Listing of Indiana Death Row Inmates

Started by Jeff1857, May 24, 2009, 11:17:29 PM

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Howard Allen
Sentenced to death for stabbing Ernestine Griffin, 73, to death in 1987.

Frederick Michael Baer
Baer had been sentenced to death for murdeirng Cory Clark and her 4 yyear old daughter in 2004. He used a knife to slit their throats. Baer had attempted to rape Cory before her death.

Chijoke B. Ben-Yisrayi (f/k/a Greagree Davis)
Was sentenced to death for the murder of Debra A. Weavertook, 23. He took her to a highway overpass, where he raped, sodomized, and stabbed her to death. The body was discovered and revealed chipped teeth, abrasions, multiple bruises on lips and gums, strangulation marks, seminal fluid in her vagina, and 113 stab wounds on the chest and abdomen.

Obadyah Ben-Yisrayi (f/k/a Christopher Peterson)
Ben Yisrael was brought to trial four times for shooting 10 people. The first trial for two murders and two attempted murders resulted in an acquittal. The second, for one murder and one attempted murder, also resulted in acquittal. He was convicted in the third trial for two more murders before being tried and convicted a fourth time for two separate murders.

Debra Brown
During the summer of 1984 brown and  Alton Coleman went on a burglary, rape and killing spree in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.
In Ohio Brown had been sentenced to death in each case of the aggravated murders of Marlene Walters and Tonnie Storey. In separate trials in Indiana, she had been found guilty of murder, rape and attempted murder and received the death penalty. 

Joseph Corcoran
At 17, Joseph Corcoran was accused of shooting his parents because they were too strict. A jury, though, was unconvinced, and Corcoran went free. Five years later, Corcoran was again charged with murder, this time accused of gunning down his brother, his sister's fiancÚ and two other men because he couldn't stand to hear them talking about him.

James Harrison
Was convicted of the murders of Stacy Forsee and her two children.

Eric D. Holmes
He was convicted of two counts of murder1 for the intentional killing of Charles Ervin and Theresa Blosl

Wayne Kubsch
Convicted of killing his wife, her son, and her ex-husband in 1998

Paul McManus
In May 2002, a jury found Paul McManus guilty of murdering his wife and two daughters and recommended the death sentence.

Michael Dean Overstreet
Sentenced to death for murder and rape of Kelly Eckart,18, in 1997.

Tommy R. Pruitt
Sentenced to death for the June 2001 shooting death of Morgan County Sheriff's Deputy Daniel Starnes.

Benjamin Ritchie
Shot and killed policeman Wiliam Toney while being pursued for stealing a van.

John Stephenson
Stabbed and shot John Tyler, 29; Cathy Tyler, 29; Brandy Southard, 21 with assault rifle; Yankeetown, Warrick County.

[Roy Lee Ward
Sentenced to death today for the July 11, 2001 rape and murder of Dale, Ind. teenager Stacy Payne.

Daniel Ray Wilkes
Was sentenced to death this morning after Wilkes was found guilty last month of three counts of murder in the April 2006 slayings of Donna Claspell and her daughters, Avery Pike, 13, and Sydne Claspell, 8

Mark Wisehart
Was sentenced to death in Madison Superior court for stabbing 65-year-old Marjorie R. Johnson 26 times and fracturing her skull during an October 1982 robbery.

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