Listing of Tennessee Death Row Inmates A - H

Started by Jeff1857, May 26, 2009, 12:45:23 AM

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Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman
Sentenced to death in 1987 for the murder of Patrick Daniels that occurred on 17 February 1986.

[Eddie Hutchinson
Convicted of conspiring to murder his victim to collect $800,000 in life insurance and other benefits.
A Campbell County jury convicted Hutchison in 1991 of first degree murder, conspiracy to take a life and solicitation to commit first degree murder for the 1984 drowning death of Hugh Huddleston. Hutchison, along with six co-conspirators, arranged to have the 45- year-old victim, who could not swim, pushed from a fishing boat in Norris Lake. Witnesses said Huddleston had a "father-son relationship" with a 19-year-old co-defendant and had made him beneficiary of his will.

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