Derrick Powell sentenced to death in Delaware

Started by Amanda, May 20, 2011, 10:12:08 PM

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Derrick Powell sentenced to death

Friday May 20, 2011

Convicted cop killer Derrick Powell has been sentenced to die for killing Georgetown Policeman Chad Spicer in September 2009.

In February, Powell was found guilty of first degree felony murder. A jury also recommended (7-5) he receive the death penalty for killing Spicer. That decision weighed heavily on Judge T. Henley Graves' decision today.

Powell now beomes the 19th inmate on Delaware's death row.

Attorney General Beau Biden released this statement following the sentence:  "Justice was done today.  Throughout this entire case the Spicer family displayed exceptional courage and their courage is a reflection of Chad's courage.  Tragedies like this can either bring a family or a community closer together or tear them apart.  The community rallied around the Spicer family and today Georgetown and Sussex County are stronger than ever.  I want to thank Chief Topping and the Georgetown Police Department for standing with the Spicer family.  I also want to recognize the prosecution team of Paula Ryan and Martin Cosgrove for their excellent work, as well as the Delaware State Police for its investigative efforts."

Only 19 inmates on Delaware's row... That's kind of a lot for such a small state. Time to execute someone! ;) Come on Delaware, you can do it... Just follow the examples set by Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi, or Ohio, or any other "willing to execute" state! Enjoy your stay on the row, Powell... I hope you are tormented every day by your actions, though since you're a callous cop killer, you probably aren't.  >:(

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