Why Isn't Governor Crist Signing More Death Warrants?

Started by Moh, March 10, 2010, 08:22:20 PM

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The quote below is from Florida death-row inmate William Van Poyck's February 16, 2010 blog entry.

"There are about 40 guys (my rough estimate - I could be off by 10 or more guys) eligible to have their death warrants signed, with me being squarely in that group (at least for now), and the governor's selection process is totally arbitrary and capricious.  Gov. Crist can pick and choose whoever he wants, at any time, for any reason, or, he can pick nobody at all."



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Here is a list I've compiled working from the Florida Commission on Capital Cases website showing all the inmates whose appeals have seemingly been exhausted (if my compilation's correct, there are 30 such inmates). All those listed have lost their federal habeas appeals in the 11th Circuit and have subsequently been denied certiorari. I've put the inmates in chronological order according to when the US Supreme Court denied their cert petitions.

Daniel Doyle                      10/21/91
Gary Alvord                       5/18/98
Douglas Meeks                  2/20/01
Paul Howell                       1/9/06
Guy Gamble                      10/30/06
Dominick Occhicone           1/8/07
Gary Lawrence                  2/20/07
Charles Foster                   2/26/07
Oba Chandler                     5/14/07
Manuel Valle                     10/1/07
Loran Cole                        1/7/08
William Van Poyck             1/7/08
Ian Lightbourne                5/19/08
Robert Patton                   6/16/08
Konstantinos Fotopoulos   10/6/08
Robert Hendrix                 11/3/08
John Freeman                  1/12/09
David Gore                       5/18/09
Jose Jimenez                    6/22/09
Peter Ventura                   6/22/09
Robin  Archer                   10/5/09
Jeffrey Atwater                 10/5/09
Bruce Pace                       10/5/09
William Kelley                   10/13/09
Elmer Carroll                    11/2/09
Patrick Hannon                 11/2/09
Darius Kimbrough             11/9/09
Noel Dourbal                     11/16/09
Anthony LaMarca              11/30/09
Duane Owen                     1/19/10
Lenard Philmore                3/22/10



Crist is too busy trying to get a senate seat.

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