No more firing squad In Idaho

Started by Moh, March 24, 2009, 08:30:09 AM

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Idaho Senate takes aim at firing squad option
- The Associated Press
Published: 03/23/09

BOISE, Idaho -- The Idaho Senate voted to take the firing squad off the law books as an alternative method of execution.

The bill passed 33-2 Monday. It's already cleared the House and now goes to Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter for signature.

According to the Idaho State Historical Society, the state has never executed someone by firing squad.

But it remained a possibility, as a backup should a Department of Correction director decide lethal injection was impractical.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment in 1976, two people in the United States have died by firing squad, both in Utah: Gary Gilmore, made famous in a book by Norman Mailer, in 1977 and John Albert Taylor in 1996.

But Utah did away with firing squads in 2004.

"We're the only state left with it," said Sen. Denton Darrington, a Declo Republican, before the Senate vote.


Why bother Idaho - it's not like you ever use it....   ::)


They must have run out things to talk about ! ???
Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is not about revenge either. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one's own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.


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Idaho could be described as "North Utah." The reason I say that, quite tongue-in-cheek of course, is that Idaho has a large population of Mormons, like Utah does. Brigham Young University has a large satellite campus in Boise, Idaho; BYU Idaho. That's probably the reason why Idaho had kept the firing squad as an option on its law books until now.

According to Mormon Church legend, it was Joseph Smith who once said that if someone kills in blood, he must also pay in blood in order to be forgiven.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has gone on record that the Church has never taken an official position relative to the means of carrying out an execution, according to an LDS spokesman.

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter did sign the legislation into law which officially eliminated the firing squad as an option of carrying out a death sentence in the state, leaving lethal injection the sole means of execution.


They call the governor of Idaho "Butch."

Butch is a nickname. The given name of Idaho's Republican governor is Clement Leroy Otter.

Is that a country club sounding name, or what?  ???


If I was called Clement I'd give myself a more manly-sounding sobriquet, too...

No offense to all the Clements of the forum.
JT's Ridiculous Quote of the Century:
"I'm disgusted with the State for even putting me in this position."
-- Reginald Blanton, Texas death row.  As of October 27, 2009, Reggie's position has been in a coffin.

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