Well, I'm No Arthur Conan Doyle, but....

Started by Sir_Daniel, April 26, 2012, 08:59:48 PM

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Wot dus mediocre intellect meen?
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Wot dus mediocre intellect meen?

ensore ta yor qeshun: sore_dumyawll
" Closure? Closure is a misused word in the English language.  There is no such thing as closure for the family of a murder victim.  There will never be any closure for the death of our loved ones until we are dead ourselves.  The families have a lifetime sentence of anguish and sadness." 
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People that think they know it all, annoy the hell out us who actually do ...


Sorry folks, but i must write an answer to this Gentleman.

Dear Sir,

I totally agree with you.
You are not Arthur Conan Doyle and sadly, nor do you possess a brilliant mind like Doyle either.

I must admit that you almost got away as an intellectual knowingly writing on a subject using words in a pseudo intellectual way. Sorry buddy, busted. I have met you before, you seem to be cloned somewhere. The same way of writing, the approach of higher education witch i strongly suspect is a manipulative tactic used to silencing those who express their opinions in plain, simple english. You know, those people who is forced to live close to ghettos, gang violence and reverse racism.

I have a problem with that. And the biggest one is that you have the nerve to sit and take an intellectual approach to a subject you already firmly has decided is the right one. People like you always seem to forgot the victim. Almost always use the term victim. No name, no age, nothing writing motions to forbid pictures of the crime in courts claiming that they are inflammatory to the jury. Oh, no. Do not show the truth.

It bothers me as hell Sir, that you lay even more time to find out why the creep murdered someone. Because, everyone knows that  it has to be a reason why he did what he did. Never ever do you consider that some people kills other people because they hate them. Or getting off of murder.Or for no reason at all. Instead you have the disgusting habit to describe killers as victims. Of the society. That they been beaten.  Misunderstood minorities, underpriviledged.
This is stomach turning.  Why should my loved one sixteen years old pay with her life if the killer had a bad childhood?
People like you are actually telling us that its okay, we have to have tolerance and understanding.  The same understanding that these poor victims of society who is living in ghettos killing each other or any white person who dears to walk around, having a street code of hating the police, values the freedom of a murderer higher than a so called snitch.Using the race card to blame everything wronged in their life, not valuing education and goals, promoting thug mentality  as more cool. When older, screams that racism is the cause that he did not get a career, a god job and a nice house. Not skipping school and walking around as a peacock on steroids defending a few feet of a sidewalk. Being a real man in his hood.
Poor victim of society, never had a chance and victim of racism.

You talk about humanism, calling others barbaric. But what really makes me absolutely hate you is that you tell me that i need to forgive, the bible says so. Newsflash idiots:

Matthew 18:6 " But whoso shall offend one of the little ones which belive in me it were better for him that a milestone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the dept of the sea"

How do you DARE tellingl me that I need to have tolerance and to have closure, forgive and get on with my life????
The only one who has the right to forgive is the victim, Closure? Closure? how dear you, its not like my 89 year old uncle passed away.  we never gets on with our lives. instead we learns to live with a pain you never understand until you are in the same situation.

Converting a cold blooded murder to abstractions  applying politically correct ideas makes it so easy to be human, to forgive, seeing the killer who is smirking at the family of the victim  in front of a judge, actually suffers. People like you then DEMANDS that life in prison is the only right choice, never considering that some taxpayers dont like to pay for scumbags. Why cant we arrange that if a prosecutor drops a detah penalty case if you ask,  taking over the scum paying every incarceration cost. Fair?  Easy, we could add a little box next time we vote to mark if you want to pay costs for the good human sake of saving the precious life of a precious human being.

I know that what i wrote dont make sense to you Sir, but I feel better, 

The "Holier than thou" Syndrome: Causes sister Helen Prejean to think she heals the world and that she knows the secrets about forgiveness and love, so she forgives a lot.
Then, she generously provides us unenlighted souls with religious answers to questions we never asked...

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