Listing of Florida Death Row Inmates D - E

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James Dailey
On 05/05/85, the victim, 14 year old Shelly Boggio, her twin sister Stacey, and Stephanie Forsythe were hitchhiking near St. Petersburg when they were picked up by James Dailey, Jack Pearcy, and Dwaine Shaw.  The group went to a bar and then to Pearcy's house, where they met Pearcy's girlfriend, Gayle Bailey.  Stacey and Stephanie returned home,
and Shelly, Gayle and the men went to another bar and returned to Pearcy's house around midnight.  Shelly, Dailey, and Pearcy left in a car.  When the two men returned later, without Shelly, Dailey was wearing wet pants and carrying a bundle.  The next morning, Dailey and Pearcy went to a
laundromat and told Gayle to pack because they were going to Miami. That morning, Shelly's nude
body was found floating in the water near Indian Rocks Beach.  She had been stabbed, strangled,
and drowned.  Resentenced to Death 1/21/94.
Codefendant Information:
Pearcy and Dailey were tried separately for the crime.  Pearcy was convicted of First-Degree Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Floyd Damren
Floyd Damren entered the grounds of R.G.C. Mineral Sands and stole equipment, telling a friend that "There [is] ... some more good stuff down there I'd like to get." 
Several weeks later, on 05/01/94, after drinking beer with friends, Damren returned with an accomplice, Jeff Chittam, to steal more equipment.  The two burglarized the electrical shop in the maintenance barn.  Chittam was discovered by an employee, Don Miller, but Damren sneaked up behind Miller and struck him with a steel pipe.  Miller and Chittam both pleaded for Damren to spare Miller's life, but
after pacing the floor, Damren bludgeoned Miller to death with the steel pipe, striking him seven
times on the head and four times on the body. As Damren was dragging Miller's body across the floor, Michael Knight, the shift supervisor, entered the building and yelled at Damren.  Knight was
acquainted with Damren due to the fact that he had lived in Knight's neighborhood since childhood. 
Damren threatened Knight with the pipe, and Knight ran yelling from the building. Knight identified Damren to the police and Damren was arrested.   Further evidence linking Damren to the crime
included testimony from several witnesses that Damren made incriminating statements to them
about the murder.  Also, blood stains on Damren's pants matched Miller's blood.
Sentenced to Death 6/2/95.
Codefendant Information:
Chittam was not charged and did not testify at trial.  He was the victim of a separate homicide, for which Damren was also charged, convicted, and sentenced to a term of life imprisonment.

Adam Davis
On 06/26/98, Vicki Robinson ran errands with her daughter, Valessa Robinson, her daughter's boyfriend, Adam Davis, and a mutual friend of her daughter and Davis, Jon Whispel.  After dinner that evening, Davis and Whispel left the Robinson home and went to a Denny's restaurant.  Later that evening, Valessa Robinson sneaked out of her home and joined Davis and Whispel at the restaurant.  The trio left the restaurant in search of drugs, bought and took LSD, and returned to the restaurant.  While at the restaurant, Valessa Robinson stated that the three should kill her mother.  Whispel thought Valessa was joking, but Davis and Valessa began to plan how to carry out the murder, agreeing on a lethal heroin overdose of Valessa's mother. The three went back to Ms. Robinson's house, took her van without her knowledge, and attempted to buy heroin and a syringe.  Unable to purchase heroin, Davis purchased a syringe.  Davis suggested that they kill Ms. Robinson by filling the syringe with bleach and an air bubble.  In the kitchen, Davis put Ms. Robinson into a "sleeper" hold, trying to render her unconscious.  Davis injected Ms. Robinson with the syringe, but after a few minutes, the bleach did not kill Ms. Robinson, so Davis stabbed her with a knife.  Shortly thereafter, the three heard moaning from the kitchen, so Davis grabbed the knife and left the room.  Davis later told Whispel that he stabbed Ms. Robinson two more times and tried to break her neck. A few hours later, the three
cleaned the kitchen with bleach and towels.  Davis put Ms. Robinson's body into a trash can, and loaded the trash can, along with shovels and a hoe into Ms. Robinson's van and drove to a wooded area to bury her.  The digging was unsuccessful, so they concealed the trash can with foliage, planning to come back later. The three later returned to Ms. Robinson's house and obtained her
credit cards, cash, and ATM card since Valessa knew Ms. Robinson's personal identification number.  The three spent the next few days in Ybor City, using Ms. Robinson's money to get tattoos and stay at motels.   They also purchased twenty bags of concrete, a bucket, and a trash can, with the intention of dumping the body in a canal. While Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were in Ybor City,
Florida, Ms. Robinson's boyfriend, Jim Englert, reported her missing.  Davis learned from a friend that both Davis and Valessa were on the news, so the three decided to leave town and flee to Phoenix, Arizona.  They never returned to complete their plans to dispose of Ms. Robinson's body. 
Ms. Robinson's credit union tracked the use of her credit card, and Davis, Valessa, and Whispel were apprehended in Pecos County, Texas, after a high-speed chase.  Sentenced to Death 12/17/99.
Codefendant Information:
Valessa Robinson was tried and convicted on charges of Third-Degree Murder and Grand Theft Auto.  On 05/30/00, she was sentenced to fifteen and five years, respectively. 
Jon Whispel pled guilty to charges of Second-Degree Murder, Third-Degree Grand Theft, and Grand Theft Auto.  On 06/29/99, he was sentenced to twenty-five years for the crimes. 

Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis was living in a house with Beverly Shultz and her two daughters, Crystal and Kimberly.  On the evening of 03/03/94, 11-year-old Kimberly was asleep in her mother's bed, when she was awakened by Davis.  Davis put his hand over her mouth and led her to the living room, where he gagged her with a rag so she could not yell.  Davis and Kimberly jumped a fence and went in to the adjacent trailer park where Davis formerly lived.  While in Davis' trailer, he attempted to insert his penis into her vagina, and when this failed, he inserted two fingers.  Davis then took Kimberly to the nearby Moose Lodge, where he struck her several times and then placed a piece of plastic over her mouth.  Kimberly struggled and ripped the plastic, but Davis held it over her mouth and nose until she stopped moving.  He then disposed of the body in a dumpster and left. Kimberly's body was found on the afternoon of the 03/04/94.  The body had numerous bruises, the area between the vagina and anus had been lacerated, and the cause of death was determined to be strangulation.
Sentenced to Death 6/30/95.

Mark Davis
Mark Davis came to St. Petersburg, Florida during late June 1985 and was living in the parking lot of the Gandy Efficiency Apartments when Orville Landis moved into an apartment on July 1, 1985.  Davis offered to help Landis move in, and after they finished moving, Davis and Landis began drinking beer together.  Davis borrowed money from Landis, and witnesses testified that Landis had approximately $500 in cash that day.  Davis separately told two apartment complex residents that he planned to take money from Landis and "do him in."  Davis and Landis were later seen arguing about money and then going into Landis' apartment.  Landis was last seen alive at approximately 8:30 p.m.  Davis was last seen around midnight, leaving in Landis' car. A concerned neighbor had Landis' window opened, and from the window, she observed him lying on his bed in a pool of blood.  Landis' wallet was empty, except for a single dollar bill.  Landis suffered multiple stab wounds to the back, chest, and neck; multiple blows to the face; was choked or hit with sufficient force to break the hyoid bone (a bone in the throat); was intoxicated to a degree that impaired his ability to defend himself; and was alive and conscious when each injury was inflicted.  Evidence showed that the slashes to the throat were made with a small-blade knife, which was broken during the attack, and the chest and back wounds were made with a large butcher knife found at the scene.  Sentenced to Death 1/30/87.

Ralston "Jay" Davis
The convicted triple murderer -- Ralston "Jay" Davis -- will pay for that Dec. 2, 2005 killing spree with a death sentence and two life sentences, Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey Levenson decided Thursday.
A Broward County jury in July recommended 8-4 that Davis, 25, of Sunrise be executed for killing Myosha Proby, 28.
Davis had called Proby, whom he'd known for less than a month, and told her he was going to kill her minutes before showing up at her Lauderhill apartment, dressed in black and armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.
Less than 30 minutes later, Davis killed Carlos Jones, 26, and Ravindra Basdeo, 29, at an Exxon gas station east of the Swap Shop. Jones was ordered to lie on the ground, Basdeo to open his mouth for the rifle muzzle.
Sentenced to Death 1/8/10.

Terry Ellerbee
Judge Dan Vaughn sentenced Terry Marvin Ellerbee, 25, white, to death for the Sept. 21, 2006, killing of 72-year-old Thomas R. Dellarco. Ellerbee was convicted June 8 of entering the home of Dellarco and killing him with a single gunshot to the head. On June 15, a jury recommended that Ellerbee be put to death.
Sentenced to Death 1/29/10.
Victim: Thomas Dellarco

Richard England
On 07/02/01, 71-year-old Howard Wetherell was alone in his Daytona Beach condominium, when he encountered Richard England and his companion, Michael Jackson.  Jackson had been living with Wetherell, trading sex for money and a place to stay.
In Wetherell's upstairs bedroom, England used a fire poker to repeatedly beat Wetherell who later
died of a cervical spine fracture resulting in suffocation due to a paralyzed diaphragm.  This same
night, England and Jackson stole Wetherell's antique guns, jewelry, silver and Wetherell's green
Mercury Sable car.  The two fled to Orlando, Florida, employing Reynaldo DeLeon, a friend of
England's, to fence the stolen items. Several days after the murder, Jackson was arrested after wrecking the stolen car in Walton County and soon implicated England in the murder.  England,
taken into custody on an unrelated violation of probation charge, was later charged with Wetherell's murder.  At the trial, witnesses testified that England claimed Wetherell was a pervert who deserved
to be killed for  having sexual relations with a young man.  England also made inculpatory statements
to DeLeon claiming responsibility for the murder. DNA on cigarette butts linked the two offenders to
the scene, but investigations were stalled due to a white powdery substance that, according to crime scene investigators, had been sprayed to destroy evidence that may have been left.  Handwriting analysis also linked England to a photograph recovered from the crime scene with the words "Pervert, f--k with us" with an arrow pointing to the victim. Sentenced to Death 7/23/04.
Codefendant Information:
Michael Jackson was convicted of second-degree murder and is currently serving a life sentence.
Reynaldo DeLeon was charged with multiple felony charges and sentenced to 18 years. 

Paul Evans
The murder of Alan Pfeiffer was the result of a murder-for-hire conspiracy involving Connie Pfeiffer
(Alan Pfeiffer's wife), Paul Evans, Sarah Thomas (Evans' girlfriend), and Donna Waddell (Evans' roommate).  A few weeks prior to the murder, Connie Pfeiffer approached several individuals
regarding the killing of her husband, but each individual refused.  Connie Pfeiffer's co-worker,
Donna Waddell, suggested that her roommate, Paul Evans, might be willing to commit the murder. 
On the morning of 03/23/91, Evans, Pfeiffer, and Waddell arranged the Pfeiffer's trailer to look as
if a robbery had taken place, stacking electronic equipment near the back door of the trailer. 
After the trailer was arranged, Waddell and Evans went to Waddell's house to steal her father's
gun.  Evans, Thomas, and Waddell went to the fair that evening, but later left to go to the trailer. 
Thomas and Waddell dropped Evans off at the trailer, where he was to wait for Alan Pfeiffer to
arrive and then shoot him.  Evans arranged for Thomas and Waddell to pick him up at the trailer
one to two hours after they dropped him off. On 03/23/91, Alan Pfeiffer left work at 7:30 p.m. for
the thirty-minute drive to the trailer.  Neighbors testified that gunshots were heard coming from
the Pfeiffer's trailer between 8:00 and 8:30 p.m.  After picking up Evans at the trailer, Evans,
Thomas, and Waddell went back to the fair, where they met up with Connie Pfeiffer.  Early the
next morning, police found Alan Pfeiffer's body on the living room floor with three gunshot wounds
- two in the head and one in the spine. After an investigation in which no arrests were made, the
case grew cold and was eventually closed.  In 1997, six years after the murder, the case was
reopened and the investigation focused on Evans, Connie Pfeiffer, Waddell, and Thomas.  Thomas
first agreed to cooperate with police and wore a wire to get incriminating statements from Waddell.  Waddell was arrested, and when presented with the tape-recorded statements, she also agreed to cooperate with the police.  As a result of the statements of Thomas and Waddell, Evans and Connie Pfeiffer were implicated in the murder and arrested. Sentenced to Death 6/16/99.
Codefendant Information:
Connie Pfeiffer was convicted of First-Degree Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.  Donna Waddell pled guilty to Second-Degree Murder and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment.  Sarah Thomas, who was 16 years old at the time of the murder, testified at the trial but was never charged with a crime. 

Steven Evans
On 04/26/96, Steven Evans, Edward Francis, Gervalow Ward, and Kenneth Lewis drove to Sanford, Florida, to commit a home invasion robbery of a drug dealer.  The robbery was called off when Lewis abandoned the others in the getaway car, which belonged to Evans' girlfriend's brother. 
Evans, Francis, and Ward then went to Mark Quinn's house and called Evans' girlfriend, telling her
to call the police and report the car stolen.  Evans, Francis, Ward, Quinn, and Blaine Stafford then
went to Evans' apartment to wait for Lewis.  When Lewis arrived, the five men jumped Lewis, beat
him up, and bound and gagged him.  Evans then constructed a homemade silencer with a shampoo bottle.   Evans, Francis, and Ward took Lewis out of the apartment and down to a culvert, where
they pushed him down.  Evans  told Lewis that they were the last three people he (Lewis) would
leave behind and the last three people he would see.  Evans then placed the gun to Lewis' head
and shot six times, hitting Lewis in the head with five of the shots. 
Sentenced to Death 6/7/99.
Codefendant Information:
Edward Francis was convicted of First-Degree Murder and Kidnapping and sentenced to life imprisonment and 11 years, 11 months, and 23 days, respectively.  Gervalow Ward was convicted
of Kidnapping and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Wydell Evans
On 10/21/98, two days after being released from prison, Wydell Evans was riding in a car with Angel Johnson, his brother's 17-year-old girlfriend, Erica Foster, Sammy Hogan, and Lino Odenat.  Evans
was having an argument with Johnson over her alleged unfaithfulness to Evans' brother.  At some
point during the argument, Johnson laughed, to which Evans responded, "You think it's funny? 
You think it's funny?"  He then pulled a gun and shot Johnson in the chest.  After the shooting,
Odenat tried to exit the vehicle, but Evans told him to get back in the car.  Evans threatened
Foster and Hogan not to tell who shot Johnson or he would kill them and their families, before
exiting the vehicle. Foster and Hogan rushed Johnson to the hospital, but she later died of her
wounds.  At the hospital, Foster and Hogan were questioned by police, and told police that Johnson was shot during a drug deal by a white man driving a cream-colored car.  They later changed their story and reluctantly identified Evans as the shooter.  Sentenced to Death 2/15/00.

Paul Everett
Paul Everett lived in Alabama, but came to Panama City Beach, Florida, during the week of
11/02/01.  He stayed at a motel, played video games at one of the arcades, and used drugs. 
Around dusk on 11/02/01, Everett "ate some acid [LSD] and started tripping" and went looking
for money.  Everett walked into the apartment of Kelli Bailey, saw her purse, and began rummaging through it.  Everett found $70, but was confronted by Bailey.  Everett's recollection of the events
was incomplete, but he remembered hitting her twice, grabbing her by the hair, and sexually
assaulting her. The medical examiner testified that Bailey died from suffocation, caused from a
broken vertebra that caused her diaphragm muscles not to function.  The vertebra was broken
when Everett grabbed Bailey by the hair.  Specifically, injuries to Ms. Bailey resulting from the
attack included a fractured nose; somewhat swollen eyelids; abrasions to the bottom of her chin;
lacerations and bruising to various areas of her lip; a laceration to the top of the lip from which her front teeth protruded; bruising to the tongue; a knocked out tooth; abrasions and carpet burns to
her thumb, elbows, and middle of her back; and abrasions to her vagina. At the time of the murder, Everett was on bond pending the resolution of an appeal he had filed with an appellate court in
Alabama.  His trip to Florida violated the conditions of the bond, and, on the day of the murder, he
was seized and placed in the Baldwin County, Alabama jail.  A month after the murder, Everett confessed to breaking into Bailey's house, fighting with her, and sexually assaulting her.
Sentenced to Death 1/9/03.

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