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Dane Abdool
Dane Abdool was convicted and sentenced to death in the December 2006, burning death of his
17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo. The two argued after Sookdeo told Abdool about her possible pregnancy. Angered, Abdool reportedly wrapped Sookdeo in duct tape, doused her in gasoline
then set her on fire, burning her to death. Autopsy results stated she wasn't pregnant at all.

Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin
Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of Cheryl Williams and Carol Bareis. At the time of the murders, Aguirre-Jarquin was working at a restaurant as a dishwasher and prep cook. One of his duties was washing the knives. He resided in Seminole County at 117 Vagabond Way. The victims, Cheryl Williams and Carol Bareis, lived next door, along with Cheryl's daughter, Samantha Williams. Carol was a stroke victim with partial paralysis. She was in a wheelchair most of the time. Aguirre-Jarquin was acquainted with Cheryl, Carol, and Samantha and would occasionally visit them at their house. Samantha testified that several months before the murders she woke up at 2:00 a.m. to find Aguirre-Jarquin standing over her bed. She told him to leave, escorted him out, and locked the front door behind him. The next day she told him that he was not to enter their home at night without permission. On June 16, 2004, Mark Van Sandt, Samantha's boyfriend, came to visit Samantha. He arrived at approximately 7:30 p.m. He and Samantha left at approximately 11:30 p.m. to stay at Mark's parents' house that night. At approximately 8:45 a.m. on June 17, 2004, Mark returned to the house to retrieve Samantha's work clothes. He attempted to open the front door, which was usually left unlocked. He had difficulty opening the door because Cheryl's body was blocking the entryway. Mark eventually squeezed through the doorway and called 911. Deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff's Department arrived on the scene. They located Cheryl's body by the front door. They then found Carol lying dead on the floor in the living room. She was lying in a pool of blood next to her wheelchair. A crime scene technician recovered a ten-inch chef's knife from the crime scene. Law enforcement officers discovered that a ten-inch chef's knife was missing from the restaurant where Aguirre-Jarquin was employed. At approximately 11:00 a.m. on June 17, 2004, deputies came to 117 Vagabond Way and asked Aguirre-Jarquin and his two roommates if they knew anything about what happened next door. Aguirre-Jarquin told the deputies that he entered the home, saw Cheryl's body, and attempted to revive her. After realizing she was dead, he discovered Carol's body in the living room. He picked up the knife lying next to her body in case the killer was still in the house. After leaving the house he dropped the knife outside. He said that he did not call the police because he was an illegal Honduran immigrant and was afraid of being deported. Aguirre-Jarquin was then arrested for tampering with evidence from a crime scene, and was eventually indicted for murder. Law enforcement officers searched Aguirre's residence and retrieved a bag of clothing. The bag contained underwear, socks, a T-shirt, and a pair of shorts, all of which contained blood from both victims. The autopsy revealed that Cheryl was stabbed 129 times. Carol's body exhibited two stab wounds. The stab wounds on both victims were consistent with being caused by the chef's knife found at the crime scene.

[Chadwick Banks
Chadwick Banks, the defendant, was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, Cassandra Banks, and the murder and sexual battery of his 10-year-old stepdaughter, Melody Cooper.
In the early morning hours of 09/24/92, Banks entered his wife's trailer, proceeded to her bedroom and shot her execution style while she lay sleeping.  Reports indicated that Mrs. Banks died without ever gaining consciousness. The defendant then went to Cooper's bedroom, brutally raped her for approximately 20 minutes, and then shot her in the head.

Donald Banks
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 2005 murder of 46-year-old Linda Volum, who was found
dead in her Southside home, her car missing. Prosecutors said items Banks purchased and left in
Volum's car were key to his conviction. Police also found Volum's stolen laptop at the home of
Banks' girlfriend. Banks was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing a man during a robbery outside
an Arlington convenience store earlier in 2005. The arrest report said Banks admitted stabbing
Volum to his girlfriend, and accidentally stabbed himself. Investigators believe that meant the
victim fought back. Two bloody footprints found at the crime scene matched Banks' DNA.
Sentenced to Death 8/08.

James Barnes
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the Apirl 20, 1998 murder of Patricia Miller.
Barneswas serving life in prison for the 1997 killing of his wife, Linda Barnes, when he confessed to the earlier murder of Patricia Miller at her River Oaks Apartment. According to court testimony, Barnes stripped before removing a window to enter Miller's apartment. Once inside, Miller watched her watch television before threatening her with a knife and sodomizing, strangling and beating her with a hammer in her bedroom. He cleaned the apartment and set it on fire to conceal any evidence.In addition to death, Circuit Judge Lisa Davidson sentenced Barnes to 3 more consecutive life sentences for burglary and 2 counts of sexual battery in connection with the April 20, 1988, killing. He will also given a consecutive 30-year term for arson. Sentenced to Death 12/07.

All the sentences will be served concurrently with the 1997 life sentence, prosecutors said.
Arthur Barnhill Jr.
Arthur Barnhill was convicted and sentenced to death for the 08/06/95 murder of 84-year-old Earl Gallipeau. Arthur Barnhill was raised by his grandparents; however, at the age of 20, Barnhill was asked to move out because he refused to follow their rules.  Barnhill then took up residence with his friend, M. Jackson.  After Barnhill was asked to leave the Jackson residence, he decided he would go to New York, where his girlfriend lived.  Barnhill planned to steal money and a car from 84-year-old Earl Gallipeau, who was a lawn service customer of Barnhill's grandfather. On 08/06/95, Barnhill and M. Jackson went to Gallipeau's home to steal his car.  They entered the house through the garage and waited in the kitchen for two hours as Gallipeau watched television in another room.  While in the kitchen, Barnhill revealed to Jackson that he planned to kill Gallipeau.  Upon hearing this, Jackson left and at least one witness reported seeing Jackson walking alone, away from Gallipeau's home. Barnhill attacked Gallipeau as he entered the kitchen from the television room.  Barnhill attempted to strangle him with his hands, but failed.  Barnhill then tried to strangle Gallipeau by wrapping a towel around his neck as a ligature.  When that attempt failed, Barnhill took off Gallipeau's belt and wrapped it around his neck several times, strangling and killing Gallipeau.  Barnhill dragged his body to the back room and left it there. After stealing Gallipeau's car and money, Barnhill met up with Jelani Jackson.  The two drove to New York, where Barnhill met up with his girlfriend.  New York police quickly located Gallipeau's car and subsequently arrested Barnhill on an old warrant.

Darryl Barwick
Darryl Barwick was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Rebecca Wendt on 03/31/86.
During the late morning of 03/31/86, Rebecca Wendt was sunbathing outside her apartment complex in Panama City.  At the same time, Darryl Barwick was lurking around the premises, watching her as he passed by several times.  When Wendt returned to her apartment, Barwick followed her inside intending to steal something.  When Wendt resisted, Barwick stabbed her.  Later that night, Michael Ann Wendt, the victim's sister and roommate, discovered her body in their bathroom wrapped in a comforter.
Investigators found bloody footprints and fingerprints at the scene.  The victim had been stabbed over 37 times.  Wendt's bathing suit looked as if someone tried unsuccessfully to remove it.  There was no evidence of sexual contact, but medical examiners did find semen on the comforter Wendt was wrapped in.  Tests conducted on the semen concluded that Barwick was within two percent of the population that could have left the semen. After his arrest on 04/15/86, Barwick confessed to the murder, but insisted that he only entered Wendt's apartment under the motive of robbery.

Kayle Bates
The defendant, Kayle Bates, kidnapped and attempted to rape the victim before he stabbed her to death and robbed her. On the afternoon of June 14, 1982, Bates abducted the victim, 24-year-old Janet Renee White, from her office, took her into a wooded area behind the building, attempted to rape her, stabbed her to death and removed a diamond ring from one of her fingers.
Sentenced to Death 3/11/83.

Curtis W. Beasley
On 08/24/95, Jane O'Toole discovered the body of her mother, Carolyn Monfort, bludgeoned to death in the laundry room of Monfort's home.  The head of a hammer, wrapped in two dishtowels, was found broken from its handle near her body.  Monfort sustained severe lacerations and bruising to her head and face, along with defensive wounds on her arms and hands. Monfort was last seen alive on 08/21/95.  That morning, Monfort awoke and dressed for work as usual.  Curtis Beasley, an acquaintance of the family, was staying with Monfort while he was doing some work at an apartment complex owned by Neal O'Toole, Monfort's son-in-law. Monfort managed that apartment complex.  Beasley would spend the night at Monfort's place, but would spend the majority of his free time at the home of Steve Benson, who he lived with prior to staying at the Monfort residence.  Since Beasley's van had broken down, and he had borrowed several hundred dollars from a friend, Dale Robinson, to have it repaired, Monfort would drive Beasley to and from work each day. Later on 08/21/95, Jane O'Toole, the wife of Neal O'Toole, arranged to have Beasley help her and her husband move some furniture.  While moving the furniture, Beasley asked O'Toole for money.  O'Toole informed Beasley that she has only a few dollars, but that her husband would pay him for the work that he was doing at the apartment complex.  O'Toole drove Beasley back to the Monfort residence, where no one else was home. Up until 7:00 p.m. that evening, several phone calls were made from the Monfort residence to persons unknown to Monfort, but known to Beasley, including a call to the United Kingdom.  One of the numbers called was written in Beasley's handwriting on a newspaper on the coffee table. Evidence established that, after Monfort dropped Beasley off at work on 08/21/95, she went to a scheduled meeting at 9:00 a.m.  Monfort then met with Mr. Rosario, a potential tenant, at 2:00 p.m. and again at 5:00 p.m.  Rosario paid Monfort $800 in one-hundred-dollar bills for the first and last month's rent.  He also paid her $100 for a set of bedroom furniture that she was selling.  A receipt found in Monfort's car established this transaction. Rosario was the last person to see Monfort alive before the discovery of her body three days later. Between 8:30 and 10:00 p.m. that night, Beasley drove Monfort's car to visit Dale Robinson.  Beasley told Robinson the car he was driving belonged to a lady friend that he was working for and staying with.  During the visit, Beasley offered Robinson a one-hundred-dollar bill as partial payment for the money that Robinson loaned him for van repairs.  Beasley then left Robinson's house and did not return. The next day, Beasley arrived at the bus station in Miami.  At this point, he contacted the Malcolms, friends he had not spoken to in years.  Beasley claimed to have lost his wallet and had his traveler's checks stolen.  Beasley stayed with Mrs. Malcolm for a few days, and then was allowed to stay at the home of Mrs. Bennis, Mr. Malcolm's mother, while she was away for a couple of weeks.  During this time, the same phone calls that appeared on Monfort's bill also appeared on Mrs. Bennis' bill, including the call to the United Kingdom. When police conducted an investigation of the murder scene at the Monfort residence, they noted that the only rooms that appeared to be disturbed were the laundry room, dining room and garage.  All other rooms were impeccably clean because the housekeeper had cleaned midmorning on 08/21/95.  Monfort's car was missing, as well as the hundreds of dollars given to her by Rosario.  Several of Beasley's personal items were located in the room that he had been occupying, including his business cards, cigarettes and toiletries. Family members were permitted to enter the home before the completion of the investigation to determine if anything was missing.  Family members were asked to notify investigators when they entered the house, so that investigators could be present while they searched.  Before detectives arrived at the scene, Bud Stalnaker, Monfort's son, found a pair of shoes and a wadded-up shirt under the bed in the guest room.  No one touched the shirt and shoes until the detectives arrived.  When Detective Cash was gathering the evidence from under the bed, she noticed bloodstains on the shirt.  Subsequent DNA tests indicated that the blood belonged to Monfort, and the housekeeper identified the shirt as one she saw in Beasley's room on the morning of 08/21/95. A search for Beasley began in Central Florida.  He continued to stay at the home of Mrs. Bennis until he got into a physical altercation with Mr. Malcolm.  He was eventually located at a hotel in Alabama.  He had grown a beard and was using the name "William Benson."  Beasley was charged with Robbery, Grand-Theft Auto, and the First-Degree Murder of Carolyn Monfort. Sentenced to Death 5/22/98.

[Omar Blanco
John Ryan's 14-year-old niece, Thalia Vezos, testified that at approximately 11 p.m. on January 14, 1982, she was in bed in her Ft. Lauderdale home when she saw a man standing in the hallway holding a gun and carrying a brown wallet-type object under his arm.  He indicated that Vezos was to keep quiet.  He then cut the wires to her telephone and left the room.  Ryan appeared in the hall and tried to take the gun from the intruder.  Ryan was shot in the scuffle and landed on top of Vezos.  The intruder shot six more times, then fled. A short while later police responding to a BOLO stopped Blanco, who was riding a bicycle, and arrested him.  A man's purse containing Blanco's ID papers and a watch belonging to Vezos was found near the door to Vezos' bedroom.  On the day following the murder, Vezos identified Blanco in a lineup as the perpetrator. Sentenced to Death 6/21/82. Resentenced to Death 1/6/95.

Brett Bogle
Brett Bogle, the defendant, was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Margaret Torres on 09/13/91. Margaret Torres stayed with her sister, Katie Alfonso, four to five nights a week.  In June 1991, Alfonso met the defendant, and soon after, Bogle moved in with the two sisters.  Since Bogle and Torres never got along, Alfonso had to ask him to move out.  The three remained acquaintances and went out together on 09/01/91, the week after Bogle moved out.  During the course of the evening, Bogle and Torres began to argue.  The sisters refused to let him in their house, but Bogle broke through the screen door and pushed his way past Alfonso to stop Torres from calling 911.  Bogle warned Torres that he would kill her if she told the police and pressed charges.  Bogle called Alfonso a few days after the incident and again threatened that if Torres contacted the police, she would not live to tell about it.
On 09/13/91, Bogle ran into Torres at a local bar.  Witnesses testified that Bogle was clean and free of any visible injuries when he entered the bar and that he and Torres spoke briefly.  Torres left the bar at 1 a.m., and the defendant was seen leaving five minutes later.  When Bogle was seen 45 minutes later outside the bar, his clothes were soiled, his crotch was damp and his face was scratched.
Torres' nude body was found the next day close to the bar.  She had been beaten severely, her head had been crushed with a piece of cement, and medical examiners found semen in her vagina and anus.  Tests confirmed that the semen matched Bogel's DNA type, and that only 12.5 percent of white males could have left that particular type of semen. Sentenced to Death 2/15/93.

Oscar Bolin
Teri Lynn Mathews was last seen alive on 12/05/86.  She was believed to have been abducted in the vicinity of the Land O' Lakes Post Office, where she had a post office box.  Her car was found in the parking lot of the post office, with the engine running and the driver's door open.  Her mail was found scattered on the ground.  Her body was found raped, stabbed and bludgeoned to death. The investigation into Mathew's murder uncovered no significant leads until the summer of 1990, when Danny Coby contacted Crime Stoppers in Fort Wayne, Indiana with information about the murder.  Danny Coby was married to Cheryl Coby, the former wife of the defendant, Oscar Ray Bolin.  Following the call made by her current husband, Cheryl Coby gave investigators a statement regarding the murder of Mathews, after which Bolin was indicted for her murder. Resentenced to Death 12/28/01.
Bolin was also convicted and sentenced to death for a second murder in Hillsborough County on 07/31/91 (Circuit Court Case #90-11832).  Upon Direct Appeal, his conviction and sentence were reversed, and a retrial was ordered.  Bolin was again sentenced to death on 06/04/99.  On appeal, his conviction and sentence were reversed for the second time.  In 2005 he was convicted of Second-Degree Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
Bolin was convicted and sentenced to death for a third murder in Hillsborough County on 10/11/91 (Circuit Court Case #90-11833).  Upon Direct Appeal, his conviction and sentence were reversed, and a retrial was ordered.  Bolin was again sentenced to death on 06/04/99.

Stephen Booker
Stephen Todd Booker was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of 94-year-old Lorine Demoss Harmon on 11/09/77.
The elderly victim was found in her Gainesville apartment with two large knives embedded in her body.  Medical examiners reported the cause of death as being a loss of blood due to numerous stab wounds in upper body region.  Medical examiners also discovered blood and semen in the victim's vaginal tract, concluding that sexual intercourse had taken place prior to the murder.  Harmon's apartment appeared to be thoroughly searched, dresser drawers were pulled out and their contents scattered about.
Investigators recovered fingerprints, footprints and hair at the crime scene that linked Booker to the murder. After his arrest, Booker began speaking as an alternate personality named "Aniel."  Upon questioning, Aniel implicated Stephen (Booker) in the crimes. Resentenced to Death 6/25/98.

Gary Bowles
Gary Ray Bowles was convicted and sentenced to death for the 11/16/94 murder of Walter Hinton.
Gary Bowles met Walter Hinton in November of 1994.  Bowles consented to helping Hinton move some of his things from Georgia to his mobile home in Jacksonville and, in exchange, Hinton would allow Bowles to live with him there.  On the evening of 11/16/94, Bowles accompanied Hinton to the train station to drop off a friend.  Earlier in the evening, the three men had smoked marijuana and had a few beers.  Upon returning home, Hinton went directly to sleep, but Bowles stayed up and continued to drink.  Bowles later confessed that at some point during the night, he just "snapped."  Bowles went outside and retrieved a large concrete block.  He brought the block inside and sat it upon the table.  Moments later, he took the block into Hinton's room and dropped it on his head as he lay sleeping.  The block fractured Hinton's cheek to his jaw.  After the blow, Hinton was conscious and fell from his bed.  Bowles then began to strangle him.  He then stuffed toilet paper and a rag down Hinton's throat.  Medical examiners' reports indicated that Hinton died from asphyxiation. Bowles was arrested for the murder on 11/22/94 and subsequently confessed to the crime. Resemtenced to Death 9/7/99.

Lucious Boyd
In the early morning hours of 12/05/98, Dawnia Dacosta's car ran out of gas while she was returning from a midnight church service.  She walked to a nearby Texaco gas station and filled a gas can with a gallon of gas.  People at the gas station saw Dacosta speaking with a black male in the parking lot.  Dacosta was last seen getting into a teal church van with the man to whom she had been speaking, later identified as Lucious Boyd. On 12/07/98, Dacosta's body was discovered in an alley behind a warehouse.  The body was wrapped in a shower curtain liner, a brown bed sheet, and a yellow bed sheet.  A purple laundry bag and two large black trash bags covered her head.   Forensic evidence showed that Dacosta died due to a penetrating head wound.  Bruising on Dacosta's head was consistent with the face plate of a reciprocating saw, and wounds to the chest, arms, and head were consistent with a torque screwdriver.  Dacosta's body also had vaginal bruising. Lucious Boyd did routine maintenance for the Hope Outreach Ministry Church, which owned a teal van.  Boyd was driving the van on the weekend of the Dacosta murder.  Witnesses at the gas station where Dacosta was last seen alive recalled seeing the word "Hope" on the teal van that Dacosta was seen leaving the gas station in.  The van contained various tools owned by the church, including a set of torque screwdrivers and a reciprocating saw. DNA and hair evidence from Dacosta's body matched Boyd's DNA profile.  Bite marks on Dacosta's arm were consistent with Boyd's teeth.  Tire tracks on one of the sheets used to cover Dacosta were consistent with the tires on the church van. 
Sentenced to Death 6/21/02.

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