Texas Execution Team performs executions in other states

Started by antionette, January 12, 2007, 03:51:30 PM

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It makes me sick to the bone when I have to constantly listen to people like you, {and believe me I do, on the phone, via e-mails ect ect} and others who think they know all about the death penalty and its consequences.  Yes, they did commit the crime, but haven't we all committed a crime, perhaps not in a scene of taking someone's life, but in our day-to-day living. Have you also considered those that were actually innocent but still put to death? Never once has it been mentioned here, and by rights if you are talking about the death penalty, it should state an innocent's person view. Check the last words of an inmate's statement before they succumb to the final breath being taken from them. Never a truer word was spoken. {I am not guilty.} Now if you would kindly check, on the Internet, in libraries and even in the bible, where does it say that man can exchange himself to be a god for an hour a day, a year, and give such orders that take life? {NOWHERE.}
{A District attorney.}


You don't HAVE to listen to people like Pam, now do you? 

I am also FOR the death penalty.  Did you ever think these inmates claiming to be innocent at the "last minute" are still lying their sorry asses off?

ScoopD (aka: Pam)

Them lie at that moment - nahhhhhhhh  - they are good upstanding citizens and why would someone like them lie at the last moment of their life  ???      note my sarcasm  ::)
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Maybe it is a self preservation 'thing' that the guilty say that they are innocent as their last words? Two innocent men hanged in this country (Derek Bentley & Timothy Evans) were executed by Pierrepoint who after hanging over 600 people as Englands 'Number 1'  became against the death penalty in his autobiography. He stated within this that neither men protested their innocence at the last moment whereas many of the guilty men/women did...


Hello All,

        Pamee, it is disturbing that you equate fairness with the percentage of ethnicities on death row in Texas.  It really is a truly disturbing representation, that the numbers of whites versus non-whites are almost equal.   Although at first the numbers may seem somewhat "equal", but in fact it shows the distressing racism that is occuring in Texas.  How can a state that is clearly not fifty percent white / non-white say that justice is meted out fairly.  Texas has about thirty six percent of its population are considered minorities, but yet its death row population does not mirror the population, as there are just shy of seventy percent of the inmates on death row are considered minorities.  Either the minorities are conducting a vast majority of the crimes in Texas, or the more obvious answer, that the Texas Criminal Justice System does prosecute and send to thier deaths more minorities than whites.  Purely an egregious miscarriage of justice is occurring in Texas, and this state is not alone in the lopsided statistics.

The statistic that needs to be looked at in terms of the death penalty is the percentage. Everything needs to be kept in ration rather then total. If comparing minorities to white people what percentage of each race is being sentenced to death. You also need to keep the ration regarding similiar crimes. So the main thing with most cases talked about here is what percent of any race is sentenced to death for killing a person. Keep everything in perspective and direct comparison

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