Listing of Florida Death Row Inmates J - K

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Etheria Jackson
The victim, 64-year-old Linton Moody, owned a retail furniture business in Jacksonville, Florida,
with his brother, Wendell.  Linton was working at the store until the early afternoon of December 2, 1985.  When Linton did not show up for work the next day, Wendell called the police to report his brother missing.  Officer Godbee found Linton's body rolled in a piece of carpet in the rear compart-
ment of Linton's station wagon on December 5th. Evidence that was found with the body included
the victim's calling card box and briefcase. Linda Riley, Etheria Jackson's live-in girlfriend and the
mother of one of his children, reported the murder on the same day that the body was found. At
trial, Riley testified that she had bought a washing machine on an installment plan from the victim.  Linton came by her residence to collect the monthly payment on December 3rd after he cashed
a $4,000 check that he used to make change for his clients.  Jackson, as well as Riley's two
children, was present when Linton arrived. Linton gave Riley a receipt after cashing her
government check, but before he could leave, Jackson assaulted the victim and held a knife to
his throat.  Riley also said that Jackson told her to take Linton's wallet and keys after Jackson
had forced the victim to the floor.  While the victim pleaded for his life, Jackson bound and
gagged the victim before choking him to unconsciousness with a belt.  When Linton regained consciousness, Jackson used a cast on his forearm to strike the victim's face.  Jackson straddled
the victim's body before stabbing him numerous times in the chest. Riley assisted Jackson in
disposing of the body by hiding it in a carpet and putting it in the victim's station wagon. 
Jackson drove the vehicle to an alternate location and abandoned it, where Officer Godbee
discovered the station wagon two days later. Riley reported that Jackson returned to the house
with two men approximately 45 minutes after he left with the body.  When Jackson returned, he
asked Riley to inject his arm with cocaine. Testimony was also given at trial by one of the two men
who returned with Jackson to the house. The man stated that he and his friend were flagged down while they were driving by a male wearing a cast on his forearm.  This man was later identified as Jackson.  Jackson inquired as to whether the men knew where to obtain cocaine. When they
answered in the affirmative, he offered to buy them a tank of gas by stating, "I'll fill your tank, I
have money all over, I just hit a sweet lick."  The witness later stated that Jackson pulled out
bundles of money from his pockets. Upon purchasing the cocaine, the witness reported that they
went back to Jackson's place, and Jackson had his girlfriend inject cocaine into his arm. The
autopsy established that the victim suffered from bruises on his face, head, and neck.  The victim
also had a shallow slash along his neck, bruises on his kneecaps, and rug-burn on his left elbow.
The  victim was stabbed seven times in the upper left chest area, which caused massive internal bleeding and was the cause of death.  The lack of blood on the lower extremities was indicative
that the perpetrator sat astride the victim during the assault.  The victim had bruises on the neck consistent with strangulation caused by either a forearm, or maybe a broad belt. In a December
9th interview, Jackson claimed that Riley was the perpetrator of the murder and that he was not
at the scene of the crime when it occurred. He further claimed that Riley was having an affair with Linton while Jackson was in prison and that it was this affair that had prompted the murder. 
Jackson's mother presented testimony that he visited her on December 8th and provided her with
three varying versions of the killing.  At least two of these accounts placed Jackson himself at the scene of the murder. A search warrant was obtained for the cast on Jackson's forearm.  His cast
was examined at a hospital for traces of blood, but none was found.  One of the detectives who
was at the hospital testified that Jackson made statements suggesting that the detective "had him
like a hawk," and Jackson also stated that he "had the opportunity."  When the detective responded
with the suggestion that Jackson still had the opportunity to come clean and tell the truth, the detective stated that Jackson responded by stating, "Not really, I have to go with what I told
you, I can't change my story now." Expert testimony was presented at trial, which matched
Jackson's fingerprints to those fingerprints found on the calling card box in the back of the
victim's station wagon. Sentenced to Death 8/8/86.

[Gregory Kokal
At approximately midnight on 09/29/83, Gregory Alan Kokal and William O'Kelly picked up a hitchhiker, victim Jeffrey Russell.  They then drove to a Jacksonville Beach park.  When they exited the car,
Russell was attacked and beaten with Kokal's pool cue before he was robbed.  Russell was forced to walk approximately 100 feet where he pled for his life as he was beaten unconscious with the pool
cue.  Russell was then fatally shot with a .357 revolver.  The body was discovered the following day, and the police initially reported that the victim had been beaten to death.  During the autopsy, it
was determined that the gunshot killed the victim.  The fact the gunshot was the cause of death
was restricted to the investigating officers. Kokal was apprehended the following morning by police after he fled a gas station without paying in O'Kelly's truck.  When the police officer asked Kokal for identification, he produced O'Kelly's Colorado license, the victim's New York license, and an Arizona vehicle registration in O'Kelly's name, in addition to his own Florida license.  The officer arrested
Kokal for the gasoline theft and the truck was seized and inventoried.  When the truck was
inventoried, the murder weapon and a box of shells were found bearing Kokal's fingerprints. 
Kokal was released, however, because the officer was not aware of his involvement in the murder.  Later that same day, Kokal told a friend about the robbery and murder, including details only known
to the police, such as the fatal gunshot.  Kokal was arrested after a warrant was issued for his capture. Sentenced to Death 11/14/84.
Codefendant Information: 
William O'Kelly pled guilty to the lesser offense of second-degree murder in exchange for trial
testimony against Kokal.

William Kopsho
Convicted of the murder of his estranged wife, Lynne, in October 2000. He shot the 21-year-old three times with a .40-caliber handgun alongside State Road 40, then held bystanders back as they approached to assist the victim.  Resentenced to Death 7/2/09.

Johnny Kormondy
Kormondy was convicted of the murder of Gary McAdams, which occurred on 07/11/93.
In the early morning hours of 07/11/93, the victims, Gary McAdams and his wife Cecilia McAdams,
had returned from a high school reunion. They heard a knock at their door. When Mr. McAdams
opened the door, Curtis Buffkin was on the other side holding a gun. Buffkin forced his way into
the house and ordered the McAdams to get down on the kitchen floor and keep their heads down. James Hazen and Johnny Kormondy then entered the house. Both Kormondy and Hazen had socks
on their hands. After the three men took personal valuables from the McAdams, the phones were disconnected from the wall and the blinds were closed. At this point, one of the men took Mrs. McAdams to a bedroom in the back and forced her at gunpoint to remove her dress and to perform
oral sex on him. One of the other men, described as having sandy-colored hair that hung down to
his collar bone, entered the room and proceeded to rape Mrs. McAdams while the first man forced
her to perform oral sex on him again. After she was taken to the kitchen, naked, and placed with
her husband, one of the men took her back to the bedroom and raped her again. While he was
raping her, a gunshot was fired in the front of the house. Mrs. McAdams heard one of the men yell for "Bubba" or "Buff", and the man raping her stopped and ran to the front of the house. Mrs.
McAdams left the bedroom and was walking towards the front of the house when she heard a
gunshot from the bedroom. When she entered the kitchen, she saw Mr. McAdams on the floor with blood coming from the back of his head. After the murder, Kormondy's wife asked him to leave the family home. Kormondy left and moved in with Willie Long. Kormondy confessed to Long about the murder and admitted that he had shot Mr. McAdams but, explained it had gone off accidentally.
Long went to the police because of the $50,000 reward for information. During the trial, the medical examiner testified that Mr. McAdams' death was caused by a contact gunshot wound, meaning the barrel of the gun was pressed to Mr. McAdams' head.
Resentenced to Death 7/7/99.
Codefendant Information:
Curtis Buffkin
Buffkin was sentenced to life for his participation in the offense that occurred on 07/11/93.
James Hazen 
Hazen was sentenced to life for his participation in the offense that occurred on 07/11/93.

Anton Krawcyuk
A decomposing body, later identified as David Staker, was found on 09/13/90, in the woods of
Charlotte County.  The employer of David Staker had previously notified authorities in Lee County
that Staker had not retrieved his paycheck and had also missed several workdays.  When Staker's employer went to his house, she found the front door open, and the disarray of the house
suggested that it may have been robbed. Gary Sigelmier contacted the Lee County Sheriff's office
and reported that he believed he might have purchased items stolen from Staker's residence. Anton Krawczuk and his codefendant, Billy Poirier, were identified as the individuals who sold Sigelmier the stolen property.  Deputies from both Lee and Charlotte Counties went to a Lee County house shared
by Krawczuk and Poirier.  The deputies found the suspects at their residence and brought them back
to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.  Krawczuk waived his Miranda rights and confessed to Staker's murder. As stated by Krawczuk in his confession, Krawczuk and Poirier both had a casual homosexual relationship with Staker for a six-month duration.  Krawczuk and Poirier had decided about a week before the crime to murder and rob Staker. Krawczuk set up a time with Staker when both he and Poirier would visit the victim at his home.  Krawczuk drove to Poirier's workplace to pick him up and Poirier changed clothes at home before Krawczuk parked the car in a shopping center within walking distance of Staker's house.  The pair walked to Staker's house and proceeded to spend the next
half hour watching television.  Per Krawczuk's suggestion, they all proceeded to the bedroom. While
the three men were naked on the bed, Krawczuk began acting aggressively and began to choke Staker.  Poirier held Staker's mouth and nose shut to cut off the victim's oxygen.  Staker fought
his attackers and attempted to assault Krawczuk with a lamp, but Poirier took the lamp away from Staker.  Krawczuk continued choking him for approximately ten minutes.  After this time, Krawczuk poured drain cleaner and water twice down his throat.  Poirier then put a washcloth in Staker's
mouth and taped it in.  Before putting Staker in the bathtub, Krawczuk tied the victim's ankles
together. Krawczuk and Poirier loaded up Staker's pickup truck with stolen goods that included the following items: stereo equipment, two television sets, five rifles, a video recorder and a pistol.  The pair also put the victim's body in the truck before driving to Sigelmier's house.  It was at this point
that Sigelmier bought some of the stolen items and agreed to store the other items.  Krawczuk and Poirier drove back to their car, moved the victim's body into it, then proceeded to abandon Staker's vehicle.  Krawczuk drove to a rural place that he had previously scouted out, and they abandoned
the victim's body. Sentenced to Death 2/13/92.
Codefendant Information:
William Andrew Poirier
Poirier was sentenced to 35 years for second-degree murder and 15 years for robbery.

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