Listing of California Death Row Inmates SA - SL

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Magdaleno Salazar Nava
Magdaleno Salazar Nava moved at the age od 4 with his parents Boniface Salazar and Marķa Elena Nava to Los Angeles.  Magdaleno and his older brother Arthur joined a local gang. After the hiomicide of his older brother Magdaleno  took revenge in 1995 and murdered 3 members of a rival gang and fleet to La Tinaja, Mexico.  It was said that someone offerer a reward of 50.000 PEsos for his murder. 1999 he lef tthe wotn and moved back to his mother in LA. The reason is unknown - it“s likely that he wnated to earn moneay and that he was concerned that his younger broterh Gerardo, then 15, would join a gang.he had been arreste din hismothers house and was snetenced to death 02/12/1999.

Ramon Salcido
Ramon Salcido mass murderer was sentenced to death on 02/12/1999 for the murders of, Angela Salcido, 24, Ramon Salcido's wife, Sophia Salcido, 4, Ramon Salcido's daughter,Teresa Salcido, 1, Ramon Salcido's daughter, Marion Louise Richards, 47, mother of Angela Salcido, Ruth Richards, 12,Maria Richards, 8,and Tracey Toovey, 35, winemaster at Grand Cru winery. His third daughter survived a knife attack. On the morning of April 14, 1989, Ramon Salcido, a Mexican national working in a local vineyard, got home after a night of drinking took his three little daughters to the county dump where he slit their throats before returning to his home where he shot his wife, Angela; he proceeded to the home of his in-laws where he beat, stabbed and brutalized his mother-in-law, as well as his two young sisters-in-law. Not finished, Ramon shot to death a fellow vineyard worker he believed was having an affair with his wife, and then shot and wounded his vineyard supervisor.

Richard Samayoa
Richard Samayoa was convicted on June 28 1988 for fatally bludgeoning a South San Diego neighbor Nelia Silva and her 2-year-old daughter Katherine, December 18, 1985.

Mary Ellen Samuels
Convicted of two counts of first-degree murder, solicitation of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. She was sentenced to death in September 1994. Robert Samuels was found dead on Dec. 8, 1988 from a gunshot wound to the head.

Rodney San Nicholas
Rodney San Nichols was sentenced to death on 08/31/1992 for the murder of his wife Mary James 37, and her niece April James on 05/06/1990. The bodies were were found in Mary James Modesto home the day after both were stabbed to death. San Nicolas was arrested in Sparks, Nev., four days after the killings. Evidence showed he used his wife's bank card to withdraw cash in Modesto the day of the killings and in South Lake Tahoe the next day. The same Stanislaus Superior Court jury that returned the death verdict found San Nicolas guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, one count of forcible rape and one count of lewd conduct with a child.

Juan Sanchez
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 2000 for the shooting deaths of Ermanda Reyes and Lorena Martinez in 1997.

Teddy Sanchez
Crime date: Feb. 2 and 3, 1987
Woodrow Wilson Tatman was a 73-year-old invalid who relied on a wheelchair for mobility when he was killed by Teddy Brian Sanchez. He lived on Social Security payments and died in a shabby room at a shabby motel on Union Avenue. Juan "Johnny" Bocanegra, 61, and his wife, Juanita Bocanegra, 52, apparently also were killed for their Social Security checks. He was a retired salesman; she was a homemaker, according to an obituary published a few days after their murder. The couple left behind two sons, five grandchildren and many other family members.

Vincent Henry Sanchez
Vincent Henry Sanchez, serial rapist, was indicted on 75 counts including a first degree murder charge, felony kidnapping, burglary, rape, and other sex offense charges against numerous victims. Sanchez plead guilty to 61 felony counts. Sanchez was sentenced  to death on 11/04/2003  for the murder of Megan Barosso on 08/04/1997.

[Ropati Seumanu
Sentenced to death for his participation in the robbing and killing of 25-year-old Nolan Pamintuan at 05/17 1996 in Hayward Municipal Court.

Jeffrey Sheldon
Jeffrey Sheldon was sentenced to death on 12/19/1985 for the kidnapping, robbery and murder of Norris Delancey Neblett, 63. In September 1983, Neblett was held captive overnight before Jeffrey Sheldon beat, strangled and dropped a couch on the victim's face. An accomplice, Jack Donald McFadden, was with Jeffrey Sheldon during the murder in Neblett's home.

Wesley Shermantine Jr.
Wesley Shermantine was sentenced to death on 05/16/2001 for the murders of Cyndi Vanderheiden, Chevelle "Chevy" Wheeler and 2 other unknown victims.

Theodore Shove
Theodore Shove was sentenced to death on 03/13/2008 for the murders of 81-year-old Hubert Souther and his 79-year-old wife, Elizabeth. Theodore Shove, masterminded the beating deaths of an 81-year-old man and his 79-year-old wife in their La Habra Heights home. The Southers, who had been married more than 50 years, were found dead in their bed by one of their two adult daughters on Sept. 17, 2001. Shove, was trying to take over Hubert Souther's successful aerospace salvage business, Cal Aero Supply Co, when he had accomplice Lewis Hardin break in their home and bludgeon them with a tire iron.

Benjamin Wai Silva
Benjamin Wai Silva was sentenced to death on 08/11/1986 for the murder of Kevin Thorpe.
Silva stands convicted of the gruesome abduction, robbery and murder of Thorpe in Madeline, California. Thorpe and his girlfriend, Laura Craig, were college students returning fromwinter break when they passed through Madeline on their wayto Oregon. On January 11, 1981, Silva and two accomplices,Joe Shelton and Norman Thomas, kidnaped Thorpe and Craig after spotting the couple at a filling station in town. The threemen forced the couple to drive to Shelton's property and pro-ceeded to take their cash and belongings. Thorpe was then chained to a tree while Craig was taken inside a cabin and repeatedly sexually assaulted.The next day, Silva and Shelton killed Thorpe by inflicting multiple gunshot wounds from an automatic weapon. Thomas then dismembered Thorpe's body with an axe (purportedly onSilva's orders) and stuffed the remains into several trash bags,which were each buried in shallow graves. Several days later,Craig was shot twice and killed by the side of a road.

Mauricio Silva
Silva, 42, was convicted of shooting to death two 16-year-old runaways, Walter P. Sanders and Monique Michelle Hilton, and strangling and stabbing his 17-year-old half sister, Martha Kiztler in May of 1984. Silva was born with "gigantism," which enlarges features and can spur uncontrollable rages. In May 2001, the California Supreme Court found that the prosecutor had improperly used peremptory challenges to dismiss five prospective Latino jurors. Silva is awaiting retrial. "His true IQ falls within the range of 74-83," according to a 1999 test.

[Vaene Sivongxxay
Vaene Sivongxxay was sentenced to death on 04/29/1999.
Vaene Sivongxxay was found guilty of slaying Henry Song in front of his wife during a robbery of Song's jewelry store on Dec. 16, 1996. The crime was partially captured on videotape.

Michael Slaughter
Michael Slaughter was sentenced to death on 11/27/1991 for the murders of Jeff DeRouen, and Eddie Keith.
On January 24, 1990, Jeff DeRouen, Eddie Keith, and Djamal Littleton drovefrom Pittsburg, California to Modesto in Keith's Mustang automobile to purchasetwo kilos of cocaine from defendant for $30,000. The deal had been arranged byRoland Mourning, a mutual friend of DeRouen's and defendant's, while Mourningwas incarcerated in the Stanislaus County Jail. DeRouen, Keith, and Littleton had$45,000 they had obtained from a drug dealer known to them as "Jeest." Theycarried $30,000 in a small, gray Nike backpack or bag and placed the remaining$15,000 in a plastic bag under the rear seat of the vehicle.
At approximately 6:30 p.m., the three men picked up Slaughter in Modesto.Slaughter was wearing a red ski jacket and black gloves. He got into the back seat with Littleton. At Slaughter's direction, Keith drove the Mustang onto the freewayand entered the left lane, traveling approximately 60 miles per hour. Littleton wasl ooking out the window when he heard a loud bang and felt his body go numb. He then saw two flashes at the back of DeRouen's head. DeRouen had been shot twice in the head and was dead. Keith also was dead,having been shot in the head and shoulder. Littleton had been shot in the side and inthe knee, but survived.

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