Listing of Louisiana Death Row Inmates I - Z

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Daniel Irish
In December 1996, the then 18-year-old defendant and his 17-year-old girl friend, Kristee Kline, were living in a mobile home owned by Russ Rowland, a local building contractor. Because the defendant and Kline were unemployed, they had not paid their rent for two months and thus owed Rowland $500.00. In addition, they had numerous overdue bills and recently had their phone service disconnected. Faced with financial hardship, the defendant often talked about robbing and killing someone with a lot of money. Approximately three days before the instant offense, the defendant told Kline and friends Audy Keith and Jason Guin that he wanted to rob and kill Rowland. The defendant informed them that he planned to lure Rowland to the trailer, kill him, and dispose of the body in a nearby swamp. On the morning of December 30, 1996, the defendant went to Rowland's office and asked Rowland to come to the trailer to collect the overdue rent. Rowland arrived shortly thereafter, but the defendant did not follow through with his plan and instead told Rowland that he had misplaced his checkbook and asked Rowland to come back that afternoon. Later that day, while driving home from a local Wal-Mart store with Kline, Keith and Guin, the defendant reiterated his need for money and his intent to rob and kill Rowland. The defendant stopped at a convenience store and called Rowland's office from a pay phone, leaving a message with Rowland's secretary that he "had what Russ needs," and that if Rowland would come by the trailer he would "take care of it." At approximately 3:00 p.m., Rowland arrived at the trailer and ascended the steps to the front door. When he approached the open door, Keith fired one shot from the defendant's twelve-gauge shotgun, hitting Rowland in the abdomen. Rowland collapsed on the porch outside the front door and began screaming in pain. The defendant then took the shotgun from Keith and attempted to shoot Rowland again, but the gun malfunctioned and would not fire. The defendant then picked up his 30-30 rifle, pointed it at Rowland and, despite Rowland's repeated pleas that the defendant not shoot him, fired the rifle into Rowland's right eye, blowing away a large portion of his head. Thereafter, the defendant told Keith to search Rowland's truck for Rowland's wallet, which Keith found and turned over to the defendant. The defendant subsequently removed $141.00 from the wallet and hid the wallet and money under a couch cushion. The defendant next asked Keith to help drag Rowland's body into the trailer, but Keith refused. Kline, who had hidden in the bedroom when Rowland approached the trailer, emerged and began cleaning up the blood on the carpet where the defendant had dragged Rowland's body down the hallway. Guin, who had seen Rowland's truck drive by and then heard two gunshots, came over to the trailer to see what had happened.

Cedrick Jacobs
On November 15, 1994, at approximately 9:45 p.m., Jason Oberling was murdered in the parking lot of a drive-in restaurant. Before the shooting, a black male wearing a multi-colored, striped polo shirt. The next morning, two persons in the area of the chase found a wallet that contained a driver's license, credit cards, and papers bearing the victim's name and address. Davis was arrested three months later on a charge of first degree murder. The grand jury indicted him as an accessory after the fact of the first degree murder. drove a 1983 blue Cadillac into the parking lot and got out of the car to use the pay telephone. Oberling arrived in his van and made a purchase at the walk-up window.As Oberling was returning to his van, several restaurant employees saw a masked man (who was not the person that had earlier used the telephone) approach the victim with a gun and struggle with him, heard four or five shots, and saw the victim fall beside his van. The employees saw the gunman move quickly through the parking lot and enter the passenger side of the blue Cadillac, which drove off immediately. Within four minutes, police located the getaway vehicle and initiated a chase, which culminated when the Cadillac crashed into a parked car. Officers pursued the passenger, who was carrying a satchel. With the aid of a K-9 dog, the officers apprehended defendant, who was hiding behind a garage fence, and arrested him. A search of his person yielded $30 in bills, mixed with a gasoline charge receipt signed by "J. Oberling." Retracing the route of the chase, an officer located a satchel containing a revolver and several bullets, and a black ski mask wrapped inside a plastic bag. The police traced the Cadillac's registration to Bienville Davis, whose fingerprints were found in the car and on the telephone receiver at the restaurant. An autopsy report described the cause of death as three gunshot wounds from bullets fired at very close range.

Glynn Juniors
On November 17, 1997, shortly before 5:00 p.m., Robinson and John C. "Jack" Jackson, Jr., were each shot once inside the offices of Jack Jackson, Inc. and Fleet
Boats, Inc., in Convent, Louisiana, in an apparent robbery attempt. The assailant absconded with Robinson's wallet and a knife, and with Jackson's wallet and some
cash. Jackson, who was shot in the back, managed to call 911 and a nearby business, Elmwood Marine Services. Jack Haskell, an employee of Elmwood Marine Services
and a friend of both Jackson and Robinson, ran to the office and attempted to render aid. Emergency personnel arrived shortly after Haskell, and began providing care to
both victims. Robinson, who was shot in the head just above the left eye, was flown by helicopter to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center where he underwent emergency
surgery. He died the next day. Jackson was transported by ambulance to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, where he was treated and released two days
later.On February 10, 1998, Ronald Williams and Juniors, were jointly indicted by a grand jury for the first degree murder of Albert "Butch"
Robinson. Pursuant to a plea agreement with the State whereby he also agreed to testify against Juniors, Williams pled guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced
to life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence. Defendant was tried before a St. James Parish jury. Following the close
of evidence, the jury found defendant guilty as charged and, at the conclusion of the penalty phase of the trial, recommended a sentence of death by lethal injection.

Rogers Lacaze
Was convicted of killing a New Orleans police officer and 2 others inside a New Orleans East restaurant in 1995

Thoa Tam Lam
The defendant, Thoa Tan Lam, who had worked with the victims' family in the past, arrived at the Truong house at 3820 Chriswood Drive in Harvey, Louisiana, on February 4, 1997. Words were exchanged and the defendant shot Phuong Tu Tran, Truong's brother. Dat Phat Truong, who had been sitting on the sofa, rushed toward the defendant and was fatally shot Nguyet Minh Lam, wife of Dat Phat Truong, entered the room to find out what the shooting was about and was shot and injured. Nguyet Minh Lam ran outside to a neighbor's house and alerted the police. Hearing the shots, 8-year son old Kerry Truong and 18-year old daughter Han Ngoc Truong walked down the stairs. The defendant fatally shot the girl in the head. The young boy ran out of the house. The defendant went into another room and shot himself in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Derrick Todd Lee
Date of crime: May 31, 2002
Lee savagely killed 22 year-old Charlotte Murray Pace by raping and then stabbing her over 81 times with a knife and a 12-inch flat-blade screwdriver. By the time it was over, her skull was fractured, her face disfigured and her hands bruised, suggesting that she fought her attacker. Authorities say they have linked Lee through DNA evidence to the deaths of seven women from 1998-2003. Defense attorneys argued that Lee should be spared the death penalty because he is retarded, putting on evidence from a neuropsychologist. The prosecution rejects these claims, saying its psychologist and psychiatrist examined Lee and found him not to be retarded.

Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee was condemned for the June 15, 1985 murder of a 15 year old boy. Rohn Blackston, who was being treated for cancer, was murdered and his mother and 18 year old sister were raped by Lee. Lee's original death sentence was vacated by the Louisiana Supreme Court but he was again sentenced to death.

Donald Leger
Date of crime: 12/11/01
During a dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Leger pulled a gun, bound her hands, and forced her into his van.  As he was driving, she managed to escape and went into a house to call the police.  Leger searched for her and ended up at a mobile home where he thought she was hiding.  He shot the couple in that home, Troy Salone (who died) and Evelyn Salone (who was seriously wounded, but survived to identify him at trial).  His ex-girlfriend testified against him, also.  The defense attempted to show that his confession was coerced.  At the penalty phase, the defense to on evidence through his brother to show that Leger had a bad childhood.   
Sentenced to Death 02/06/2004   

Michael Legrand
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 1999 murder of Rafael Santos.
On May 18, 1999, Rafael Santos' body was found in his apartment after he failed to appear for work and his co-workers became concerned. His autopsy revealed that he had been stabbed over 25 times and that three of those wounds were fatal. He was stabbed with a variety of utensils including plastic and wooden handled knives, screwdrivers and scissors, all taken from Mr. Santos' apartment. Sentenced to Death 1/21/01.

Ronald Letulier
On March 5, 1996, a St. Martin grand jury indicted Ronald James Letulier, and his wife, Stephanie, for the February 5, 1996 first degree murder of Wilmer Blanchard, Sr.The state also charged defendant with the February 6, 1996 attempted first degree murder and armed robbery of Linda Badon, and simple arson of her
residence. On December 17, 1996, defendant pled guilty to the first degree murder charge.On January 13, 1997, the district court commenced a sentencing hearing before a jury to determine whether defendant should receive the death penalty or life imprisonment without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence. On January 21,1997, the jury unanimously determined that defendant should be sentenced to death and on January 30, 1997, the trial court imposed that sentence. Also on January 30, 1997, defendant pled guilty to the amended charged of attempted second degree murder, armed robbery, and simple arson, relative to the offenses of February 6, 1996. The trial judge imposed the maximum sentence on each count and ordered the sentences to be served consecutively with one another and consecutive to defendant's death sentence.

Chad Louviere
After the October 1996 hostage standoff at the former ArgentBank on Grand Caillou Road, Chad Louviere was charged with murdering 27-year-old Pam Duplantis, raping two other female bank employees and multiple counts of kidnapping. He was sentenced to death in 1999

Julius Lucky
Convicted and sentenced to death in the murders of  Bonnie Giambalvo and Letetia Falot. He was convicted of 1st degree murder and attempted 1 st degree murder and aggravated Battery and sentenced to death for both murders on 04/13/99 and his cert denied in 2000.

James Magee
Convicted and sentenced to death for the shooting deaths of his 28 yr od wife Adrienne and their 5yr old son Zach April 18.2007 in the Tall Timbers subdivision north of Mandeviile.. He also was convicted of attempting to kill their other children, daughters Ashleigh, then  and  Aleisha, then 7. Sentenced to Death 8/10/09.

Jeremiah D. Manning
Sentenced to death for the December 2000 killing of 62-year-old Mary Ann Malone.
Prosecutors in Bossier Parish said Manning, who had done yard work for Malone, kidnapped her from her home, forced her to drive to a remote area
and then beat her and slit her throat. Police arrested Manning as he ran along a highway after crashing Malone's car into a ditch.

Robert Craig Miller
Miller was found guilty and condemned to die in 1998 for the January 1997 rape, robbery and fatal stabbing of Arneida Lindsey Mills in her Saguaro Avenue home in Baton Rouge. Mills' face had been disfigured from a queen-size sleeper sofa Miller admitted dropping on her.

Jessie Montejo
Date of crime: 9/5/2002
The prosecution argued that Montejo helped a handyman, Jerry Moore, with a scheme to rob and kill Louis Ferrari, a 61-year-old businessman. Moore was described as an unreliable and volatile employee who hired Montejo to break into Ferrari's home. Montejo shot Ferrari in the eye and Ferrari's wife and son found his body in their kitchen. Montejo stole Ferrari's car and left it on a dead-end road; Montejo's DNA was found under Ferrari's fingernails, and Montejo's stepbrother was allegedly circling the subdivision in a van during the murder. Montejo later confessed to the killing. During trial, Montejo changed his story and argued that there was a mystery killer who came to the home at the same time Montejo arrived to interview for a job with Ferrari's dry-cleaning business. He said he confessed because he was afraid of the repercussions of ratting out the real killer.

Jarrell Neal
Neal shot Fergus Robinson and Greg Vickers to death with an AK-47.  Many witnesses and a cop in the area (which Neal shot at), arrested after a high-speed chase.

Lee Roy Odenbaugh
Convicted and sentenced to death 2/08 in the December 2006 murders of Sondra Porter-Odenbaugh, 39, and her mother, Jessie Porter, 58, following an argument earlier in the day. Porter-Odenbaugh's daughter Jessica Cooper, 20, also was wounded.

Manuel Ortiz
On 10/23/92 Manuel was convicted of murder for Cheryle Mallory and his wife Tracie Williams Ortiz. Ortiz claimed he killed his wife for 950K worth of life insurance. Sentenced to death on 01/31/1995

Michael Owen Perry
On July 17 of that year, Perry armed himself with guns, including a .357 Magnum and a Beretta pistol. He then embarked on a shooting spree, killing two of his cousins, a 2-year-old nephew, and his parents -- whom he shot through the eyes -- before departing for points unknown. In his parents' house Perry left a Kill Bill-style death list of names including ''Olivia.''

Jason Reeves
Date of crime: 11/12/2001
Reeves kidnapped, raped and stabbed 4-year old Mary Jean Thigpen 16 times and left her in the woods. Reeves confessed to molesting the girl but did not remember killing her. In mitigation, Reeves was essentially raised by his sister until he was ten and saw an 18-wheeler crush and kill her. As a child, Reeves also was raped by a neighbor and never received any counseling. In aggravation, Reeves has a child molestation case pending. Reeves was tried previously, but the trial ended in a mistrial after a juror would not vote to convict Reeves of murder.

Allen Robertson
Entered the residence of elderly married couple Morris and Kazuko Prestenback to steal stuff for drugs.  He stole a 13" color TV, a vase and a framed picture and sold his swag for $20.00.  He returned and with a butcher knife, murdered the couple.

Darrell Robinson
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 2001 for the murders of Billy Lambert, 50; Carol Hooper, 54; Hooper's daughter, Maureen Kelley, 37; and Kelley's 10-month-old son, Nicholas.
The bodies of the victims were found in the living room of Lambert's home in Poland, where Robinson had been staying. Both Lambert and Hooper were shot in the left eye; Kelley in the left cheek; the 10-month-old in the top of the head.
The murder weapon was never found.

Larry Roy
Sally and Freddie Richard, Jr. were married and had two sons, David and Frederick. The Richards divorced and Mrs.Richard began a relationship with the defendant, Larry Roy. Larry Roy and Mrs. Richard cohabited for some time in Mrs. Richard's home in Cheneyville, Louisiana, with her two sons and
Mrs. Richard's 75 year old aunt, Rosetta Silas before she terminated the relationship with Larry Roy in early 1993. On Sunday, May 2, 1993, the Richards spent the day with their children. During the afternoon, while at a local convenience store, by chance, they encountered Larry Roy, who told Mrs. Richard cryptically: "Things are going to be on tonight." Later that evening, the Richards retired to one
bedroom in Mrs. Richard's home. As was generally the case, their two sons slept in sleeping bags next to the bed. On Monday, May 3, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Roy entered Mrs. Richard's home and barged into the bedroom occupied by the Richards. Roy attacked Mr. Richard and a struggle ensued.
During this time, Mrs. Richard attempted to use the telephone to obtain help. However, as she picked up the receiver, Roy informed her that the telephone was dead. Roy brandished a knife
which he used to stab Freddie Richard to death. Mrs. Richard attempted to flee the bedroom with her children, but she was stopped by Roy. Still armed with a knife, Roy forced the children to lay down on the floor in the hall outside of the bedroom. Then, he made Mrs. Richard accompany him to the bedroom
occupied by Ms. Silas where he demanded money. She gave him $50.00 which she kept under her mattress. Roy counted the money and questioned Ms. Silas regarding whether she had more money;
Ms. Silas responded negatively. Next, Roy carried Mrs. Richard into the kitchen where he asked her why she had told someone that he had slit her car tires. He then brought her into the living room and placed her lying face down on the floor beside a sofa. Using a telephone cord that he brought with him, Roy tied Mrs. Richard's hands behind her back. Then, he pulled Mrs. Richard's head back and slit her throat, telling her that "[a]bout time the police get here all ya'll going to be dead." Roy also tied 2 At the time of trial which was held approximately fourteen months after this incident, David was eleven years old
and Frederick was 9 years old. Specifically, as to count one (the Silas murder) the jury found that:
1. The offender was engaged in the perpetration of attempted perpetration of aggravated burglary.
Frederick's hands behind his back and slit his throat. He placed a pillow case over David's head, tied David's hands behind his back, pulled David's head back, and slit his throat. After methodically incapacitating Mrs. Richard and her two sons, Roy headed for the bedroom occupied by Ms. Silas. During this time, Mrs. Richard and her sons managed to get out of the house. As they were exiting, they heard Rosetta Silas screaming. Ms. Silas was later found in her bedroom stabbed to death. After killing Ms. Silas, Larry Roy fled the scene. Mrs. Richard, Frederick, and David, survived the incident and testified against Roy at trial. Larry Roy was arrested two days later in Bunkie, Louisiana. He was charged with two counts of first degree murder.

Anthony Scott
Killed 2 women, Lisa Anne Dupuis and Jacqulin Guillot Blanchard during a bank robbery in Napoleonville, La. on June 4, 1998.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Christopher Sepulvado
Sepulvado has been on death row in Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola since being convicted in 1993 of beating and scalding his 6-year-old
stepson, Wesley Allen Mercer, to death the previous year. Sepulvado starved Mercer and hit him in the head with a screwdriver before immersing
the unconscious child in a tub of scalding water. Mercer died hours later.

Juan Smith
Smith was convicted for the shooting deaths of Andre White and his fiance Tangie Thompson at their home on Morrison Avenue. Thompson's 3-year-old son, Devyn Thompson, was found shot to death, face down and beneath his mother's body. All three were shot multiple times and found in the den.  Happened 2-5-1995.

Willie Lee Tart
Was convicted in 1991 in the stabbing deaths of William Quenan, 70, and Lillian Quenan, 66, in their Bastrop residence on Sept. 7, 1989.

Antoine Tate
Three young men were killed in a violent, gangland-style ambush and shooting in East Baton Rouge Parish on the night of January 14, 1997; a fourth man, though badly wounded, managed to survive by feigning death. He heard defendant Antoine Tate's voice during the shooting, and provided police with Tate's name. Tate's accomplices later fingered him as one of the shooters. On this and other evidence, a jury found Tate guilty as charged of first degree murder and returned a sentence of death by lethal injection, which the trial court duly imposed.

Emmett Taylor
Was convicted and sentenced to death in 1998 for the murder of a white drug store clerk.

Michael Taylor
On January 27, 1999, a DeSoto Parish grand jury indicted Michael Taylor,
defendant herein, for the first degree murder of Chester Howell. After a trial by jury, defendant was found guilty as charged on July 16, 2000, and was sentenced to death. On January 7, 1999, at approximately 2:30 p.m., Brenda Green heard a gunshotwhile driving on Missile Base Road in DeSoto Parish. She then observed two young white males standing on a bridge before they fled in a white sports car, leaving behind the body of Chester Howell. Ms. Green immediately drove to a nearby body shop and called 911. The victim was pronounced dead shortly thereafter with three gunshot
wounds to his arm, chest, and lower back.

Damon Thibodeaux
Sentenced to death in 1996 because he kidnapped, raped and killed Crystal Champagne, a fourteen-year-old girl in 1996.

James S. Tyler
On May 29, 1995, defendant shot and killed the manager of a fast food restaurant in the course of an armed robbery. He also shot two other employees in the head, but they survived the injuries.

Michael Weary
On or about April  4 1998 Weary robbed, beat and ran over a pizza delivery boy, 16 yo Eric Walber, in Albany, La.  Walber was so messed up, him mom could only identify him by his sneakers.  The case sat cold until a convict named Sam Scott requested a meeting with Livingston Parish authoritie in April 2000.

Todd Wessinger
"Please, please, I won't tell on you. I promise. I won't. I promise. I promise. I promise. I swear." Those were the last words -- captured on a 911 tape, along with the gunshot that silenced her -- of Stephanie Guzzardo, 27. The manager at Calendar's Restaurant & Bar in Baton Rouge was shot in the chest after begging for her life, and her final words were played at trial. She and another employee were killed in 1995 by Todd Wessinger, a former dishwasher who is now on death row.

John Francis Wille
The case against John Francis Wille is John Wille's word. His confession to the murder of Nicole Lopatta was the only substantive evidence introduced at his trial. That confessionwas obtained after Judy Walters, his girlfriend and co-defendant(2), had given a number of statements implicating him in the murder. His confession was obtained, using her statements,after he had confessed to other murders, then retracted thoseconfessions. Nis confession is unreliable; it is untrue. JohnWille has been convicted and condemned to death on his own word, and that word is false.
Judy Walters confessed to witnessing John Wills commit anumber of murders. Her confessions were much lengthlet and more

Jimmy Ray Williams
Eighteen-year-old Jimmy Ray Williams used a 9 mm weapon to rob and murder Gordon Lawless, a driver for an auto parts store on June 15, 1994.  Gordon was sitting in his  truck in a parking lot, having just made a delivery, when Williams approached him and asked for a cigarette.  Lawless gave him one and then Williams pulled his gun and shot Gordon in the face.  The medical examiner testified that Gordon died from drowning in his own blood.  Williams confessed to the killing but claimed it was an accident.  Evidence presented at Williams' trial showed that several hours before Gordon's murder, another man was shot and his vehicle was stolen.

Shedran Williams
Date of crime: May 2004
Williams was trying to rob a store of less than $20 when two security guards and a customer tried to stop him. Williams gained control of a gun from a guard and made his way to the exit. Instead of leaving, he shot Garrett Douget and Stanford Wilson, who survived, but fatally wounded Vickie Wax, a police lieutenant who was working security detail. Williams testified that he did get in a fight when he was leaving the store, but denied the shootings. At sentencing, defense provided testimony that Williams was mentally retarded.  Williams had just been released from a 5 year sentence just 28 days before the murder.

Donald Wright
On January 14, 2000, a Webster Parish grand jury indicted defendant, Donald S. Wright, for first degree murder in violation of La. R.S. 14:30. On the same day, the state filed its notice of intent to seek the death penalty. On March 20, 2000, defendant filed a motion for a change of venue, which the court granted after conducting a hearing on the matter on April 10, 2000, transferring the case to Lafayette Parish. On May 5, 2000, the state submitted defendant's case to a newly impaneled grand jury, which reindicted defendant for first degree murder. After a trial by jury, defendant was found guilty as charged on August 25, 2000. Two days later at the close of the penalty phase of the trial, the jury unanimously returned a verdict of death finding the aggravating circumstances that: (1) defendant was engaged in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of an aggravated or forcible rape; (2) the victim was under the age of 12 years; and (3) the offense was committed in an especially heinous, atrocious or cruel manner.

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