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Reginald Blanton - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution
Scheduled Executions
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Start : Tuesday 27 October 2009, 22:00
End : Tuesday 27 October 2009, 22:00

Reginald Blanton - Texas Death Row - Execution set for Octoberr 27, 2009


Victims: Carlos Garza

The Crime: A Bexar County jury convicted Blanton of capital murder eight years ago for breaking into 22-year-old Carlos Garza's apartment and killing him April 4, 2000.

At his trial, prosecutors said Blanton kicked in Garza's door and shot him twice in the head when he refused to hand over some jewelry.

Blanton was videotaped at a local pawn shop selling two gold necklaces that belonged to Garza.

The execution date was set after both the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court both denied appeals from the defendant. The Supreme Court's rejection came May 18.

Blanton sought to have his conviction overturned because, among other claims, he thought his attorney failed to adequately represent him during jury selection, according to the Associated Press. Specifically, Blanton claimed his attorney was ineffective “by failing to properly preserve an objection to a prosecution request for a jury shuffle and failing to preserve evidence showing the jury shuffle in his case was discriminatory,” according to an Associated Press report.

News: HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) ― Condemned murderer Reginald Blanton has been executed for a robbery-slaying in San Antonio more than nine years ago.

The 28-year-old Blanton received lethal injection for the April 2000 shooting death of Carlos Garza at the 22-year-old man's apartment.

Blanton maintained his innocence but a security video submitted at his capital murder trial showed him pawning two gold necklaces and a religious medal belonging to Garza about 20 minutes after the shooting. When he was arrested four days later, he was wearing more of Garza's jewelry.

The execution Tuesday evening came less than two hours after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected last-day appeals.

Last Meal: Not available at this time

Final Statement: Yes I do. I know ya'lls pain, believe me I shed plenty of tears behind Carlos. Carlos was my friend. I didn't murder him. This what is happening right now is an injustice. This doesn't solve anything. This will not bring back Carlos. Ya'll fought real hard here to prove my innocence. This is only the beginning. I love each and everyone dearly. Dre My queen. I love you. Yaws, Junie I love yall. Stay strong, continue to fight. They are fixing to pump my veins with a lethal drug the American Veterinary Association won't even allow to be used on dogs. I say I am worse off than a dog. They want to kill me for this; I am not the man that did this. Fight on. I will see ya'll again. That's all I can say.

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Posted: 2009/10/27 19:37  Updated: 2009/10/27 19:37
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I just got word that the family of blanton is just now arriving back tot he hospitality house, not all are back yet but the execution did go through.. he is DING DONG DEAD!!