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Started by Jeff1857, April 21, 2008, 02:25:40 AM

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Delaware court overturns murder conviction, death sentence
January 21 2015

DOVER, Del. -- The Delaware Supreme Court has overturned the conviction and death sentence of a Kent County man charged in a 2010 drug-related killing outside a Dover bowling alley.

The court ruled this week that 27-year-old Isaiah McCoy, who was convicted of killing 30-year-old James Mumford, is entitled to a new trial because of errors by the judge and prosecutor in his 2012 murder trial.

The justices said the trial judge erred in improperly denying the challenge of McCoy, who is black, to the seating of a white juror whose wife had worked at the state prison where McCoy was an inmate.

The Supreme Court also said the prosecutor erred in vouching for the credibility of a key state witness, and also cited what the justices called the prosecutor's "pervasive unprofessional conduct."
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