Maryland repeals death penalty

Started by Kitten Resq, March 21, 2013, 08:44:40 PM

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I'm not trying to reason like a PTO hag.  I am a worst-of-the-worst pro.  I do not believe in using the dp for every case of 1st degree murder. Unlike some of you and on the opposite end-Pto, I don't follow all cases religiously.  I was kinda buzzed that night and my subconcious equated CO with patrol officer, who always cause the most uproar when they are killed.  What I meant to say in my inebriated state was that I didn't think the victim being a law enforcement officer should be an automatic aggravating circumstance (or if it is have such a heavy weight in penalty phase that it outweighs all the mitigating circumstances.), not one life meaning more than another.

I'm a Bill Maher style liberal.  I believe in the death penalty for those who really deserve it, assisted suicide, pro choice, and the legalization of certain drugs.

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