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Giles Albert Nadey Jr.
A felony probationer who had four prior felony convictions and had previously served several prison terms, Albert Nadey savagely sodomized and murdered a 24-year-old woman in Alameda. Terena Fermenick, wife of Don Fermenick and new mother of five-month-old Regan, began relocating with her family in late 1995 from Pleasanton to Alameda, California. Don had just been appointed Pastor of the Church of Christ in Alameda, and they were in the process of moving into the designated church residence. On the afternoon of January 18, 1996, Terena and the baby went to the new residence to meet with an employee of Chem-Dry, a company she chose out of the yellow pages a few days earlier to clean the rugs prior to their move-in. The carpet cleaner was Giles Albert Nadey. Terena met with Nadey, discussed the areas to be cleaned, and then left for about two hours so she did not have to be alone with Nadey as he worked. When she returned about 4:00 p.m., she left the baby in her car, wrote and gave a check to Nadey at the door, and was about to depart -- when Nadey apparently tricked her to return by claiming he needed to see her driver's license in order to accept her check.
Once inside, Nadey produced a knife, forced her into the master bedroom, made her strip, stabbed her twice in the right flank to show he was serious, then forced her onto the bed where he viciously sodomized her. Thereafter, he pulled her head back and cut her throat, severing the jugular vein.
Though fatally maimed, Terena staggered through the hallway and into the family room where she ultimately collapsed near a telephone. According to the pathologist, she lived for 60-90 seconds before bleeding out and dying. When Terena and baby Regan failed to return home, the fearful Pastor drove to Alameda and retraced his wife's last-known whereabouts. At the church residence, he found the baby in Terena's car, and his dead and obviously abused wife some six hours after the carnage. Alameda police executed a search warrant on Nadey and his residence. Recovered from the search was a notepad containing writings made by Nadey boasting, "sodomy is my specialty."
Among other evidence, blood drawn from Nadey was compared to anal swabs from Terena's body and semen stains on her jeans; a DNA expert from California's Department of Justice found a match, with the frequency being one in 32 billion. Giles Albert Nadey was sentenced to death in April 2000 following his conviction for murder with special circumstances and sodomy.

Evan Teek Nakahara
Defendant and Michael Rojas were jointly charged with murdering Beatrice Viveiros on July 11, 1989. The trial court ordered the cases severed for trial. The evidence in the present case showed that defendant had been dating Viveiros for several years, and had admired a gun collection owned by her father. Defendant had earlier joked with his friend Edwin Skinner about planning to steal the guns
and "doing away" with Viveiros after the theft. On the day of the murder, defendant and Rojas visited Viveiros's house around 1:15 p.m. and defendant asked her to help him back his car into the garage and empty his car trunk. After the job was done, Viveiros closed the garage door on his car, angering him.
According to Viveiros's friend Kim Austin, when Austin left at 2:45 p.m., Viveiros was alive and in the company of defendant and Rojas. Viveiros's father arrived at the house around 4:30 p.m. and found his daughter's lifeless body on a hallway floor. His guns were missing, along with various war memorabilia such as pins, certificates and war ration cards. Viveiros had been shot three times in the back and once beneath her left ear; each wound probably would have been fatal.

Martin Navarette
Police arrested Navarette after a report of a woman's scream brought them to the small apartment complex where the defendant and the victims lived. Officers discovered the body of Alexandra Hickman, 24, sprawled on her bedroom floor and discovered that she had been stabbed numerous times--one officer later testified there were too many wounds to count.
They then went to the apartment next door to Hickman's to find out if the tenant there knew anything about the killing. There was no answer, and when they learned the tenant had not shown up for work, they broke down the door and found the body of 42-year-old Deborah Converse, who also had been stabbed numerous times. Converse's apartment had been burglarized a few days earlier. Police later located witnesses who said that Navarette had asked them how he would go about selling items of the type taken from the apartment, in a conversation a day before the murders. Navarette was arrested a few hours after the bodies were found. Jurors found him guilty of both murders, found that he had committed both of them in the commission or attempted commission of the felonies of robbery and burglary. They also convicted him of robbery and burglary as to Converse, burglary and attempted robbery as to Hickman, and battery with serious injury and second degree robbery as to Navarette's girlfriend, who said he hit her and took her keys and car after she noticed what appeared to be blood stains on his clothes.

Anthony Navarro
Anthony Navarro, 42, was convicted of recruiting three Pacoima Flats gang members to abduct and kill David Montemayor on Oct. 2, 2002. Montemayor, 44, was wanted dead by his oldest sister, Deborah Ann Perna, who was upset that he was being given control of the family's trucking business. Perna, also of Buena Park, hired Navarro and the gang members to kill her brother - hoping to take over Interfreight Transport Inc. In February 2006, she was sentenced to life in prison for the murder. Navarro was sentenced to Death 7/08.

Bernard Albert Nelson
Given the death penalty for the April 5, 1995, slaying of model and aspiring actor Richard Allen Dunbar II in an attempted carjacking. James Richard Odle - Was convicted in 1983 of murdering a Contra Costa County woman and then killing a police officer in a shootout.

Sergio D. Nelson
Robin Shirley, 32, and Lee Thompson, 22, both of Pomona, were killed as they sat in Thompson's car in front of the store on Foothill Boulevard about 4 a.m. Saturday 10/021993 as they waited to begin their shifts, police said. Sergio Nelson walked up to the car and fired six shots from a 9-millimeter handgun, police said. He said Shirley had recently received a promotion in the stockroom, a job Nelson felt he deserved. There had been tension between Shirley and Nelson for several weeks, the detective said. Thompson was simply "at the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time," he said.
For this crime Nelson had been sentenced to death at 09/09/1995.

Tanya Nelson aka Phuong Thao Nguyen
A woman has been sentenced to death for murdering a fortuneteller and her daughter after the victims were unable to get her ex-lover back. Prosecutors say Tanya Nelson of Roanoke Rapids, N.C., was sentenced Friday in Santa Ana for masterminding the murders in 2005. Prosecutors say Nelson hired fortuneteller Ha "Jade" Smith to get her ex-lover back, but she drove across the country with an accomplice to kill her after the soothsayer told her to accept reality. Prosecutors say Smith and her 23-year-old daughter Anito Vo were stabbed and their faces and hands were covered in white paint, which may have been an attempt to cover up evidence.
Nelson's accomplice Phillipe Zamora was sentenced last month to 25 years to life in prison.
Sentenced to Death 4/23/10

Lorenzo Newborn
Convicted and sentenced to death in the Halloween 1993 murder of 14 yr old Stephen Coats Jr, 13yr old Edgar Evans, and 14yr old Reginald Crawford, the three were murdered in gang gunfire.

Charles Chitat Ng
Charles Ng and Leonard Lake tortured and killed 12 people in a kidnapping and sex-slavery spree in Northern California in 1984 and 1985. Lake took a cyanide pill to commit suicide. Ng, whose 1999 trial was moved to Santa Ana because of pretrial publicity in Northern California, was convicted and sentenced to death on 06/30/1999. His victims were; Kathleen Allen,Michael Carroll, Robin Stapley, Randy Johnson, Charles Gunnar, Donald Lake, Paul Cosner, Brenda O'Conner, Lonnie Bond Sr., Lonnie Bond Jr., Harvey Dubbs, Deborah Dubbs, and Sean Dubbs.

Lam Thanh Nguyen
Fatally shot three people and wounding three others during a Little Saigon gang war that raged in 1994 and 1995. The shootings occurred at a Laundromat, a restaurant and elsewhere. Nguyen, a reputed member of the Nip Family gang, left two of his victims paralyzed, prosecutors say.

Sandi Dawn Nieves
Sentenced to death for murdering her 4 daughters and then setting their home ablaze. Jaqlene Marie Folden, 5, Kristl Dawn Folden, 7, Rashel Holly Nieves, 11, and Nikolet Amber Nieves, 12, were clad in sleep clothing when they were found dead in sleeping bags and bedding in the kitchen.  The woman's 14-year-old son, David, was hospitalized briefly for smoke inhalation and hes now living with his father. Nieves killed her children to avoid father getting custody.

William Noguera
Killed his girlfriend's mom, 1983, has become a renoun artist and, according to some, is worth of sparing.

Daniel Nunez
Location: 1300 block of West 254th Street, Harbor City
Victims: Edward Robinson, 22, of Wilmington; Renesha Ann Fuller, 21, of Inglewood
Wilmington gang members Nunez and William Satele shot Robinson and his girlfriend, Fuller, as Robinson stood next to her car, leaning in to kiss her goodnight.

James Francis O'Malley Jr.
O´Malley A convicted murderer and leader of a local outlaw motorcycle gang who once boasted that "killing was better than sex" and confessed to be a sadist has been sentenced in Santa Clara County Superior Court to death. While relatives of the victims watched in quiet approval, Judge Hugh F. Mullin III rejected a request for leniency and ordered that James Francis O'Malley Jr. should be put to death.
He had been sentenced to death for the murder of Sharley Ann German and two acquaintances in 1986.
The jury got a counseling after the trial, because they had to deal with the cruel images they had to face during trial.

Robert Lester Ochoa
Ochoa, 41, was convicted of kidnapping, raping and stabbing to death 16-year-old Lacy Corin Chandler; of kidnapping, robbing and raping a second woman, known as Charlotte J.; and of assaulting with a deadly weapon a third woman, known as Yolanda A., between January and June of 1987. According to Ochoa's attorney, the inmate has an IQ of 78. His conviction was based on his confession to the crime. An accomplice in the rape of Charlotte J., Edward Ramage led police to Ochoa in return for a reduced sentence. He served three years in prison.

Sergio Ochoa
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the 1990 killing of a rival gang member and the murder of a driver a few weeks later in an abortive carjacking.
Ochoa joined with his fellow gang members on Jan. 3, 1990, in the midst of a "war" between their gang and the Crazy Riders in the city's Pico-Union neighborhood. An 18th Street gang member had killed a Crazy Rider a day earlier, and the Crazy Riders retaliated shortly thereafter with the shooting of the brother of a 18th Street member.
The group then followed and killed Crazy Riders member Pedro Navarette.
He was involved in the attempted carjack on Jan. 20.
Ochoa was arrested on Jan. 21. Soon after, he had the number 187--referring to the California Penal Code section prohibiting murder--tattooed over his eye.

James Odle
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 1980 stabbing death of Renta Aguila and the shooting death of Floyd Schwartz, a Pinole Police officer who attempted to apprehend Odle three day after Aguila's murder. Aguilar was attacked and stabbed in her home, placed in a stolen van from which she managed to escape, and she died on the front porch of a neighbor's house.  Schwartz was shot to death he tried to apprehend Odle.  Deceased Officer Floyd Schwartz is the father of Amber Schwartz Garcia who was kidnapped in 1988 and is still missing.

Anthony Oliver
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murders of Eddie Mae Lee, 76, and Patronella Luke, 35--gunned down at the Mt. Olive Church of God in Christ on July 21, 1989--and the attempted murder of Luke's husband, Peter, who was wounded.
The masked gunmen burst in on worshipers, including about 30 children. One of the men guarded the door while the other prowled the aisles, apparently looking for someone. When he reached the Lukes, he opened fire. Lee was shot down as she tried to flee.

Jose Luis Orozco
Jose Luis Orozco, 29, smiled as he was led out of the Norwalk courtroom after being sentenced for killing Deputy Luis Gerardo "Jerry" Ortiz on June 24, 2005. Dozens of deputies, many in uniform, were in the courtroom for the sentencing.
Norwalk Superior Court Judge Philip H. Hickok called the slaying a "cold-blooded, vicious murder" that "absolutely warrants death instead of life without parole." Hickok denied a defense motion for a new trial.
Ortiz, a member of the anti-gang detail at the sheriff's Lakewood station, was at an apartment building in the 12200 block of East 223rd Street, following up on a shooting, when he was shot in the face from behind an apartment door.
The 35-year-old newly married father of two boys was investigating an attack in which a man was shot in the back while doing yard work at a Hawaiian Gardens home.
Orozco was convicted of murder on March 20. Jurors also found true the special circumstance allegations of murder of a peace officer, murder while lying in wait and murder to avoid arrest.
Jurors also convicted Orozco of one count of attempted murder involving the earlier Hawaiian Gardens shooting and two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, and found true allegations that he personally discharged a handgun and committed the crimes for the benefit of a criminal street gang.
Sentenced to Death in 2007.

Lance Ian Osband
Sentenced to death for the murder on October 5, 1985, of Lois Minnie Skuse. He raped, robbed and murdered the victim. He was also charged with attempting to murder Norma C. 16 days after he killed Skuse.

Raymond Oyler
A convicted arsonist was sentenced to death 6/5/09 for setting a Southern California wildfire that killed five federal firefighters struggling to defend a rural home from raging, wind-driven flames.sentence in 5 arson murders. Raymond Lee Oyler, 38, was found guilty in March of five counts of first-degree murder for setting the Oct. 26, 2006, blaze about 90 miles east of Los Angeles. Riverside County Superior Court Judge W. Charles Morgan said Oyler "set on a mission ... to wreak havoc in this county" by setting fires and became increasingly proficient. "He knew that young men and women would put their lives on the line to protect other people and property and he continued anyway," Morgan said. Oyler's case is believed to mark the first time a death sentence has been ordered in the United States for an arson wildfire involving the deaths of firefighters, said John Hall, a spokesman for the district attorney. During the trial the prosecution characterized Oyler as a serial arsonist who was bent on destruction, "a man wanting to be so important he unleashed disaster on five men." The firefighters' deaths stunned the region and some 10,000 people attended the memorial service for Jason McKay, 27; Jess McLean, 27; Daniel Hoover-Najera, 20; Mark Loutzenhiser, 43, and Pablo Cerda, 23.

Samreth Sam Pan
Run Peter Chhoun and Pan were found guilty of murdering Nghiep Thich Le, 48, and his father, Hung Dieu Le, 73, of Sacramento during a home invasion robbery; and Miguel Vargas Avina, 20, of Pomona. Authorities have said Avina was shot because Chhoun and Pan mistakenly thought he was a rival gang member. The two also were convicted of burglarizing and robbing the Le home and of the attempted murder of Nghiep Le's wife, Quyen Luu, 49, who was shot in the hip.

Hooman A. Panah
On the morning of Saturday, Nov. 20, 1993, Ashkan Panah was asleep in his bedroom on the second level of an apartment unit in Woodland Hills. His mother, Mehri Monfared, also was in the apartment, preparing to leave for an appointment.
Sometime that morning, Lori Parker, then separated from her husband, Edward, dropped off her daughter, Nicole, and her son Casey, at their father's apartment -- which was located across a courtyard from Ashkan Panah's apartment.
Sometime around 11:00 a.m., Monfared left the apartment.
At about the same time, Nicole asked her father for a glove and softball. A short time later, as he was walking between his apartment and the laundry room, Mr. Parker saw his daughter throwing the ball against an elevator. He told his daughter to be back to the apartment by noon.
That was the last time he saw his daughter

Calvin Lamont Parker
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 2003 for the killing of Patricia Gallego was read in court. Parker also raped the Brazilian immigrant and dismembered her body in the 2000 slaying. The trail that led to a judge sentencing Calvin Lamont Parker to death yesterday began when a transient rummaging through a trash bin behind a pet store in the Midway District found a human finger. In the vicinity, police officers discovered eight fingertips, which appeared to be burned, along with a bolt cutter, a used roll of duct tape, cigarette lighters, notes, paperwork, incense, a breathing mask, cologne, clothing, red-stained rubber gloves and numerous other objects, according to court documents. That same day - Aug. 14, 2000 - two women found the body of Patricia Gallego, 29, in Carlsbad. The body was wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a large wheeled trash can with several pieces of duct tape on the outside. Parker was arrested, tried and convicted in the murder, rape and dismemberment of his former roommate, a Brazilian native who her parents said came to the United States in 1997 to start a new life. In a rambling hour-long talk before San Diego County Superior Court Judge Michael Wellington yesterday, Parker accused his attorneys and the prosecutors of collusion. Defense attorney Dawnella Gilzean said outside of court that Parker's having been sexually and physically abused as a child contributed to his sense of isolation and his inability to trust anyone. Wellington denied a defense request to sentence Parker to life in prison without parole. Instead, he upheld the jury's recommendation that the 33-year-old former eyeglass salesman and Navy man should die by lethal injection for murdering Gallego in the apartment they shared near the
University of San Diego. The judge agreed with the prosecution that Parker "was romantically and sexually obsessed with the victim and had a deep hatred of her." Gallego first met Parker in 1998 when she was dating his then-roommate, according to court documents. They moved in together in May 2000, but were not romantically involved. Prosecutors Brenda Daly and Blaine Bowman said Parker wrote about his infatuation with Gallego
and superimposed her face on the pictures of at least 75 of the hundreds of women in sexual positions that he had on his walls, his bed and in duffel bags. They said the murder was carefully planned and that Parker tried to steal her money by cashing forged checks after he killed her.
Parker had taken a week off from work, telling his boss that he needed to visit his mother. He wrote out a "to-do" list detailing what he intended to do to Gallego that included notes about getting a "small med. car w/ decent trunk, burn palms + face thoroughly." Prosecutors said he then attacked Gallego in their apartment, handcuffed her, raped her, hit her in the head and slit her throat. He drained her blood in the bathtub and cut up the body.
Parker got rid of the blood-and-semen-spattered mattress from her bed in a field in Bonita, prosecutors said. The last time Gallego was seen alive was when she left her job at Cafe Chloe on Pearl Street in La Jolla a few days before her body was found. She was killed two weeks before her 30th birthday. Her father, Ruben Gallego, testified during Parker's trial that he had a plane ticket and was planning to visit her for her birthday when he received a telephone call about his daughter's death. Her mother, who attended the trial, was not present at the sentencing. Gallego was her only child. "She didn't die by herself," her mother, Terezinha Ramos Das Silva, said. "It was a family that died with her. I died twice."

Gerald Parker
Serial killer Gerald Parker, dubbed the "Bedroom Basher" for a spree of sex slayings that terrorized Orange County in the 1970s, was sentenced to death in 1999 after an emotional hearing in which victims' families spoke of their years of anguish and loss.
Using new DNA technology and a computer database, prosecutors developed the case against Parker 17 years after he raped and murdered five Orange County women and killed the unborn child of a sixth woman. The surviving victim's husband was later wrongly convicted of the crime.
Sandra Kay Fry, 17, Anaheim, Dec. 2, 1978
Kimberly Rawlins, 21, Costa Mesa, April 1, 1979
Marolyn Carleton, 31, Costa Mesa, Sept. 14, 1979
Chantel Marie Green, stillborn, Tustin, Sept. 30, 1979
Debora Jean Kennedy, 24, Tustin, Oct. 7, 1979
Debra Lynn Senior, 17, Costa Mesa, Oct. 21, 1979

Richard Ray Parson
Killed a Sacramento nurse, who he knew, in her apartment, where had gone to steal money to feed his drug habit. Parson had 10 prior felony convictions for crimes including conspiring to bring drugs into a prison, receiving stolen property; forgery, bank robbery, passing a forged check; and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle.

William Charles Payton
William Charles Payton, 43, convicted in the May 26, 1980, rape-murder of Pamela Montgomery, 21, in Garden Grove. Sentenced March 5, 1982.

Kevin Pearson
Convicted with accomplices Warren Hardy and Jamelle Armstrong and sentenced to death for the gruesome robbery, rape, torture and murder of a Long Beach woman who made the mistake of wishing him a happy New Year when passing by them on the street on Dec. 28, 1998.

Michael Pearson
Convicted and sentenced to Death 12/96 by a judge who called him vicious and callous for
murdering two co-workers after being fired from the city's Housing Authority last year.
Michael Pearson turned to the families of Barbara Garcia and Ruth Lorraine Talley in a Martinez courtroom and said he was ``really sorry'' for the shootings on April 25, 1995.

Brett Patrick Pensinger
Defendant Brett Patrick Pensinger was convicted of the first degree murder of Michelle Melander, and the jury found true special circumstance allegations that the murder was committed in the course of a kidnapping and that the murder was intentional and involved the infliction of torture. The jury found not true allegations that the murder was committed during the commission of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14 and that the murder was committed in the course of an oral copulation in violation of Penal Code section 288a. Defendant was also convicted of kidnapping Michelle Melander and Michael Melander, Jr. He was acquitted of committing a lewd act, or oral copulation in violation of Penal Code section 288a, on Michelle Melander.

Jesus Penuelas
Convicted and sentenced to Death 8/08 in the 2003 murder of Jessica de la Torre. Jessica de la Torre was slashed with a knife, beaten and run over with her own car during a robbery. Her body was discovered Aug. 15, 2003, in Rubidoux. Jurors recommended a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a second man convicted in connection with the murder. Sergio Rojas Arias, 27, of Upland is also scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 8.

Richard Penunuri
Richard Penunuri was sentenced by Pomona Superior Court Judge Robert Armstrong to Death in 2001.
Armstrong also sentenced Joseph Michael Castro Jr., 22, and Arthur Bermudez, 24, to life in prison plus an additional 25 years for the murder of Jaime Castillo.
Penunuri was convicted on Dec. 15 of the 1997 gang-related slayings of Mike Murillo and Bryan Molina in Whittier.
While in County Jail, Penunuri ordered Castro and Bermudez to kill Castillo. The two men led Castillo to the Angeles National Forest north of Azusa in January 1998 and shot him, said Los Angeles Deputy Dist. Atty. Mike Camacho.

Louis James Peoples
Suspected of at least four slayings, Peoples was arrested on November 12 , 1997, with a backpack that had a stolen badge and identification card belonging to an Alameda County sheriff's deputy. Missing was the deputy's .40-caliber Glock that was later found buried in a muddy field. The gun has been linked to four death that ocurred over a two week period. A map found in People's home pinpointed the known attacks as well as future targets.

Joseph Andrew Perez
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder of 46-year-old Janet Daher, a Lafayette woman, during a 1998 robbery. Sentenced to Death in 2002.

Clifton Perry
In May 1996, a jury found defendant Clifton Perry and codefendant Leon Noble guilty of the murder and second degree robbery of Saeed Nasser. The jury also found that defendant, but not Noble, personally used a firearm during the commission of the crimes. It further found, as a special circumstance, that the murder occurred during the commission of a robbery.

Scott Peterson
Either strangled or smothered his wife on or around Christmas Eve 2002 and dumped the body in the San Francisco Bay.  Peterson claims he was fishing alone that day.  The decision came almost two years to the date after the disappearance of Laci Peterson, a 27-year-old substitute teacher who married her college sweetheart and was soon to be the proud mother of a baby boy named Conner. The story set off a tabloid frenzy as suspicion began to swirl around Scott Peterson, who claimed to have been fishing by himself on Christmas Eve and was carrying on an affair with a massage therapist at the time.  The remains of Laci and the fetus washed ashore about four months later, just a few miles from where Peterson claims to have gone fishing in San Francisco Bay. The case went to trial in June, and Peterson was convicted Nov. 12 of two counts of murder.

Richard L. Phillips
One of California's longest-serving death row inmates, was sentenced to death in 1980 for the murder of Bruce Bartulis. He was also convicted of the attempted murder of Ronald Rose.

Santiago Pineda
Convicted in January 2007 for two murders. Pineda had been in custody without bail since March 2002, when he was arrested and charged with the murder of Rafael Sanchez, also known as Juan C. Armenta. Sanchez was run over and killed with his own car in Long Beach on March 7, 2002.  The second murder, of 20-year-old Raul Tinajero, occurred inside the Los Angeles County Jail system on April 20, 2004. Tinajero, a convicted car thief, had been brought to Los Angeles from state prison to testify against Pineda.  Pineda was standing trial in Long Beach for the Sanchez murder. Tinajero testified at the first trial, but a mistrial was declared and a new trial scheduled when Pineda's attorney became seriously ill. Tinajero was being held in Los Angeles in anticipation of testifying at the retrial.

Scott Pinholster
Convicted of murdering Robert Beckett, 29, and Thomas Johnson, 25, in 1982. The two men  were keeping watch at a drug dealer's house in suburban Tarzana and surprised Pinholster and his accomplices after they broke in, the court said. Pinholster admitted the break-in but denied committing the murders.

Noel Plata
Sentenced to death for  torturing and strangling Linda Park, an 18-year-old college student, during a home-invasion robbery in her Irvine home in 1995.

Milton Pollock
Was hired by another man to help install a sprinkler system in the Palomares Road yard of Earl and Doris Garcia, 70 and 63, respectively. On a crack cocaine binge, he murdered the Garcia's while robbing them of money to buy more drugs.

Christopher Eric Poore
Poore was sentenced to death in February 2002 after a jury convicted him in the Nov. 8, 1999, slaying of Mark Kulikov in Palm Springs. Kulikov was shot twice in the head and three times in the chest, said Ulrich R. McNulty, the former Riverside County deputy district attorney who prosecuted the case.
Evidence showed Poore killed Kulikov to become a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and that Kulikov may have had drug-dealing debts,

Aswad Pops
Along with accomplice, Byron Paul Wilson, both of Long Beach, was convicted of killing Charles Hurd, 33, of Corona, owner of the Wheels N Stuff carwash on Sportsman Drive, and three of his employees--Michael Hoard, 41, Shawn Potter, 20, and Jessie Dunn, 36, all of Compton--died Jan. 25, 1998, during the suspects' violent quest for money and merchandise. Pops also was convicted of attempted murder in connection with a home-invasion robbery in north Long Beach on Feb. 6, 1998. He has two previous "strikes" for robbery and drug-sales convictions in 1991.

John Post

Thomas James Potts
Potts was found guilty of killing Fred and Shirley Jenks, both in the their 70s, in their Hanford home on 08/04/1997.

Carl Powell
Carl Devon Powell was sentenced to death on Nov. 10, 1994, after being convicted of robbing and murdering Keith McDade, a manager of a Sacramento Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, on Jan. 19, 1992. Powell, then 21, was convicted in September 1994 for the first-degree murder of McDade, 24.
McDade was found slain in his car with a single bullet wound to the head in the restaurant parking lot on Freeport Boulevard. Under the seat of his car, police found a money bag still carrying the day's
sales total of $1,700. Powell was also convicted of three counts of grand theft that occurred
while he was an employee at the restaurant six months before the shooting.

Troy Lincoln Powell
Date of Crime:  11/12/2000
Powell was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering Tammy Epperson.

Richard James Poynton
Sentenced to death for the stabbing death of his estranged wife in January 1999.  Witnesses said Marie Poynton had been forced off the road while driving in the Angeles National Forest and then stabbed.

Curtis Price
Curtis Floyd Price was convicted in 1986 of two 1983 murders, one of a witness who testified against the Aryan Brotherhood of which Price was a member.  The other occurred during a robbery.

Alfredo Prieto
Convicted and sentenced to death in the 1990 murder of Yvette Woodruff. Also a member of Virginia Death Row.

Cleophus Prince
A former Navy machinist, Cleophus terrorized San Diego, California, stabbing six women to death and provoking the largest police manhunt in the city's history. His crime spree spanned from 1990 to his capture in 1991 and included numerous burglaries, one rape and six murders. Unlike most serial killers, Cleophus killed women outside his race. He was linked to several of the deaths by DNA evidence and jewelry in his possession that belonged to his victims. He also gave his girlfriend a rare opal ring for Christmas that belonged to his second victim.
FBI experts were called in by the prosecution to find a common thread in all the killings. The signature that connected all slayings was circles of blood smeared on all the victim's breasts. Some of the victims were stabbed up to fifty times. Prince bragged to a friend about "doing a mother and her daughter," (his last two victims) and took to wearing the mother's wedding ring on a chain around his neck. Usually Prince stalked and followed the unlucky women to their homes. There he would break in, take a knife from the kitchen and attack the women. In 1993 a jury found Cleophus guilty of six counts of first-degree murder, 20 counts of burglary and one count of rape.

William Arnold Proctor
Sentenced to death for the 1982 rape, torture and murder of a Shasta County schoolteacher.
Proctor murdered Bonnie Stendal, a 55-year old school teacher who lived in Burney, a small community in Shasta County, California. On a night in April 1982, Proctor entered Mrs. Stendal's home and beat her, causing numerous cuts and bruises on her face. Proctor stabbed Mrs. Stendal in the neck several times and inflicted seven stab wounds in the area of the right breast. Proctor raped Mrs. Stendal and committed further sexual assaults with a foreign object. After beating, torturing, and raping Mrs. Stendal, Proctor strangled her to death and dumped her body on the side of the road near Lake Britton, 12 miles from Burney. The body was found late the next afternoon, clad in a nightgown with hands tied behind the back.

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