Protest Parole Murderer Torres, Arcadia TDCJ #00340717

Started by Granny B, October 01, 2015, 07:54:58 PM

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Granny B

Murderer in Parole Review Process

Background: On March 30, 1982, seventeen year-old Regina Reichenbach who was a seventeen-year old student at Taylor High School was stabbed to death by Arcadia Torres. For several years Torres stalked Regina. He walked onto the school grounds and stabbed Regina to death on the school's practice field, where Regina was preparing for a track and field meet with her teammates and coach, who witnessed this horrible brutal crime.  Regina never had a chance, the knife was found jammed into her spine.  On July 20, 1982 Torres was convicted for murder with a deadly weapon and received a 99 year sentence and $10,000 fine.  In his confession, Torres said he killed Reichenbach because "if I couldn't have Regina I was going to fix it so nobody else could have her either."  A 1984 appeal, which claimed Torres' confession was coerced, was rejected. 

Your Voice can make a difference!

Protest the Parole.....Arcadio Torres TDCJ ID: 00340717
Family members, friends, PAVC and the community of Regina Reichenbach who was murdered by Arcadio Torres are seeking your help with writing a "protest letter".

What You Can Do!
You may send by US mail, an email or by faxing a letter protesting the parole of the above mentioned offender.  You may write in your own words or use the attached sample protest letter. Please do not forget to date and sign before you send.  Please forward to colleagues, family and friends you feel would write a letter.

US Mail to:
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Attn: Angie McCown, Director TDCJ Victim Services
8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265
Austin, Texas 78757-1032

Fax or Email 
Fax # (512) 452-0825
E-mail to:    Subject Line:  PROTEST LETTER

Protest Letters are Confidential
Government Code 508.313 (a) lists protest letters as confidential and privileged information.
Sec. 508.313. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.  (a)  All information obtained and maintained, including a victim protest letter or other correspondence, a victim impact statement, a list of inmates eligible for release on parole,
and an arrest record of an inmate, is confidential and privileged if the information relates to:
(1) an inmate of the institutional division subject to release on parole, release to mandatory supervision, or executive clemency;
(2) a releasee;  or
(3) a person directly identified in any proposed plan of release for an inmate.

Verna Lee Carr
People Against Violent Crime
P.O. Box 92621
Austin, Texas 78709
512-837-PAVC (7282)
512-947-5951 Cell (Verna Lee)
866-593-4808 Fax 
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Sample Protest Letter


Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Attention: Angie McCown, Director TDCJ Victim Services

8712 Shoal Creek Blvd., Suite 265

Austin, Texas 78757-6899

Re: Torres, Arcadia TDCJ #00340717

Dear Honorable Parole Board Members:

This letter is being written to protest any forthcoming parole or any form of parole release being given to inmate Torres, Arcadia TDCJ #00340717 who violently murdered Regina Reichenbach on March 30, 1982 in Taylor, Texas. Torres was convicted of murder with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

I would ask that any and all of the resources of your office be used to keep this inmate incarcerated for as long as his sentence dictates.

For several years Torres stalked Regina who was a seventeen-year old student at Taylor High School. Complaints regarding his behavior did not give police cause to arrest Torres. On that particular day in March Torres walked onto the school grounds and stabbed Regina to death in front of her coach and other students. Regina never had a chance. A girlfriend, who tried to help her, fortunately survived this horrible nightmare.

Not only should above-mentioned inmate be held accountable for the murder of Regina but Torres should also be held accountable to the family of Regina and society. The family of Regina has been forced to live with the agony, pain and horror of how their daughter, sister, aunt and friend were brutally taken from them at the hands of another human being.

To lessen the emotional trauma for the victims' family and because of the ultimate violent nature of Torres crime, I'm asking the Board to please consider giving Torres a 3 year set off before any future parole reviews.

Thank you for your consideration that parole is denied with inmate Arcadia Torres TDCJ #00340717.




" Closure? Closure is a misused word in the English language.  There is no such thing as closure for the family of a murder victim.  There will never be any closure for the death of our loved ones until we are dead ourselves.  The families have a lifetime sentence of anguish and sadness." 
Susan Levy

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