Jack Harold Jones Jr., Davis and condemned inmate Stacey Eugene Johnson, who have filed to intervene. Inmate Bruce Earl Ward is not listed among those joining the suit.

McDaniel's office regards the appeals of Davis, Jones, Johnson, Ward and Williams as having run their course, said attorney general's spokesman Aaron Sadler. He said that if and when any stays are lifted, McDaniel will ask Gov. Mike Beebe to set execution dates.

Federal public defenders in Arkansas, as a policy, don't discuss cases for attribution and didnt return calls for comment. Jeff Rosenzweig, a private attorney who filed the state court challenge for Williams, didn't respond to a request for comment.

Since resuming executions in 1976, Arkansas has executed 27 death row inmates. The most recent was in 2005. Jones was to have been executed on March 16, but the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a stay. Johnson is scheduled for execution on May 4, but he is expected to receive a stay as well. The attorney generals office is researching Wards case to see if there is any impediment to seeking an execution date.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court turned away Ward's request for his case to be reviewed.

Unless there is a specific stay in place for any inmate, we expect to proceed normally toward requests that the governor set execution dates," Sadler said.

While the 8th Circuit has since ruled the law valid, the Arkansas Supreme Court says the suit must be decided in state court because of the claim that the law defies the Arkansas Constitution.

The lawsuit argues that the Legislature overstepped its bounds when it passed a law allowing the state Correction Department director to change the drugs or steps involved in an execution. It had previously been up to the Legislature to approve any changes.

Williams' lawsuit also argues that under the present structure, it could be impossible for an inmate to know about and thus contest any changes to the execution method because they could be made at the last minute, without notice.

While the Correction Departments emergency procedures are exempt from the state Freedom of Information Act, spokeswoman Dina Tyler said the department provides information about the drugs and the procedures for execution to each death row inmate.

Tyler said the department needs flexibility in case one of the chemicals used in lethal injections became unavailable, was improved or a more effective substitute emerged. Without the law change, Tyler said executions would have to be halted until the Legislature could change the protocols.

The Legislature also approved changes last year that require a minimum level of training for the medical personnel involved in an execution, including the person who sets the needle in the inmate's arm. The change was recommended after a case in Kentucky revealed some cases of botched attempts.

"I think the department is doing everything the right way, and I think the outcome will be favorable (to the Correction Department)," Tyler said.

Source: Texarkana Gazette, April 16, 2010



"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." Albert Einstein

heidi salazar

Court Stops Execution Set For Tuesday

Little Rock, AR (AP) - The Arkansas Supreme Court has stopped next week's scheduled execution of a man convicted of killing a DeQueen woman in 1993.

     In an unsigned order, justices stopped next Tuesday's execution.

Forty-year-old Stacey Johnson was condemned in the death of Carol Jean Heath and the state Parole Board last month rejected Johnson's clemency request. Heath's throat was slashed while her young daughter and son hid in her home.

     Courts are considering whether protocols governing executions are constitutional. Justice Elana Wills did not participate in the decision. She formerly worked for the attorney general's office, which represents state government.

Supreme Court halts Johnson execution

The state Supreme Court on Thursday stayed next week's scheduled execution of a death-row inmate convicted of killing a De Queen woman in 1993.

Stacey Johnson was scheduled to be put to death Tuesday. The high court stayed the procedure in a 1-sentence, unsigned order Thursday.

Johnson was sentenced to death for the slaying of Carol Jean Heath, whose throat was slashed while her young children hid in her home.

Earlier this month, the state's highest court stayed the execution of condemned killer Don W. Davis just hours before he was to be put to death April 12 in the 1990 execution-style slaying of Rogers resident Jane Daniel.

Another execution is scheduled next month. Gov. Mike Beebe on Monday set May 24 for Jack Harold Jones to be put to death for the 1995 rape and murder of Bald Knob bookkeeper Mary Phillips, whose daughter also was severely beaten in the attack.

(source: Arkansas News Bureau)


Oh my God  :o :o

Grrrrr, what does it mean ?

What is the problem in the State of Arkansas ?

No comment... >:( >:( :-\ :-\


Kitten Resq

I'm with you Annie - This is just total B.S.

Man up and take your medicine guys - I thought the men from Arkansas had more balls.  What a bunch a low-life, scum scuking, pansy  :-\, whining, sniviling little snots they are.

Just how many fricking times does the execution protocol need to be revisited by every branch of the government in every state?  And every time the decision of the courts comes back with the same decision. 

I know, let them go ask Sammy boy if it "hurt".  He just had his medicine and I didn't read anywhere that he complained that it hurt.  Even his witnesses didn't say that he showed any signs of pain. 

Some people say I'm a horrible person, but it's not true!  I have the heart of an innocent a jar, on my desk

Victims have a dignitary interest in justice and vindication without interminable delay caused by guilty prisoners' attempts to stave off punishment.


So, I take it that Jack Harold Jones likely won't be going any time soon either?  ::)


So, I take it that Jack Harold Jones likely won't be going any time soon either?  ::)

That's also what went through my mind....  ::) >:( >:( >:(

An execution of anyone, anytime soon in Arkansas would surprise me.... That shouldn't be the case when there is scum like this who have exhausted all appeals and worn out their welcome on earth...  >:(


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Arkansas is getting to be like Pennsylvania when it comes to actually carrying out a death sentence. The POS'S are given the sentence , but , and this is a big BUT,unless judicial "lightning", actually hits one of these "wonderful" examples of humanity and grace... ;D ;D ;D their "death " sentence is akin to thunderstorm, something bad might, happen, but most likely , not.... >:( >:( >:(
People that think they know it all, annoy the hell out us who actually do ...


What  crock of sh--.  This POS is laughing at us all and the victims family continues to suffer.


See you .......................... AGAIN! You NEVER come out!



"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." Albert Einstein


  Arkansas....i have some info for you. The Webster dictionary has this to say:

Definition: Death Penalty
Death Penalty

1. Putting a condemned person to death.
  Which means you know...:( :( :(
"Good-bye, Willie!" *Captain Foster's cruel voice boomed above the rattle of the chair's noisy engine * - "The execution of Willie Francis" - Gilbert King

heidi salazar

I don't know why the judges are issuing stays based on LI issues! In October of 2009 AR Supreme Court rejected the appeal and in February 2010 the 8th Circuit Court of appeals denied the appeal on LI issues.


  Indeed. But on the other hand this type of system can leave less room for errors.(appeals....different courts/judges,etc. ) . But sometimes it can transform in a pile of crap (ex. Skinner case).
"Good-bye, Willie!" *Captain Foster's cruel voice boomed above the rattle of the chair's noisy engine * - "The execution of Willie Francis" - Gilbert King


We need to file an amicus with the Arkansas Supreme Court saying that Johnson is really a Republican or he married someone not related to him.

If we do it on Wednesday, his execution will be scheduled for Monday!


Hey JoeGuru, I have an idea how about if we say that Johnson is a Tea Party Member and also that he supports the new Arizona immigration law against illegal immigrants? would that work, do you think? can he go back to the death room?

heidi salazar

How about someone filing something against the judge for misuse of judicial powers by trying to legislate from the bench?  ??? ???

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