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Kimberly McCarthy
On 07/21/97, McCarthy entered the residence of a 70-year old white female in Lancaster with the intent to rob the victim. A struggle took place and victim was stabbed numerous times resulting in her death. McCarthy then used the victim's credit cards and used the victim's vehicle for transportation.
Victim - Dr. Dorothy Booth
Sentenced to death - 12/07/1998

Jamie B. McCoskey
Jamie McCoskey was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old Michael Dwyer. McCoskey kidnapped Dwyer and his 19-year-old fiancee from Drywer's apartment and forced them to an abandoned house in Houston. Dwyer was stabbed to death and his fiancee was raped.
Sentenced to death - 03/05/1993

George E. McFarland
George McFarland was convicted in the robbery and murder of Kenneth Kwan, the 43-year-old owner of a grocery store in Houston. Kwan, accompanied by a security guard, had just returned to his store from the bank with a large amount of money when he was approaced by McFarland and an accomplice. When McFarland disarmed the security guard, Kwan ran inside the store where he was robbed and shot to death.
Sentenced to death - 09/29/1992

Roger McGowan
Roger McGowen was convicted in the March 1986 murder of 68-year-old Marion Pantzer during the attempted robbery of a bar in Houston. During the trial, a former friend of McGowen testified that the two of them had committed about 1,500 robberies over a two-and-a-half year period beginning of 1980.
Sentenced to death - 11/18/1987

Anthony Medina
Medina was convicted in the January 1996 drive-by shooting deaths of a nine-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl. The two children were standing in the driveway of their uncle's home while attending a New Year's Eve party, when Medina drove by and fired several shots from a SKS military assault rifle. A third person was shot in the back, but survived.
Victims - David and Diana Rodriguez
Sentenced to death - 09/13/1996

Hector Medina
On March 4, 2007, police responded to a call of shots that had been fired to find the subject lying in the front yard with a gunshot wound to the neck and a 25 caliber pistol lying next to him on the ground. Police then checked the residence and found the victim Javier Medina three (3) year old Hispanic male son and Diana Medina eight  month old Hispanic female daughter shot in the residence. The victim Diana Medina was deceased and Javier Medina was brain dead at this time. Witnesses were contacted and advised police that the subject was seen in the front yard when he shot himself with the handgun. The subject was arrested at the hospital and transferred to Dallas County Jail one (1) week later.
Sentenced to death - 03/09/2009

Rodolfo Medrano
On January 5, 2003, in Hidalgo County, Texas, Medrano and 10 co-defendants entered a private home. After demanding drugs, money and guns, the subjects fatally shot six men.
Victims: Jerry Eugene Hidalgo, Juan Delgado Jr., Juan Delgado III, Jimmy Almendarez, Ray Castillo,
Ruben Castillo
Sentenced to death - 09/08/2005

Pablo Melendez
Convicted in the September 1994 shooting death of 29-year-old Michael W. Sanders during a robbery. Sanders and a companion, 33-year-old Tommie Joe Seagraves, had pulled into the parking lot of the Toro car wash at 2621 NM 31st Street in Fort Worth to use a public telephone when Melendez approached them from behind and demanded money. At some point, Melendez fired several shots at the two men inside the vehicle, fatally wounding Sanders in the back. Seagraves suffered a bullet wound to the neck but survived the shooting.
Sentenced to death - 05/21/1996

Moises Mendoza
On March 18, 2004, in Collin County, Texas, Mendoza fatally strangled a 20-year-old woman, took her body to a field behind his house and kept her there for several days until questioned by police. Mendoza then drove the body to a dirt pit in rural Collin County, set her body on fire and buried her under a brush pile.
Victim -  Rachelle O'Neil Tolleson, 20
Sentenced to death - 07/01/2005

Blaine Milam
Convicted and sentenced to Death for  the 2008 slaying of his girlfriend's toddler. A jury in Conroe late Thursday decided on the death penalty for 20-year-old Blaine Milam, after about nine hours of deliberation. Jurors on May 17 found Milam guilty of capital murder in the December 2008 beating death of 13-month-old Amora Carson. Prosecutors have said the tot was beaten in an alleged exorcism. Her mother, Jesseca Carson, is jailed and faces trial later on a capital murder charge.
The trial was moved 160 miles from Rusk County to Montgomery County due to extensive publicity on the case.
Sentenced to Death 5/27/10.

Demontrell Miller
Convicted and sentenced to Death  in the 2008  beating death of two-year-old Kelynn Pinson.
Sentenced to Death 11/09.

Santos Miniarez
On March 31, 2001, in Bexar County, Texas, Minjares and two codefendants kidnapped, robbed, sexually assaulted and strangled a 29-year-old woman resulting in her death.
Victim: Rosa Rosado
Co-defendent Ramon Hernandez also sentenced to Death.

Nelson W. Mooney
Mooney was convicted of capital murder in the shooting death of 63-year-old Raymond Garner of Houston. Garner was found floating in the water at Dayton Lake Estates. His body was covered by a blanket with a tire attached.
Mooney and codefendant Ross Wayne Nix were arrested in Colorada in Garner's van, which had been spray painted black and had the license plate changed.
Sentenced to death - 05/07/1987

Bobby James Moore
Moore was convicted in the shooting death of James McCarble, 73, during a grocery store robbery on April 25, 1980.
Sentenced to death - 07/24/1980

Jedediah Murphy
On October 4, 2000, in Garland, Murphy forced his way into a car of a 79-year-old woman. After riding for about 30 minutes, Murphy forced the woman into the trunk of the car. The woman was shot while getting into the trunk. Murphy then drove her car to Van Zandt County, where she was removed from the trunk and drowned in a creek. Murphy later used the woman's credit cards to purchase alcohol and cigarettes.
Sentenced to death - 07/26/2001

Julius Murphy
On September 19, 1997, Murphy shot a 26-year-old man one time in the head with a .25 caliber semi-automatic weapon during a robbery.
Victim - Jason Erie
Sentenced to death - 08/18/1998

Patrick Murphy
On December 24, 2000, in Irving, Texas, Murphy and six codefendants fatally shot a 31-year-old male police officer while on escape from the Texas Correctional Connally Unit.
Co-defendants - Joseph Garcia, George Rivas, Randy Halprin, Larry Harper, Michael Rodriguez, Donald Newberry
Victim - Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins
Sentenced to death - 11/20/2003

Marlin E. Nelson
Nelson was convicted of the August 1987 slaying of James Howard. Howard reportedly approached Nelson in Houston and took him to his townhouse for sexual purposes. Once inside the townhouse, Nelson hit Howard with a metal bar and stabbed him repeatedly with a kitchen knife.
Sentenced to Death 8/88.

Donald Keith Newbury
On December 24, 2000, in Irving, Texas, Murphy and six codefendants fatally shot a 31-year-old male police officer while on escape from the Texas Correctional Connally Unit.
Co-defendants - Joseph Garcia, George Rivas, Randy Halprin, Larry Harper, Michael Rodriguez, Patrick Murphy.
Victim - Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins
Sentenced to death 1/02.

Roderick Newton
On March 9, 1999, Newton and one codefendant carjacked a 20-year-old man, forced him to an ATM at gunpoint, then shot and killed him.
Victim - Jesus Montoya
Sentenced to Death 3/00.

Lejames Norman
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 8/24/05 shooting deaths of Samuel Roberts, 24, Tiffani Peacock, 18, and Celso Lopez, 38.
Co-defendent: Ker'sean Ramey (Sentenced to Death)
Sentenced to Death 12/08.

Michael W. Norris
Norris was convicted for the shooting deaths of Georgia Rollins, 38, and her two-year-old son, Keith Emmanuel Rollins. The child was shot twice in the head, once in the chest and once in the leg. Rollins was shot in the chest and face.
Sentenced to Death 6/87.

Abel Ochoa
On August 4, 2002, in Dallas, Texas, Ochoa fatally shot his 29-year-old wife, seven-year-old daugher, nine-month-old daughter, and his father-in-law and his sister-in-law.
Victims - Cecilia Ochoa
Sentenced to Death 5/03.

Christian Olsen
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 6/4/07 murder of Etta Jean Westbrook.
Etta Jean Westbrook was bashed in the head at least 25 times with a metal object and then choked with a force strong enough to crush her voice box, investigators testified. Lloyd, who was buried for almost half a year, was struck so hard in the head with an unknown object that her skull was cracked in half, a medical examiner said.
The motive for the killings was to steal their money, First Assistant District Attorney Shane Phelps said.
Sentenced to Death 3/4/09.

Scott Panetti
Scott Panetti was convicted of the September 1992 shooting deaths of his in-laws, Joe and Amanda Alvarado. Panetti, armed with a rifle, forced his way inside the couple's home and assualted his wife who was staying there with her three-year-old daughter.
Confronted by his in-laws, Panetti shot both of them and then kidnapped his wife and daughter, taking them to a cabin where he held them at gunpoint before releasing them. Arrested the same day, Panetti told police that it was his alter ego "Sarge" who did the killing.
Sentenced to Death 9/95.

Miguel Paredes
On September 17, 2000, in San Antonio, Paredes and two codefendants shot and killed two men and a woman then set the bodies on fire.
Victims: Rival Gang Members Adrian Torres, Nelly Bravo, and Shawn Cain
Sentenced to Death 11/01.

Carroll Parr
On January 11, 2003, in McLennan County, Texas, Parr and a codefendant approached two men outside a grocery store, pointed guns at them and told them to get out of their car. They then forced the victims to the side of the building where they demanded their money. After the victims gave their wallets, Parr asked if they had anymore. When one of the victims answered no, Parr shot him, resulting in his death.
Victim: 18-year-old Joel Dominguez
Sentenced to Death 1/03.

Louis Perez
On September 10, 1998, in Austin, Texas, Perez entered the home of a 38-year-old woman and her 10-year-old daughter. Also occupying the home was a 30-year-old woman. Perez struck the two women on the head with a cast iron skillet, resulting in their deaths. He then strangled the young girl with a pair of panty hose, also resulting in her death.
Victims - Michelle Fulwiler; her roommate, Cinda Barz; and Barz' 10-year-old daughter, Staci
Sentenced to Death 10/99.

Anthony Pierce
Pierce was convicted of the August 1977 robbery-slaying of 40-year-old Fred Johnson, manager of a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant in Houston. Armed with a pistol, Pierce reportedly robbed the restaurant of $80 and as he started to leave, he dropped turned to Johnson and said, "I've been meaning to kill you for a long time," and shot him once.
Shortly after the shooting, Pierce went to a bar and stabbed a man who apparently survived.
Testimony showed he killed Johnson because he was angry about the manager's earlier refusal to
give him free chicken and money from the register.
Sentenced to Death 3/78.
Update: 5th Circuit Upheld Resentencing Decision on 4/19/10.

Taichin Preyor
On February 26, 2004, in Bexar County, Texas, Preyor entered the apartment of his girlfriend, a 20-year-old woman and fatally stabbed her. As Preyor fled the scene he allegedly stabbed a man that was in the apartment.
Victim - Jami Tackett
Sentenced to Death 3/05.

Ronald Jeffrey Prible Jr.
On April 24, 1999, in Houston, Prible shot and killed a 34-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman. Prible then started a fire in the residence, causing the death of three children from smoke inhalation.
Victims - Esteban Herrera, Nilda Tirado
Sentenced to Death 11/02.

Arnold Prieto
Prieto was convicted of the 9/11/93 robbery and murder of three people including his great uncle and aunt. Each of the elderly victims were stabbed to death after offering Prieto and two codefendants breakfast at their home. The three assailants fled with money and jewelry stolen from the home.
Victims - Rudolfo Rodriguez, 72, his wife, Virginia, 62, and Paula Moran, 90
Sentenced to Death 6/95.

Robert Lynn Pruett
On December 17, 1999, Pruett physically assaulted a male correctional officer at the McConnell Unit in Bee County, resulting in his death.
Victim - Officer Daniel Nagle
Sentenced to death 4/02.

Joseph Prystash
Joseph Prystash was convicted for the November 1994 murder-for-hire death of Farah Fratta, the 34-year-old wife of former police officer Robert Fratta who was convicted of masterminding her murder during a child custody battle. Prosecutors said Prystash, with the promise of a Jeep as renumeration for his part in the plot, arranged the details of the murder and passed the murder weapon to triggerman Howard Guidry. Guidry was paid $3,000 for murdering Mrs. Fratta.
Sentenced to Death 8/96.

John Quintanilla Jr
On November 24, 2002, in Victoria, Texas, Quintanilla and two men entered an action amusement center through a partially opened back door, demanded cash from an employee and advised all other patrons to get down on the floor. A man attempted to disarm Quintanilla and was fatally shot three times. A woman was also shot, but the injury was not fatal.
Victim - Victor Billings
Sentenced to Death 12/04.

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