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That is my ambition, to have killed more people-more helpless people-than any man or woman who has ever lived.

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Franklin DeWayne Alix - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution
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Start : Wednesday 31 March 2010, 0:00
End : Wednesday 31 March 2010, 0:00


Franklin DeWayne Alix - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution - March 30, 2010

Victims: Eric Bridgeford

The Crime: for fatally shooting Eric Bridgeford, 23, during a robbery after abducting and raping Bridgeford's sister.

According to trial testimony, Alix abducted Bridgeford's sister, raped her, forced her into the trunk of a car and drove her back home. As he was ransacking her apartment, Bridgeford came home, saw Alix with a gun and ran off but was shot in the back. Alix drove away in a stolen car and was arrested a few days later. During closing arguments in the punishment phase of his trial, Alix became belligerent and had to be removed from the courtroom. Prosecutors told jurors of his involvement also in at least 2 rapes, 2 attempted murders, abductions and at least 8 robberies.

HUNTSVILLE — Condemned prisoner Franklin Dewayne Alix was executed Tuesday evening for fatally shooting a Houston man during a robbery.

Alix, 34, received lethal injection for the slaying of 23-year-old Eric Bridgeford, who interrupted Alix as he robbed the apartment of Bridgeford’s sister. The sister also had been abducted and raped in what authorities said was part of a six-month series of crimes by Alix more than 11 years ago.

The execution was the fifth this year in Texas, the nation’s busiest capital punishment state.

“I’m not the monster they painted me to be,” Alix said from the death chamber gurney, saying he “messed up and made poor choices.” He denied responsibility for several rapes and said he “did no drugs.”

“It is what it is,” he said. “I’ve got peace in my heart.”

Seven minutes later, at 6:20 p.m. CDT, he was pronounced dead.

Bridgeford’s sister and her mother were among the people to watch Alix die. Others in the death chamber witness area were the father and sister of Christopher Thomas, another man authorities said was killed by Alix the day after Bridgeford was slain. In all, authorities linked Alix to at least four killings.

Last Meal: no last meal requested

Final Statement:
Yes I do, I would like to thank my family for their support, love and understanding. I would like to point out some things, I got your letter. It touched me and changed me. What happened was I been wanting to apologize to yall for your son. They told me not to do it in court. I wrote him a letter but they told me that they tore it up in court. I am not the monster they made me out to be. I made lots of mistakes that took your son. I'll take it to the grave, I will be at peace. You have test and drug results to show it. I am not just taking. I messed up, made poor choices. No rapes, I don't do drugs, I am not an alcoholic. Back to my family, Thank yall for being here. It is what it is. I got peace in my heart. Thank you. Bye bye yall. Bye bye peanut.

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