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Started by Jeff1857, June 26, 2009, 12:59:07 AM

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Bobby Raleigh
On 06/05/94, Bobby Allen Raleigh and Domingo Figueroa went to Club Europe in DeLand to confront Douglas Cox about allegedly slapping Raleigh's mother.  They confronted Cox in the parking lot of the club during which Raleigh's mother appeared and started screaming at Cox.  Raleigh took his mother to his car and returned to Cox.  He then apologized for his mother's actions.  Raleigh and Cox shook hands and parted. After leaving the club, Raleigh went to his home and retrieved guns.  With Figueroa, he then drove to Cox's trailer.  With a gun in his hand, Raleigh went to the front door of Cox's trailer.  Ronald Baker, a friend of Cox's, met the men at the door of the trailer and told them Cox was sleeping.  Raleigh and Figueroa drove down a nearby road and parked. After some time had passed, they returned to the trailer. Raleigh went to the back of the trailer and shot Cox three times in the head at close range.  Figueroa and Raleigh each shot Timothy Eberlin, Cox's roommate, until their guns jammed.  Eberlin was screaming so Raleigh beat him with his gun until he was quiet. After the murders, Raleigh and Figueroa went to Raleigh's residence.  There they burned the clothes they had worn during the murders, dumped bullets into a neighbor's yard, and hid their guns in a secret compartment within Raleigh's Subaru. That evening, the police went to Raleigh's home.  Raleigh agreed to speak with them, but denied playing a part in the murders. However, after being informed that Figueroa had implicated him in the murders, Raleigh confessed to killing both Cox and Eberlin. His confession was taped.
Sentenced to Death 2/16/96.
Codefendant Information:
Domingo Figueroa (Volusia County Circuit Court #94-0724)
Domingo Figueroa, Raleigh's codefendant, received three life sentences for his part in the events that took place on 06/05/94.  Figueroa was sentenced for three counts, two for first-degree murder and one count of armed burglary.

Jack Sliney
Jack R. Sliney was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a pawnshop owner, George Blumberg.
On June 18, 1992, Marilyn Blumberg discovered her husband, George Blumberg, dead behind the counter of the pawnshop that they owned and ran together.

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