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Harrel Braddy
Convicted in the 1998 murder of Quatisha Maycock
A judge sentenced a man to death nearly nine years after he left a 5-year-old girl to be eaten alive by alligators in the Everglades and tried to kill her mother. Harrel Franklin Braddy attacked Shandelle Maycock and daughter Quatisha after he was released early from prison in another case for good behavior. He was convicted in July of first-degree murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, attempted escape and other charges. Judge Leonard E. Glick also sentenced Braddy to three consecutive life terms on the kidnapping and burglary with an assault charges. He also got 30 years in prison on the attempted murder of Shandelle, 15 years on child neglect causing great bodily harm and five years on attempted escape. Prosecutors said Braddy tossed Maycock in the trunk of his car in 1998 and drove her to a remote sugarcane field, choked her to unconsciousness and left her to die. She never saw her child again. Braddy drove the girl to a section of Interstate 75 in the Everglades known as Alligator Alley and dropped her in the water beside the road, prosecutors said. She was alive when alligators bit her on the head and stomach, a medical examiner said. Authorities found the girl's body two days later, her left arm missing and her skull crushed, prosecutors said. Maycock woke up bleeding and disoriented, but managed to flag down help. Sentenced to Death 10/16/07.

Donald L. Bradley
Donald Bradley, the defendant, was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Jack Jones on 11/07/95. Linda Jones, wife of the victim, became distressed and infuriated upon learning her husband was having an affair with Carrie Davis, a teenager she had befriended and brought into their home.  Linda Jones, after many unsuccessful attempts to break up the affair, propositioned Donald Bradley to intimidate Davis and assault her husband. At the request of Mrs. Jones, Bradley and three of his employees went to Davis' apartment on 10/31/95 to retrieve a diamond ring that Mr. Jones had given his young lover.  When Davis would not answer the door, Bradley ordered his employees to vandalize the girl's car. Mrs. Jones then solicited Bradley to assault Mr. Jones and the two conjured up a plan to make the attack look like a home invasion.  Bradley enlisted the help of Brian and Patrick McWhite, two of the employees that had previously helped vandalize Davis' car.  While picking up the brothers on 11/07/95, Bradley instructed Patrick to get a large "zulu war stick" to use on Mr. Jones during the attack.  According to trial testimony, the brothers agreed to help assault Mr. Jones for $100 each, but that Bradley never mentioned killing him. Prior to the arranged burglary, Bradley had many telephone conversations with Mrs. Jones in which she informed him of the location of Mr. Jones' gun and that both the front and side doors would be left unlocked. On the evening of 11/07/95, when Mr. Jones saw the McWhite brothers enter his home, he ordered them to leave.  When they refused, a physical altercation ensued.  Bradley began an unyielding assault on Mr. Jones with the "war stick" and a gun.  At one point, the McWhite brothers taped Mr. Jones hands and feet and pulled him into another room.  Mr. Jones pleaded for the beating to stop, but Bradley continued.  Bradley tried to shoot Mr. Jones in the head, but the gun malfunctioned.  Mr. Jones died from the injuries he suffered in the beating. During the episode, Mrs. Jones watched without emotion as her husband was severely beaten.  Bradley taped her hands as well to make the scene look more believable.  When the men left, she called 911.  Patrick McWhite's fingerprints were lifted from the scene, which led to his arrest, and eventually to the arrest of his brother, Bradley and Mrs. Jones. Evidence presented at trial indicated that Mrs. Jones tried to solicit two other men to kill her husband prior to contacting Bradley.  When Mrs. Jones received the life insurance money from her husband's death, Bradley expected a payoff of $100,000-$200,000.
Sentence to Death 6/25/98.
Codefendant Information:
Linda Jones was convicted of First-Degree Murder and sentenced to life in prison.  She was also convicted of two counts of Solicitation to Commit Murder and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Each of the three charges carried a 13-year sentence.
Brian and Patrick McWhite both pled to Third-Degree Murder and were sentenced to 10 years each.

[David Cook
David Cook was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Onelia Betancourt on 08/15/84.
Onelia Betancourt and her husband Rolando were found dead at a Miami Burger King where they were employed as the late-night cleaning crew.  David Cook was brought in for questioning, following an anonymous tip, and confessed to killing the couple.  Cook stated that he, Derek Harrison, and Melvin Nairn went to the Burger King to commit a robbery on 08/15/84.  When Rolando Betancourt exited the back of the restaurant to empty the garbage, Cook grabbed Harrison's gun and followed Rolando back inside.  The door slammed behind them, preventing Harrison and Nairn from entering.  Cook demanded Rolando get him the money from the safe, but Rolando answered that he did not speak English.  When Cook insisted that Rolando get the money from the safe, Rolando hit him in the arm with a metal rod, and then Cook shot him once in the chest.  When Cook was exiting the restaurant, Onelia Betancourt grabbed him around the legs and began screaming.  Cook shot her and fled with Harrison and Nairn. 
Resentenced to Death 2/5/90.
Codefendant Information:
Derek Harrison was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment for his role in the murders and robbery
Melvin Nairn received a 24-year sentence for his part in the murders and robbery.

Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper was convicted and sentenced to death for his part in three murders that occurred during the course of a robbery on 06/18/82. Eight-year-old Chris Fridella contacted police in the
early morning hours of 06/18/82, notifying them that his father and two of his father's friends had
been shot.  When authorities arrived at the scene, they found Steven Fridella, Bobby Martindale,
and Gary Petersen dead, lying face down on the floor with their hands bound behind them. 
The victim's wallets had been rummaged through, and the house had been scoured in an apparent search for valuables.Approximately six months later, Robin Fridella, Steven Fridella's ex-wife, furnished police with information that pointed to Richard Cooper and his accomplices: Terry Van Royal, Jason
Dirk Walton and Jeff McCoy.  During an interview, Cooper confessed to the murders and relayed the following information in his statement.  The four men had planned the robbery for over a week and,
on the evening of 06/17/82, they went to the Fridella residence.  Jeff McCoy stayed in the car while the other three men entered the house.  Cooper, Royal, and Walton rounded up the adults in house, tied their hands and laid them down on the living room floor.  Eight-year-old Chris Fridella was ushered into the bathroom.  Walton searched the house while Cooper and Royal guarded the captives.  One
of the captives was able to identify Walton, so, Walton pronounced that all three men must be shot.  Walton commanded Cooper and Royal to open fire on the captive men when his own gun misfired. 
Upon leaving the house, Walton told Cooper that one of the men was still alive, at which time Cooper re-entered the house and shot Fridella again. Sentenced to Death 3/14/84.


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