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Gayland Bradford
Gayland Bradford was convicted of the shooting death of 29-year-old Brian Williams during a robbery of a food store in Dallas on Dec 29, 1988. Williams was shot four times with a handgun and later died of his wounds. Bradford stole a .357 revolver, a cap and the victim's wallet before fleeing the store. He was arrested on January 3, 1989, and later gave police a voluntary statement.
Sentenced to Death 2/90.

Alvin Braziel Jr.
On September 21, 1993, Braziel approached a newlywed couple walking on a jogging trail of a community college and demanded money. When it was discovered that neither of the two had any money in their possession, Braziel shot the 27-year-old man, resulting in his death. Braziel then sexually assaulted the 23-year-old woman.
Braziel was linked to the crime in January 2001, when his DNA was found to match the DNA taken from the woman.
Victim: Douglas White
Sentenced to Death 8/01.

Brent Brewer
Brent Brewer was convicted of the April 1990 robbery and slaying of 66-year-old Robert Laminack of Amarillo. Laminack was approached by Brewer and codefendant Krystie Nystrom, outside his business and asked if he could give them a ride to the local Salvation Army Office.
While in route, Brewer produced a knife and stabbed Laminack to death. Brewer and Nystrom took Laminack's wallet containing $140 in cash and fled to the apartment of a friend, where they changed clothing. Brewer suffered a deep cut to his palm during the assault and was driven to a hospital for treatment. He and Nystrom then fled to Red Oak, Texas where they were arrested on May 8, 1990.
Resentenced to Death 8/17/09.

Lawrence Russell Brewer
Brewer and two codefendants were convicted of torturing and killing a 49-year old handicapped black male during the nighttime hours, in rural Jasper County, Texas.
The victim was observed in the back of a pickup truck occupied by Brewer and the codefendants.
Brewer and his codefendants drove to an isolated spot on a logging road where they
beat and tormented the victim, then tied him to a logging chain, which was hooked to
the pickup truck. Brewer and his codefendants then dragged the victim to his death, leaving his decapitated and dismembered body to be found the following day by
citizens and law enforcement officials.
It was argued in court that Brewer and his codefendants engaged in this criminal act,
in part, due to their racially separatist affiliation with the Confederate Knights of
America and the Ku Klux Klan. Brewer and one codefendant were documented members
of the Confederate Knights of America and a large number of Ku Klux Klan and other
racial separatist organization paraphernalia was discovered in a residence occupied by
the three.
Victim: James Byrd Jr.
Sentenced to Death 09/99.

Allen Bridgers
On May 25, 1997, Bridgers murdered a 53-year-old woman. Bridgers had been living with the victim
and took a .38-caliber revolver and fatally shot her in the throat.
Victim: Mary Amie
Sentenced to Death 05/98.

Jose Garcia Briseno
Briseno was convicted of the January 1991 murder of Dimmit County Sheriff Ben "Doc" Murray. Murray was killed inside his home following a violent struggle with Briseno and accomplice Alberto Gonzalez.
The sheriff suffered numerous stab wounds inflicted with a butcher knife found buried in his chest. He had also been shot once in the head. Briseno and Gonzalez reportedly killed Murray to avenge
previous arrests he had made against them.
Sentenced to Death 09/92.
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence on 6/9/10.

James Broadnax
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murders of two Christian music producers in Garland in
June 2008.
Broadnax, 20, was convicted of killing Stephen Swan, 26. He also admitted killing Matthew Butler, 28.
Sentenced to Death 8/21/09.

Alfred Dewayne Brown
On April 3, 2003, in Harris County, Brown and two codefendants fatally shot a store clerk and a Houston police officer while robbing a check cashing establishment.
Victims: Houston Police Officer Charles Clark, Alfredia Jones
Sentenced to Death 11/05.

Arthur Brown
Arthur Brown was convicted of the execution-style slaying of four people inside a Houston residence. Brown and two accomplices entered the home of Jose Tovar and tied him and five others with bed sheets and placed each in seperate rooms.
He and codefendant Marion Dudley then shot each in the back of the head. Killed were Tovar,
Jessica Quinones, Tovar's 19-year-old daughter in law who was seven months pregnant and
Audrey Brown, a neighbor of Tovar. Two others survived.
Police said Brown had been buying drugs from Tovar and his wife and that the shootings were
related to their transactions. Brown was arrested four months later in possession of a loaded 9mm pistol.
Sentenced to Death 6/94.

Eugene A. Broxton
Eugene Broxton was convicted of the May 1991 robbery and murder of Sheila Dockens of Louisiana.
Dockens and her husband, Waylon Dockens, were inside a Channelview motel room when Broxton gained entrance by pretending to be with the motel's management.
Broxton pistol-whipped the couple, bound Dockens' hands and feet and shot her in the chest. Waylon Dockens, a Brown and Root worker, survived a shot to the head and later identified Broxton as the assailant.
Broxton was charged with capital murder in four other cases that occurred in April and May 1991.
Sentenced to Death 9/92.

Duane Edward Buck
Duane Buck was convicted of the July 1995 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend Debra Gardner and another person in Houston.
An early-morning quarrel between Buck and Gardner led Buck to return to Gardner's home several
hours later with two rifles. He forced his way into the home and began shooting indiscriminately.
The first person Buck saw inside the home was his own sister, who he shot in the chest. He then
shot and killed Gardner's friend, Kenneth Butler.
Buck chased Gardner out the back door and into the middle of the street as her young daughter begged him not to shoot her mother. Buck shot Gardner and left her bleeding in the street.
Withnesses saw Buck laughing as he stood over her body and heard him say, "The bitch, she
deserved it."
Buck was taken into custody at the scene. His sister survived the shooting.
Sentenced to Death 6/97.

Carl W. Buntion
Carl Buntion was convicted of the June 1990 shooting death of 37-year-old James Irby, a Houston Police Department motorcycle officer. Irby, an 18-year-old veteran of the HPD, was shot in the
head and back after stopping a car occupied by Buntion and John Killingsworth for a traffic violation.
Irby was shot once in the head as he talked to Killingsworth the driver, at the rear of the car.
Buntion then walked around the front of the car and shot Irby twice more in the back as he lay on
the ground.
Buntion was captured inside a nearby warehouse after firing at three more people, including two witnessess, while fleeing on foot.
Sentenced to Death 3/91.
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence 9/30/09.

Arthur Burton
On July 29, 1997, in Houston, Texas, Burton confronted a woman while she was jogging through her neighborhood. He then forced her into a nearby wooded area and was attempting to rape her. The victim heard a witness approaching and began to scream. Burton then strangled her to death with her own shoelaces. He fled the scene on foot.
Victim: Nancy Adleman
Resentenced to Death in 2002.

Edward Busby Jr.
On January 30, 2004, in Tarrant County, Busby robbed and kidnapped a woman, placing tape over her nose and mouth causing her death.
Victim: 77-year-old retired TCU professor Laura Lee Crane
Sentenced to Death 11/05.

Steven A. Butler
Butler was convicted of the August 1986 shooting death of 50-year-old Velma Clemons during the robbery of a dry cleaning store where the victim worked as a clerk.
Sentenced to Death 12/88.

Robert J. Campbell
Campbell was convicted of the January 1991 abduction and murder of Alexandra Rendon in Houston. Rendon, a Bank One employee, was kidnapped from a Chevron station and driven to a desolate area. Campbell and codefendant Leroy Lewis robbed her of her money and jewelry and then raped her.
Random was marched at gunpoint to a field and then told by Campbell to run. Campbell shot once at Rendon's head but missed. He then shot her in the back and left her to die.
Lewis later gave police a taped confession. Rendon's body was found 12 days after the murder.
Sentenced to Death 7/92.

Anibal Canales
On July 11, 1997, at the Telford Unit in Bowie County, Canales strangled to death a 47-year-old man in the victim's cell.
Victim: Gary Dickerson
Sentenced to Death 11/00.

Ivan Cantu
On November 4, 2000, in Dallas, Cantu shot and killed a 27-year-old man (cousin to Cantu) and a 21-year-old woman. In addition, Cantu took jewelry and a vehicle from the victim's home.
Victims: James Mosqueda, 27, and his girlfriend, Amy Kitchen, 22
Sentenced to Death 11/01.

Ruben Cardenas
On February 22, 1997, in Edinburg, Cardenas and a codefendant murdered a 16-year old girl. Cardenas entered the victim's residence through a window, tied her up with duct tape, then put her in a vehicle with the co-defendant and drove to a remote location.
Cardenas raped the victim, beat her severely with his fists and strangled her, causing her death. Cardenas dumped her body into a nearby canal.
Victim: Mayra Laguna
Sentenced to Death 7/98.

David Carpenter
On August 28, 1991, during the daytime hours, Carpenter murdered a 52-year-old woman while burglarizing her home in Dallas, Texas. Carpenter kicked in the front door of the woman's home and cut her throat.
Victim: Nelda Henin
Sentenced to Death 4/99.

Tilon Carter
On April 28, 2004, in Tarrant County, Carter and his codefendant entered the home of an 89-year-old man, bound him at the hands and feet and beat him to death.
Victim: 89-year-old James Tomlin
Sentenced to Death 12/06.

Linda Carty
On May 16, 2001, Carty and three codefendants invaded the home of a 25-year-old woman. The woman and her three-day-old baby were kidnapped and two other victims were beaten, duct taped and left in the residence. The woman was hog-tied with duct tape, a bag was taped over her head and she was placed in the trunk of a car where she died from suffocation.
Victim: Joana Rodriguez, 25
Sentenced to Death 3/02.

Juan Castillo
On January 3, 2003, in Bexar County, Castillo and three codefendants fatally shot a 19-year-old man after demanding his money.
Victim: Tommy Garcia, Jr
Sentenced to Death 9/05.

Eric Cathey
Cathey was convicted of the September 1995 abduction and murder of Christina Castillo in Houston. Cathey and several others abducted Castillo from the parking lot of her apartment complex and attempted to force her to tell them about her boyfriend's drug and money dealings. When Castillo refused to give them any information, she was driven to a vacant lot and shot three times in the head.
Sentenced to Death 4/97.

Ronald C. Chambers
Chambers was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering Mike McMahon. Chambers and a companion abducted McMahon and his date, Deia Sutton, from a Dallas night club parking lot. The couple was robbed then shot and although they survived the initial attack, Chambers returned and beat McMahon to death when he heard him calling out for Deia.
Sentenced to Death 1/76.
Update: 5th Circuit Tossed Death Sentence 1/2/08.

Kosoul Chanthakoummane
Chanthakoummane was convicted of the July 2006 murder of Sarah Walker, 40, inside a McKinney model home where she was employed. Walker was beaten and stabbed 27 times as she fought for her life.
Sentenced to Death 10/07.

Derrick Charles
On July 2, 2002, Charles was visiting his girlfriend when he attacked and strangled a man who lived at the residence. When his girlfriend and her mother arrived back home, Charles sexually assaulted her mother, bound both of them and placed ligatures on them, resulting in their deaths.
Victims: Myiesha Bennett, 15; Brenda Bennett, 44; and Obie Lee Bennett, 77.
Sentenced to Death 5/03.

Elroy Chester
On February 6, 1998, in Port Arthur, Chester broke into the residence of Kim Ryman Deleon. Chester raped her 14-year-old and 16-year-old daughters. Willie Ryman III (uncle to the girls) entered the home and was shot and killed by Chester. Chester took jewelry from the home and fled the scene.
While in police custody, Chester confessed to this crime, two other murders and three attempts to commit capital murder. Chester stated that he committed these offenses because he was out his mind "with hate for white people" due to a disagreement with a white staff member over a disciplinary report during a previous incarceration.
Sentenced to Death 8/98.

Troy James Clark
On 5/19/1998 Clark and a co-defendant took a 20-year-old woman to their home where they drowned her in the bathtub.They then took the victim to a remote area where they dumped the body. The victim was found 5 months later in a ditch by Tyler police.
Victim: Christina Muse
Sentenced to Death 3/00.

Richard Cobb
On September 2, 2002, in Cherokee County, Texas, Cobb and a codefendant abducted three victims, a man and two women. They fatally shot the man, sexually assaulted and shot the two women and left their bodies in a field.
Victim: Kenneth Wayne Vandever
Sentenced to Death 1/04.
Codefendent Beunka Adams also sentenced to Death.

Billie W. Coble
Coble was convicted of the August 1989 slaying of his estranged wife's parents and brother. He shot the four to death at their home. He later kidnapped his wife at gunpoint after handcuffing her four children to a bed.
While being pursued by police, Coble wrecked and was sent to jail after being released from the hospital. Karen Coble, his wife, was also hospitalized, but survived.
Victims: Robert and Zelda Vicha and their son, Waco police Sgt. Bobby Vicha.
Resentenced to Death 9/08.

Lisa Coleman
On July 26, 2004, in Tarrant County, authorities were called to Coleman's residence where they found a nine-year-old deceased boy. An autopsy of victim concluded that the child was severely malnourished and underweight. Coleman and her codefendant were found to have restrained the child over a period of time depriving him of food.
Victim: 9-year-old Davontae Williams
Sentenced to Death 06/06.

Raul Cortez
On March 12, 2004, the subject and two (2) codefendants approached a house posing to look for a lost puppy. When one of the victims (hispanic female) answered the door, they rushed her, taking her to the floor. After the subject and the codefendants had the victim tied up, three (3) more victims walked into the house, an adult hispanic male and two (2) adult white males. When they entered the house, they were told to get down. At this time, the subject and codefendants started shooting at the three (3). The three (3) victims were caught and taken into the bedroom and killed execution style. The first victim was also killed execution style. The subject and codefendants then fled the scene in a stolen vehicle belonging to one of the victims.
Victims: Rosa Barbosa, 46; her nephew, Matthew Barbosa, 25; and his friends Austin York, 18; and Matthew Self, 17
Sentenced to Death 02/09.

Billy Jack Crutsinger
On April 6, 2003, in Fort Worth, Texas, Crutsinger entered the home of a 71-year-old woman and an 88-year-old woman. Crutsinger stabbed both women multiple times, resulting in their deaths.
Victims: Patricia Syren, 71, and her mother, Pearl "RD" Magouirk
Sentenced to Death 10/03.

Edgardo Cubas
On January 19, 2002, in Harris County, Texas, Cubas and codefendants kidnapped a 15-year-old girl and took her to an open field where they sexually assaulted her and shot her in the head, resulting in her death.
Victim: Esmerelda Alvarado, age 15
Sentenced to Death 06/04.

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