Listing of South Carolina Death Row Inmates M - Z

Started by Jeff1857, May 26, 2009, 12:33:27 AM

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Mikal Deen Mahdi
Sentenced to death for the shooting death of James Myers, an Orangeburg Department of Public Safety officer, in 2004.

David McClure Jr.
Sentenced to death for the brutal stabbing deaths of his father, David McClure Sr., 39, and his father's girlfriend, Donna Fitzpatrick, 31.


Anthony Woods
Woods was convicted of raping and strangling schoolteacher JoAnn DuBose.  A previous trial had ended in a mistrial.  Defense attorneys claimed Woods' schizophrenic mother left him emotionally scarred.  Evidence of Woods being hit by a car as a teenager was also presented.  At the time of the conviction, Woods was already serving two life sentences for other crimes. 

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