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Jerry Haliburton
On 08/09/81, Jerry Haliburton, while on parole, burglarized the home of Donald Bohannon and
attacked him while he slept.  Bohannon died as a result of thirty-one stab wounds to the neck,
chest, arms, and scrotum. After being arrested for the crime, Haliburton was subjected to police questioning, and when an attorney was obtained, he was not allowed to see Haliburton. During
the questioning, Haliburton was subjected to a polygraph examination.  After a court order was obtained, the attorney was allowed to consult with Haliburton and the interrogation was stopped. According to Haliburton's brother, Haliburton said he killed Bohannon just to see if he could kill
another human being.  Resentenced to Death 4/11/88.

[James Hunter
James Hunter, Tammie Cowan, Cathy Woodward, Charles Anderson, Andre Smith, and Lee Lewis (a.k.a. Eric Boyd) drove to DeLand from St. Augustine on September 16, 1992.  Cowan testified
that Lewis and Anderson each carried black BB guns and Hunter had a silver handgun.  They made
a brief stop in DeLand to visit Smith's mother.  Cowan stopped the car at about 11:45 p.m. to let Anderson, Lewis, Smith, and Hunter out.  Hunter robbed a man on the street at gunpoint.  The
four went back to the car to reunite with the others and Cowan drove them to Daytona Beach. 
After they departed for Daytona Beach, a "be on the lookout" (BOLO) message was circulated
through the Volusia County area looking for the robbery suspects in a four-door gray car carrying
at least five African-Americans, two of whom were female. Hunter directed Cowan to drive to the Bethune-Cookman College area.  Hunter instructed Cowan to stop the vehicle when he saw four
young men outside of the "Munch Shop."  Hunter, Lewis, Smith, and Anderson exited the vehicle
and walked towards the four men.  Hunter was still carrying the firearm. Hunter directed the men to "give it up" and he and his companions proceeded to rob the men at gunpoint.  Hunter shot
each of the men in turn while they were lying on the sidewalk face down.  The last man to get
shot, Wayne Simpson, died from his wound.  Hunter and his companions fled the scene with the clothing and other possessions belonging to the victims.  When they returned to the car, Hunter directed Cowan to leave and relayed to her that he fired the gun because a victim had attempted
to flee.  At 12:40am, Deputy Graves spotted a vehicle that matched the DeLand BOLO message.  Deputy Graves pulled the car over and Cowan admitted that they had come from DeLand. The
victim of the DeLand robbery was brought to the stopped car and identified Hunter as the robber.
The victim also identified the vehicle as the one involved.  Cowan consented to a police search of
the vehicle where officers discovered items stolen from both robberies as well as the two BB guns.  Investigators never recovered the gun used by Hunter in the robberies.     
Sentenced to Death 8/18/93.
Codefendant Information:
Andre Smith is serving ten life sentences, Lee Lewis (a.k.a. Eric Boyd) is serving nine life
sentences, and Charles Anderson is serving seven life sentences for their involvement in the

Jerone Hunter
On the morning of August 6, 2004, Christopher Carroll arrived at 3106 Telford Lane in Deltona. He
was there to pick up several co-workers who lived at that address. Upon entering the home, he
found blood and several dead bodies. Carroll then called 911. Deputy Anthony Crane and other law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. They found the bodies of six victims: Erin Belanger, Jonathan Gleason, Francisco Roman, Roberto Gonzalez, Michelle Nathan, and Anthony Vega. They
also found a deceased dog with a crushed skull. The dog was eventually identified as Belanger's dachshund, George. Autopsies indicated that all of the victims died from blunt force trauma to the head, with some of the victims exhibiting post-mortem stab wounds. Robert Cannon, one of the codefendants, testified that on August 5, 2004, Michael Salas, Troy Victorino, Brandon Graham,
and Jerone Hunter met at Victorino's home. A few weeks prior to the murders, Victorino had been squatting in a house owned by Belanger's grandmother. Victorino believed that Belanger had taken
his Xbox and some of his other belongings from the house. Victorino said he wanted his belongings back. He also said that he wanted to use lead pipes to kill all of the individuals residing in the
Telford home. Cannon, Salas, Victorino, Graham, and Hunter agreed to commit the murders at
10:00 that night. Graham asked Cannon to drop him off at a friend's house. Graham did not rejoin
the group later that night and did not participate in the murders. Crime scene technicians took photographs of shoe impressions inside the house. The technicians also collected a knife handle,
knife blade, and four metal bats from inside the house. One of the shoe impressions was consistent with a tennis shoe owned by Hunter. They also recovered a shoelace containing DNA from Hunter
and the victim Gonzalez. Crime scene technicians also recovered evidence from Cannon's vehicle.  They found glass fragments that matched a broken lamp from the Telford home. Sunglasses
containing Roman's fingerprints were also recovered from the vehicle. Detective Lawrence Horzepa,
of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, interviewed Hunter on August 7, 2004. Hunter confessed to
his involvement in the murders. Hunter said that he hit Gleason and Gonzalez with a baseball bat repeatedly, although he was uncertain as to the exact number of blows. Horzepa also interviewed Salas. Salas confessed to his involvement in the murders, and said that Hunter killed Nathan by stabbing her in the chest. He also said that he disposed of the murder weapons in a retention pond. The Sheriff's Office dive team recovered the four baseball bats used in the murders from a pond in Debary, Florida. Sentenced to Death 9/21/06.
Codefendant Information:
Robert Cannon pled guilty to all charges in exchange for a life sentence.
Codefendant Troy Victorino received a death sentence. His direct appeal is currently pending in the Florida Supreme Court.
Codefendant Michael Salas was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Timothy Hurst
Cynthia Harrison was an assistant manager of a Popeye's fast food restaurant in Pensacola, Florida.  Timothy Hurst was a morning prep person at the same restaurant, and his responsibility was to make rice and biscuits and wash dishes.  On 05/02/98, Harrison and Hurst were scheduled to work at 8:00 a.m.  The two were scheduled to be the only workers in the restaurant until another worker arrived
at 9:00 a.m. On the morning of May 2nd, Davis Kladitis, an occasional customer at Popeye's, was standing outside a feed store near the restaurant when he saw Harrison drive by and waved to her.  Kladitis also saw another car behind Harrison's, being driven by a black man.  Kladitis later identified the car as the one belonging to Timothy Hurst.  Carl Hess, who worked at a nearby Wendy's restaurant, reported seeing Hurst being let into the Popeye's restaurant by Harrison. 
At 7:55 a.m. on May 2nd, Jeanette Hayes, an employee of another Popeye's restaurant in Pensacola, called the restaurant that Harrison and Hurst worked at and informed her that a delivery truck was
en route.  Hayes noted that Harrison did not sound scared. Tanya Crenshaw, another assistant manager at the restaurant, arrived at the restaurant at 10:30 a.m. to find two employees and a delivery truck driver waiting outside the restaurant.  Hurst was nowhere to be found, but Harrison's body was found in the freezer. Harrison's body was bound and gagged with black electrical tape. 
The body had over sixty incised slash and stab wounds, all of which were consistent with having
been made by a box cutter, which was found by the back door of the restaurant. Lee Smith, a
friend of Hurst, testified that Hurst had stopped by his house on the evening before the murder and told Smith that he [Hurst] planned to rob the Popeye's restaurant where he worked.  At 8:30 a.m.
on May 2nd, Hurst returned to Smith's house, carrying a clear plastic container with money in it
and a bank bag.  The amount of money taken by Hurst was later determined to be $1751.54 of the store's proceeds and $375 in small bills and change, all taken from the restaurant's safe.  Hurst told Smith that he had killed "the manager" and put her in the freezer.  Smith washed Hurst's pants,
which had blood spots on them, and he also helped Hurst dispose of Harrison's wallet and Hurst's shoes and socks.  Hurst, Smith, and Hurst's brother then went to a Wal-Mart store and bought a
pair of shoes for Hurst. The three then went to a pawn shop, where Hurst bought three rings for
$300. Lee Smith's parents were out of town at the time of the murder, but when they returned
and found the clear plastic container and money in Smith's room, they called the police.  Police interviewed Smith and searched a garbage can, where they found a coin purse with Harrison's
driver's license in it, a bank bag marked with "Popeye's" and Harrison's name on it, a bank deposit
slip, and a bloody sock and shoes that belonged to Hurst.  Sentenced to Death 4/26/00.
Update: FL Supreme Court Tossed Death Sentence 9/17/09.

Jeffrey Hutchinson
On the evening of 09/11/98, Jeffrey Hutchinson and his live-in girlfriend, Renee Flaherty had an argument.  After the argument, Hutchinson packed some of his clothes and guns into his truck,
left, and went to a bar.  Hutchinson told the bartender, who knew both Hutchinson and Flaherty, "Renee is pissed off at me."  Hutchinson drank one and a half glasses of beer and left, muttering to himself.  Witnesses noted that Hutchinson drove recklessly as he left the bar. 
Approximately 40 minutes after Hutchinson left the bar, there was a 911 call from Hutchinson's
home.  The caller stated, "I just shot my family" and "There were some guys here."  Friends
identified the caller's voice as Hutchinson's. Deputies arrived within 10 minutes of Hutchinson's call
and found him on the ground in the garage.  Deputies found the bodies of Renee Flaherty, Amanda Flaherty (7 years old), and Logan Flaherty (4 years old) in the master bedroom.  Each had been
shot once in the head with a shotgun.  Geoffrey Flaherty (9 years old) was found in the living
room, shot once in the chest and once in the head with a shotgun.  Hutchinson had gunshot
residue on his hands and Geoffrey's body tissue on his leg. Hutchinson alleged that two men
came into the house, and he struggled with them.  They then shot Renee and the children and fled.  Hutchinson was examined at the scene and at the jail and had no injuries.
Sentenced to Death 2/6/01.

Pablo Ibar
On 06/26/94, a Palm Beach County police officer discovered a Mercedes SL convertible on fire in
a road south of South Bay, Florida.  The car was registered to Casmir Sucharski, the owner of a nightclub called Casey's Nickelodeon.  The Miramar Police Department was notified and a Mirimar
police officer went to Sucharski's home to tell him that his car had been found. The officer
knocked on the door and received no answer, so he stuck his card in the door and left.   
On 06/27/94, a woman called the Broward County Sheriff's Department and reported that her daughter, Marie Rogers, and her friend Sharon Anderson had gone to Casey's Nickelodeon on
06/25/94 but had not returned home.  A deputy went to Casey's Nickelodeon to investigate and
was told that Rogers and Anderson had left the club early on the morning of the 26th in the
company of Sucharski.  The deputy then went to Sucharski's house, saw Anderson's car in the driveway, but no one answered the door.  A Miramar police department card was still in the door,
so the deputy peered inside and saw three bodies. The bodies in the house were Sucharski, Rogers, and Anderson, and all three died of gunshot wounds to the back and back of the head.  Video surveillance footage inside the house showed intruders coming inside the house, beating Sucharski, and shooting all three victims in the back of the head.  Video footage also showed the intruders rummaging through the house and garage and taking Sucharski's watch and boots.  One of the intruders had something covering his face, but eventually removed it, while the other intruder wore
a cap and sunglasses, which were never removed. Miramar police distributed flyers with pictures of
the intruders taken from the surveillance video footage.  Three weeks after the murders, Miramar police received a call from the Metro-Dade Police Department and were informed that a man
matching the flyer picture was in custody on an unrelated charge.  The man was identified as
Pablo Ibar.  Ibar was identified as the man who uncovered his face during the murders. 
Ibar lived with several friends in a rented house in Hollywood, Florida.  One of the roommates
identified Ibar and another roommate, Seth Penalver, as the men pictured on the flyer. Ibar was identified as the man who uncovered his face, while Penalver was identified as the man who wore
a cap and sunglasses. Sentenced to Death 8/28/00.
Codefendant Information:
Seth Penalver was also sentenced to death for his role in the murders.  On 02/02/06, the Florida Supreme Court reversed Penalver's convictions, vacated his sentences, and remanded for a new

Connie Israel
On 12/27/91, when Esther Hagans did not arrive for work, a fellow employee went to Hagan's house and found her car in the carport.  When the employee called Hagan's house and found no answer,
the police were called. Police found Hagan's front door ajar and discovered her body in the bedroom.  She was lying naked on the bed with her legs spread apart and her hands tied behind her back.  Hagan's body had trauma to the left side of the head, cuts to the left eyebrow and temple, as well
as abrasions and tears on the right side of the head, which caused major hemorrhage to the brain.  Hagans' body also had external vaginal injuries consistent with sexual assault.  The cause of death was a heart attack, brought on by the beating and sexual assault.  Hagans was 77 years old at
the time of the murder. At the crime scene, police also found footprints on the front porch steps
and in a drainage ditch along the side of the house.  A screwdriver was found outside of a window, leading police to conclude that the point of entry into the house was a bedroom window.  Sperm
and semen stains were found on a pillowcase, slip, and a bedspread found in the bedroom. Semen
from vaginal swabs taken from Hagan's body was consistent with the semen found in the bedroom.  Human blood was also found in a towel at the crime scene. Connie Israel registered at the Palatka Holiday Inn on 12/28/91 and paid in cash for two nights.  Maryann Pittman, an acquaintance of
Israel, testified that she smoked crack cocaine with Israel at the hotel room.  Pittman took a
shower in the hotel room and noticed a pair of pants and a shirt in the bathtub, which was filled
with red water.  Pittman also noticed a black purse under the bed in the room and money in his
wallet. Israel told her that the money was winnings from the Florida Lottery. Melvin Shorter, an acquaintance of Israel who sold him the cocaine, testified that he saw Israel and Pittman at the
hotel and that Israel paid cash for the cocaine, telling him that he had "hit the lottery."
Israel and three other individuals were identified as suspects in the murder of Hagans.  All four individuals were interviewed and had blood samples taken.  DNA comparisons revealed that Israel
was the source of the sperm and semen stains found at the crime scene. Arthur McComb, a legal
clerk who was a cellmate of Israel, testified that Israel asked for help with his case.  According to McComb, Israel stated that he was charged with First-Degree Murder and that he tried to knock
the victim's head off because she tried to "gum him."  Israel also indicated that he had sexually assaulted the victim and had gone to the victim's house to steal church money.  Israel took
$7,000 to $10,000 during the burglary.  Sentenced to Death 5/28/99.

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