Listing of Ohio Death Row Inmates J - M

Started by Jeff1857, May 25, 2009, 05:10:33 AM

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Andre Jackson
On 6/25/87, Jackson murdered 75-year-old Emily Zak in a laundromat in Euclid. Ms. Zak worked in the laundromat. Jackson kicked, punched and stomped Ms. Zak to death and then pushed her head in a toilet. Jackson also stole the
cash register and the register keys.

Cleveland Jackson
On 1/3/02, Jackson and his half-brother, Jeronique Cunningham, murdered 3-year-old Jala Grant and 17-year-old Leneshia Williams. Earlier that day, Cunningham had purchased crack cocaine from a Lashane Liles. Jackson and Cunningham later returned to Liles' apartment to rob him. After robbing and shooting Liles, Jackson and Cunningham opened fire on the six relatives and friends of Liles who were also present. Jala and Leneshia were each fatally shot in the head, while all of the others, including Liles, were wounded. Jackson and Cunningham both received death sentences.


David Lee Myers
On 8/4/88, Myers murdered 18-year-old Amanda Maher on railroad tracks in Xenia. Ms. Maher had met Myers at a bar,and Myers agreed to take her home. Myers robbed Ms. Maher, sexually assaulted her and drove a railroad spike through her head. While awaiting trial, Myers bragged to a fellow jail inmate about how he drove the spike through Ms. Maher's head.

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