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Emanuel Kemp Jr.
Kemp was convicted in the May 1987 rape and murder of 34-year-old Johnnie Mae Gray in Fort Worth. Kemp, who had been released from prison five days earlier, hijacked a Transist Authority bus at knifepoint and forced the driver to drive around while he raped and murdered Gray, the only passenger. She died from nine stab wounds to the chest and throat. The driver suffered a stab wound to the neck, but survived. Sentenced to death - 07/06/1988

Cary Kerr
On July 21, 2001, Kerr sexually assaulted a 34-year-old woman, strangled her, then pushed her out of a moving vehicle, resulting in her death.
Victim - Pamela Horton
Sentenced to death - 04/17/2003

Ricky Kerr
Kerr was convicted in the murders of his landlords, Garry Barbier, 42, and Elizabeth McDaniel, 57, in San Antonio. The victims had been in a dispute with Kerr over the terms of his lease. On the day of the murders Kerr was reportedly angry with them because his water had been turned off.
He went to their home and shot them both to death. Barbier was also struck several times in the head with a hammer.
Sentenced to death - 12/19/1995
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence on 4/1/09.

John William King
On June 7, 1998, during the nighttime hours in Jasper, Texas, King and codefendants, Lawrence Brewer and Shawn Allen Berry, murdered James Byrd Jr., a 49-year-old black man, by dragging the victim behind their 1982 gray Ford pickup truck. King and the codefendants picked the victim up while he was hitchhiking.
Sentenced to death - 02/25/1999

Robert Charles Ladd
On September 25, 1996, in Tyler, Ladd robbed and murdered a 38-year-old woman. Ladd beat her to death with a hammer inside her home and set her body on fire. Prior to her death, the victim's legs and wrist had been bound by a cord. Several items were stolen from her home following the murder, including electronic items, kitchen appliances, jewelry and food.
Victim - Vickie Ann Gardner
Sentenced to death - 08/29/1997

Mabry Landor
Mabry Joseph Landor III was convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder of Houston Police Officer Timothy Abernethy during a 2008 footchase though a north Houston apartment complex. Landor told jurors he ran because was on parole and did not have a driver's licence when Abernethy pulled him over for a traffic stop. He denied killing the veteran officer, however. Witnesses testified Landor hid behind a wall and shot Abernethy as he ran by, then walked up to him and shot him though the head at close range, witnesses told jurors.
Sentenced to Death 4/12/10.

Joseph R. Lave
Convicted in the killing of two sporting goods store employees during a robbery. Killed during the robbery of the Herman's Sporting Goods store at 1718 E. Beltline in Richardson were Frederick Banzhaf, 18, and Justin Scott Marquart, also 18. A third employee, 22 year old Angela King, survived to later indentify a fourth store employee,  James Langston, as an accomplice to the robbery and murders. The three victims were beaten with a hammer and had their throats cut. Langston was shot to death by police after attempting to run down an office with his vehicle. A third accomplice later confessed his role in the robbery, compelling Lave to surrender. Taken from the store was $2,950 in cash, 21 rifles and shotguns, tennis shoes and various articles of clothing.
Sentenced to death - 10/10/1994

Humberto Leal
Convicted in the abduction, rape and bludgeoning of 16-year-old Adria Saveda of San Antonio. Saveda was raped with a piece of lumber and her head crushed by a 35-pound piece of asphalt after being abducted from a party by Leal. Her nude body was found near a creek off Reforma Drive with the piece of lumber still protruding from her vagina. When arrested, police found scratches and cuts on Leal's face and body.
Sentenced to death - 09/01/1995

David Lee Lewis
Lewis was convicted of the shooting death of Myrtle Ruby in Lufkin. Ruby was shot after confronting Lewis who had broken into her home.
Sentenced to death - 04/15/1987
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence on 4/28/10.

Ricky Lynn Lewis
Lewis was convicted in the murder of George Ray Newman, 45, at the victim's home. Lewis entered the home and shot Newman when he responded to the screams of his fiancee. Lewis then raped Newman's fiancee and stole her vehicle. She later climbed out of a bathroom window and drove to a store to call police.
Sentenced to death - 05/06/1994

Armando Leza
Leza was convicted for stabbing 57-year-old Caryl Allen inside her southside home after robbing her to support his drug habit.
Sentenced to Death 5/21/09

Kim Ly Lim
Lim was convicted in the robbery and execution-style slaying of Pixh Xhhuon, 19, and 5-year-old Priesty Chhay in Houston. Both victims were shot in the back of the head after Lim and two accomplices broke into their home. Also shot was 51-year-old Sameoeurn Phuong, who survived. Cheau Lay Sreng, the 46-year-old mother and grandmother of the two victims, was beaten along with a 14-month-old child. Both survived. Lim fled to California where he was arrested three months later.
Sentenced to death - 06/22/1992

Juan Lizcano
Lizcano was convicted of the November 2005 murder of Dallas police Officer Brian Jackson.
Sentenced to death - 12/13/2007

Stephen Long
On May 21, 2005, in Dallas County, Long sexually assaulted and asphyxiated an 11-year-old girl.
Victim - Kaitlyn Smith
Sentenced to death  - 10/19/2006

Daniel Lopez
A man convicted of killing a police officer has been sentenced to the death penalty.
Daniel Lopez was convicted in the March 11 death of Lt Stuart Alexander.
Jurors deliberated less than an hour before reaching the decision on the death penalty.
He also was sentenced to the maximum prison time on each of the other nine charges. That includes five life sentences.
Jurors considered two questions for the capital murder offense to determine Lopez's sentence.
The two questions ask jurors to decide if there is a likelihood Lopez will be a continuing threat to society and if there any special circumstances that would warrant a life sentence instead of death.
Sentenced to Death 3/5/10.

Jimmie Lucero
On September 6, 2003, in Potter County, Texas, Lucero entered the home of a neighbor and killed a 74-year-old woman, a 32-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man with a shotgun. Two other family members were also shot, but survived.
Victims - Pedro Robledo, 71, Maria Manuela Robledo, 72, and her daughter, Maria Fabiana Robledo, 31
Sentenced to death - 08/24/2005
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence 9/15/10

Melissa Lucio
Thirty-nine-year-old Melissa Lucio was sentenced to death for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter.
Victim - Mariah Alvarez
Sentenced to death - 8/12/2008

Joe Michael Luna
On February 17, 2005, in Bexar County, Texas, Luna burglarized the home of a 21-year-old man. Luna choked the victim resulting in his death. He later returned and burned the victim's home.
On February 17, 2005 in Bexar County, Texas, Luna burglarized the home of a 21 year old Hispanic male. Luna choked the victim resulting in his death. Luna later returned and burned the victim's residence.
Victim -Michael Paul Andrade
Sentenced to death - 04/25/2006

Virgilio Maldonado
On 11/12/1995, in Houston, Maldonado and one co-defendant went to the Hispanic male victim's apartment to rob him of marijuana and a handgun. The victim was shot three times in the back of the head lied on his kitchen floor.
Co-defendants - Benito Chanocva
Victim - Cruz Saucedo
Sentenced to death - 12/18/1997

Charles Mamou Jr.
On 12/07/98, in Houston, Texas, Mamou shot and killed a black male during a drug deal. Two other male victims were also shot during the incident. Mamou drove another victim, a black female to an abandoned house and shot and killed her. Her body was discovered two days later.
Victims - 17-year-old Mary Carmouche and Terrance Gibson, 22
Sentenced to death - 11/17/1999

Gerald Marshall
On May 11, 2003, in Harris County, Texas, Marshall and three codefendants entered a What-a-burger to commit a robbery. During the course of the robbery Marshall shot and killed a male employee.
Victim: Christopher Dean - 38
Sentenced to death - 12/8/2004

Jerry Martin
Martin was found guilty of capital murder by a Leon County jury on Nov. 30 for his September 2007 escape from the TDCJ Wynne Unit and resulting death of Officer Susan Canfield.
After three days of testimony in the sentencing phase and almost eight hours of deliberations over a two day period, the seven-woman, five-man jury issued Martin the death penalty on Dec. 8.
Sentenced to Death 12/17/09

Jose Noey Martinez
Convicted in the February 1995 stabbing deaths of a 68-year-old Mission woman and her 4-year-old granddaughter during a burglary of their residence. Killed her Esperanza Palomo and young Amanda Palomo. Martinez told police he broke into the Palomo residence with the intention of stealing a stereo and television. He said he stabbed the elder woman when she confronted him with a baseball bat and then sexually assaulted her when she fell to the floor. Martinez said he stabbed the woman's granddaughter to death when she started crying and then ejaculated on her body. Martinez reportedly showed no remorse for the killings. While being escorted from the courtroom following his conviction, Martinez reportedly looked at the family of the victims and said, "It's not over yet."
Sentenced to death - 01/29/1997

Raymond D. Martinez
Raymond Martinez was convicted in the July 1983 robbery and shooting death of 40-year-old Herman Chavis, owner of a saloon in Houston. Chavis was shot four times after Martinez and accomplices robbed the bar and its customers.
Martinez fled to Fort Worth where Martinez shot and killed his sister and her boyfriend.
On July 21, 1983, Martinez killed a prostitute at a hotel in Houston because he didn't like her attitude.
Two days before the saloon robbery, Martinez and accomplices robbed two other lounges and killed a customer.
Resentenced to Death for 3rd time - 3/19/09

William Michael Mason
Mason was convicted of the January 1991 kidnapping and murder of his wife, Deborah Ann Mason. Mrs. Mason was beaten, bound and gagged by her husband after he complained of her playing the radio too loud. He put her in the trunk of their car and drove to a river, where he crushed her skull with a rock. He then placed her body inside plastic garbage bags, weighted the bags with rocks and threw her in the river. Her body was found 10 days later on the river bank.
Sentenced to death - 08/12/1992

Richard Allen Masterson
.On 02/09/2001 in Houston, Masterson choked the victim, an adult white male, resulting in the victim's death. Masterson also took the victim's vehicle after the murder.
Victim - Darin Shane Honeycutt
Sentenced to death - 05/15/2002

John Matamoros
Convicted in them murder of 70-year-old Edward George Goebel at the victim's home in Houston. Matamores forced his way into Goebel's home late at night and stabbed him while he lay in bed. Goebel suffered 25 stab wounds. Matamores went to police after the slaying and reported that he had actually been the victim of a robbery. At the time of the offence, Maramores was under indictment for indecency w/child and agg sexual assault of a child.
Sentence to death - 10/29/1993

Milton Mathis
On December 15, 1998, Mathis shot three victims in the head with a .45 caliber pistol at a known drug house in Ft. Bend County, Texas. One of the victims, a 15-year-old girl survived the shooting, paralyzed from the chest down. Mathis reportedly turned the gun on two other intended victims, however when he attempted to pull the trigger the gun either misfired or jammed.
Victims - Daniel Hibbard and Travis Brown
Sentenced to death - 12/09/1999

Damon Matthews
On March 6, 2003, in Harris County, Texas, Matthews approached a man and demanded that he turn over his car keys. When the victim did not comply, Matthews shot him, resulting in his death.
Victim - Esphandiar Gonzalez
Sentenced to death - 04/20/2004

Randall Mays
Randall Wayne Mays, 48, was sentenced by the same jury that convicted him Friday on a capital murder charge. His brother, Noble Mays Jr., was executed in 1995 for the fatal stabbing of a Good Samaritan who agreed to help him with a disabled car.
Henderson County sheriff's deputies Tony Price Ogburn and Paul Steven Habelt died and a third deputy was injured last May in a shootout at Mays' house in Payne Springs, about 50 miles southeast of Dallas.
They were responding to a domestic disturbance call made by a neighbor who reported hearing gunshots on Mays' property. After appearing to cooperate with the deputies, Mays barricaded himself inside his house, where he used a high-powered rifle to shoot at officers.
Mays was convicted in Ogburn's death.
Victims: Henderson County Deputies Tony Price Ogburn and Paul Steven Habelt
Sentenced to death - 05/16/2008

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