Listing of Tennessee Death Row Inmates R - Z

Started by Jeff1857, May 26, 2009, 01:15:42 AM

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Paul Dennis Reid
Reid, 48, was convicted in the April 1997 slayings of Angela Holmes, 21, and Michelle Mace, 16, who were kidnapped in a robbery at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store in Clarksville. Their throats were slashed and their bodies were dumped at Dunbar Cave State Natural Area. He also has received death sentences in the 1997 killings of 2 Nashville Captain D's employees and 3 Nashville McDonald's workers.

[Stephen West
West was sentenced to die by a jury for stabbing Lake City residents Wanda Romines, 51, and her daughter Sheila Romines, 16, near their home by Big Ridge State Park. He also raped Sheila. Twenty-four years old when the crime occurred, West was also found guilty of larceny and aggravated kidnapping of the Romines.

Howard Hawk Willis
A Jury in Jonesborough, TN sentenced Howard Hawk Willis to die for the murders of Chickamauga teenagers, Adam & Samantha Chrismer. The couple had just gotten married before they were killed in 2002. The jury found Willis guilty of their murder this afternoon.    A sentencing hearing began immediately afterward.  Prosecutors presented new photos of their bodies in a sentencing hearing
this evening that made one juror ill.    The jurors found that the killings met all four mitigating circumstances for the death penalty.
Sentenced to Death 6/21/10.

Charles Wright
In April of 1985, a Davidson County Criminal Court jury found Wright guilty of the first degree murder of Gerald Mitchell and the first degree murder of Douglas Alexander. For the murder of Mitchell, Wright was sentenced to life imprisonment and senteced to Death for the murder of Alexander.

Leonard Young
Sentenced to death for the 1999 abduction and murder of University of Memphis graduate student Hillary Johnson.

Edmund Zagorski
Zagorski was convicted of shooting John Dotson and Jimmy Porter, then slitting their throats and robbing them in Robertson County in April 1983.

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