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Mark McClain - Georgia - Scheduled Execution
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Start : Tuesday 20 October 2009, 18:20
End : Tuesday 20 October 2009, 18:20

Mark McClain - Georgia Death Row - Scheduled Execution - Week of October 20-27, 2009

Victims: Kevin Brown

The Crime: Mr. McClain had been on parole for about six months -- he served about four years of a 10-year sentence for a South Carolina armed robbery -- when he walked into the Azalea Plaza pizza store just after closing time.

According to trial testimony, Mr. McClain held up Mr. Brown at gunpoint, turned to leave the store and fired on Mr. Brown from the doorway. Mr. Brown was unarmed. A delivery man who ran from the store when Mr. McClain pulled a gun was able to get the license plate number when the shooter left.

News: State executes pizza store killer

Condemned inmate Mark McClain was killed by lethal injection at 7:24 p.m. tonight in Jackson.

McClain, 42, was sentenced to death by a Richmond County jury for the 1994 murder of a Richmond County Domino's Pizza store manager, Kevin Brown. The 28-year-old was shot once in the chest for the $130 in his till.

McClain acknowledged shooting Brown, but said it was unintentional. Jurors sided with the prosecution, who labeled McClain an experienced criminal who "preferred to kill."

Both the U.S. and the Georgia Supreme courts denied a stay of execution earlier Tuesday. McClain's attorney, Brian Kammer, called it "an intolerable result which institutionalizes a fundamental arbitrariness within Georgia's capital punishment system."

Capital punishment opponents held vigils outside the prison and around the state.

"[W]e ask the state not to respond by taking another life and forcing another family to experience that same loss and grief," said James Clark, coordinator of Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

McClain declined a special last meal, choosing instead to have the dinner served to other inmates at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison -- chicken and rice, carrots, beans, cornbread and bread pudding.

McClain was the third person executed in Georgia this year and the 45th since 1983, when the resumed executions once the U.S. Supreme Court ruled capital punishment to be constitutional.

Georgia juries convicted 55 people of committing a murder during an armed robbery in 1995. Prosecutors sought the death penalty in 16 of those cases, but McClain was the only one sentenced to die.

Last Meal: chicken and rice, collard greens, carrots, beans, cornbread, iced tea and bread pudding.

Final Statement: McClain declined to make any statement. When asked if he would like a final prayer said for him, he said No, Im fine. After being injected with the chemicals, his chest started heaving and his breathing fluttered. He was pronounced dead at 7:24 p.m.

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