Listing of Texas Death Row Inmates U - Z

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Manuel Vasquez
On March 19, 1998, in San Antonio, Texas, Vasquez and codefendants strangled to death and robbed a 51-year-old woman as an ordered hit from the Mexican Mafia because she was not paying 10 percent to the Mafia. The victim's partner was severely beaten but survived.
Sentenced to Death 11/99.
Victim: Juanita Ybarra

Pablo Vasquez
On April 18, 1998, during the nighttime, in Donna, Texas, Vasquez and a co-defendant, Andy Chapa, murdered a 12-year old boy. Vasquez struck the child in the head with a piece of pipe and a shovel. The boy's body was buried behind a residence. Vasquez took a ring and a necklace from the boy.
Sentenced to Death 2/99.
Victim: David Cardenas 

Richard Vasquez
On March 5, 1998, during the daytime, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Vasquez struck a four-year-old girl multiple times in the frontal part of her head with a closed fist. Vasquez then sent the child outside to play, Vasquez took a nap.
Later, Vasquez called the child in from outside to brush her teeth. She got a small stool so she could reach the sink area and got on top of it then fell backwards onto her back. Vasquez went into the bathroom and saw the girl laying on her back and she was rushed to the hospital, where she died one day later.
Sentenced to Death 6/99.
Victim: Miranda Lopez

Manuel Velez
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the murder of baby Angel Moreno.
Velez was found guilty of causing the infants death when he shook him at he and his girlfriend's Vermont circle home in Brownsville.
Authorities allege that the suspect also struck the baby in the head, and found bruise marks on his body. He was declared deceased on November 1st, 2005, the day of his first birthday. This morning, his 8-year-old son, Jose Manuel Velez gave testimony and said that his father had never hurt him in the past and that he missed him very much. The mother, Acela Rosalba Moreno, is currently in jail after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of injury to a child to avoid the death penalty.
Sentenced to Death 10/08.

Jorge Villanueva
Villanueva was convicted of the August 1994 rape and murder of his neighbor, Jova Montiel, 77. Villanueva raped Montiel then brutally beat her over the head with a bottle and strangled her to death with his hands. Her nude body was later found in her blood-soaked bed. DNA evidence linked Villanueva to the murder scene.
Sentenced to Death 11/96.

Jose Luis Villegas
On January 22, 2001, Villegas fatally stabbed three victims. A 24-year-old woman stabbed 32 times. Her three-year-old son was stabbed 19 times and her 51-year-old mother was stabbed 35 times. Villegas took the television and a vehicle from the home.
Sentenced to Death 5/02.
Victims: Erida Perez Salazar, his ex-girlfriend; her son, Jacob, 3; and her mother Alma Perez,

Gaylon Walbey
Walbey was convicted of the May 4, 1993 murder of Marionett Beyah, 46, who was Walbey's former foster parent. Walbey was burglarizing Beyah's home when she returned and confronted him. She was stabbed 12 time in the neck and back and struck in the head with a fire extinguisher nine times.
Walbey stole several items from Beyah's home and returned twice more following the murder to steal additional items which he sold to buy and sell cocaine.
Beyah, a Galveston college instructor, had several years earlier been a foster parent to Walbey, who last stayed at her home four months prior to the murder.
Sentenced to Death 8/94.
Update: 5th Circuit Tossed Death Sentence on 1/19/09.

Adam Ward
On June 13, 2005, Adam Kelly Ward chased down and shot Commerce Code Enforcement Officer Michael "Pee Wee" Walker multiple times, killing him, after a disagreement outside Ward's home.
Sentenced to Death 6/07.

Billy Joe Wardlow
Wardlow was convicted of the June 14, 1993 robbery and murder of 82-year-old Carl Cole of Cason, Texas. Wardlow and codefendant Tonya Fulfer entered Cole's home with the intent of robbing him. Wardlow shot Cole once in the head, wrapped the body in a bedspread and placed it in a bedroom closet. The two then stole Cole's truck, drove it to Nebraska where they sold it. They were arrested the next day in South Dakota in a car they had traded for the truck.
Sentenced to Death 2/95.

Faryion Wardrip
On December 21, 1984, Wardrip broke down the door of a woman and killed her for no apparent reason. DNA linked him to the murder as well as the murder of three other women.
Sentenced to Death 11/99.
Victims: Terry Sims, Toni Gibbs, Ellen Blau, Debra Taylor, and Tina Kimbrew.
Update: U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul D. Stickney Tossed Death Sentence on 7/31/08.

Willie T. Washington
Washington was convicted of the December 1985 shooting of two grocery store employees during a robbery. One of the victims died as a result.
Sentenced to Death 12/86.
Victim: Kiflemariam Tareh

Obie Weathers
On January 4, 2000, in San Antonio, Weathers entered a bar and demanded money from the bartender. The bartender refused and Weathers shot him, resulting in his death.
Sentenced to Death 9/01.
Victim: Ted Church

Coy Wayne Wesbrook
On November 13, 1997, in Channelview, Wesbrook was invited over to the home of his 32-year-old ex-wife. Wesbrook believed the meeting was for a possible marital reconciliation, but when he arrived there were others present.
He sat around drinking with all of them and at some point he noticed that his ex-wife and two of the men had slipped away. He went to look for them and entered the bedroom where he found her having sex with both of the men.
Wesbrook then went to his truck and pulled out his .36-caliber hunting rifle and returned
to the home and fatally shot his ex-wife and all three of the men in the residence. Another woman was injured, but survived the shooting.
Sentenced to Death 9/98.
Victims: Gloria Jean Coons, 32, was shot and killed at the complex where she lived. Also killed were Antonio Cruz, 35; Anthony Ray Rogers, 41; Diana Ruth Money, 43; and Kelly Hazlip, 28.

Daryl K. Wheatfall
Wheatfall was convicted of the December  13, 1990 murders of a man and his wife over a $50 debt. Each victim was shot three time in the head. The couple's son was shot in the abdomen, but survived to identify Wheatfall.
Sentenced to Death 1/92.
Victims: James M. Fitzgerald - 62 and L.B. Fitzgerald - 64

Thomas Bart Whitaker
On 12/10/03 in a murder-for-hire scheme, Thomas "Bart" Whitaker hired Chris Brashear, his college roommate, to kill his family so he could inherit the estimated $1.5 million family estate.
After Whitaker, his mother and father and his 19-year-old brother returned from a college graduation celebration dinner in Bart's honor, the family was shot down. His father survived the attack.
Sentenced to Death 3/07.
Victims: Kevin Whitaker, his brother, and Patricia Whitaker, his mother

Garcia G. White
On 12/2/89 White stabbed to death Bonita Edwards and her two twin daughters Bernette
and Annette Edwards.
Sentenced to Death 9/96,

Christopher Wilkins
Convicted Wilkins of capital murder for fatally shooting Willie Freeman and Mike Silva on Oct. 27, 2005. A day earlier, according to prosecutors and to Wilkins himself, he killed Gilbert Vallejo outside a south-side bar during a dispute about the pay phone.
"I make bad decisions," Wilkins explained. "I know they are bad decisions. I make them anyway."
Wilkins told the jury that he disapproved of many things that occurred during his trial. First, he said, he wanted to plead guilty to everything and just go straight to the penalty phase, but his attorneys, Wes Ball and J. Warren St. John, wanted to "bill up a whole bunch of hours," he joked.
Second, he said, he did not want his family to testify on his behalf -- something that his attorneys arranged because they wanted the jury to hear what Wilkins was like when he was a child and young man.
Sentenced to Death 3/08.

Robert Gene Will II
On December 4, 2000, in Houston, Will, who was attempting to burglarize a vehicle, was being chased by a police officer. Once the officer reached Will and attempted to apply restraints to him, Will shot the officer seven times in the head, killing him.
Sentenced to Death

Antonio Williams
On August 5, 2006, in Harris County, Texas, Williams fatally shot a man and a woman after an argument. Witnesses positively identified Williams as the shooter.
Sentenced to Death 12/07
Victims: Vincent Williams, 18, and his cousin, Yolanda Styles, 22

Arthur Lee Williams
Williams was convicted of the April 28, 1982shooting death of police detective Daryl Shirley, 34,
while the detective was attempting to serve a fugitive warrant on Williams.
Sentenced to Death 5/83.

Clifton Williams
On July 9, 2005 in Smith County, Williams entered into the home of a 93-year-old woman, stabbed, beat and strangled her and burned her body. Williams then stole her purse and car and fled the scene.
Victim: Cecelia Schneider
Sentenced to Death 10/06

Jeffrey D. Williams
On May 19, 1999, Williams shot a kille a police officer who was attempting to arrest him for driving a stolen car. Williams shot the officer in the chest and fled the scene. The officer was able to get back to his car and radio for help, but died as a result of the gunshot.

Perry Eugene Williams
Perry Eugene Williams was convicted in September 7, 2000, murder of Matthew Carter, a first-year Baylor College of Medicine student who was abducted and killed by Williams and three others, while returning a video at a Houston video store.

Marvin Wilson
Wilson was convicted of shooting to death 21-year-old Jerry Williams, following a confrontation between the two.

David L. Wood
Wood was convicted of the abduction and stabbing death of Ivy Williams, 24, of El Paso. Williams was one of six woman found murdered in the desert around El Paso between June and August 1987. Wood was also indicted in the other murders.

Jeffery Wood
On January 2, 1996, in Kerrville, Wood and one co-defendant robbed a service station, murdering male attendant in the process. Wood and the co-defendant took the store safe, a cash box, and a VCR containing a security tape. The value of cash and checks was estimated to be $11,350.

Robert Woodard
On February 12, 2000, in Houston, Woodard attempted to rob a convenience store. When the owners of the store, a man and woman, were unable to open the cash register fast enough to suit Woodard, he shot and killed them. He took lottery scratch off tickets and left the store. Once outside, he took the vehicle of a customer and fled the scene.

Steven Michael Woods
On May 2, 2001, in The Colony, Texas, Woods and a co-defendant used a 380 caliber pistol, a 45 caliber pistol, and a knife to kill a 21-year-old man and a 19-year-old woman. The man was shot six times in the head and four times in the neck. The woman was shot twice in the head and once in the knee and her throat was cut.

Larry Wooten
On September 3, 1996, Wooten murdered an 80-year-old man and his 86-year-old wife. Wooten stabbed the victims and cut their throats. Also, the woman was beaten with a pistol with such force that the grips and portions of the trigger mechanism of the pistol broke off. Wooten then robbed the couple of around $600 in cash.

Christopher Young
On November 21, 2004 in Bexar County, Young, while in the course of a robbery, fatally shot and killed a 55-year-old man.

Clinton Young
Young fatally shot and killed two men, ages 52 and 41, in two separate incidents within a two day time span. Young killed both men so he could steal their cars.

Michael Yowell
On May 19, 1998 in Lubbock, Texas, Yowell shot his father, strangled his mother with a cord and set fire to their house. The victim's grandmother died several days later from injuries sustained because she was disabled and unable to get out of the house.
Sentenced to Death 
Victims: Johnny and Carol Yowell, Viola Davis
Update: U.S. District Court Judge Sam Cummings tossed Death sentence 8/27/10.

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