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Cal Coburn Brown - Washington - Scheduled Execution
Scheduled Executions
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Start : Saturday 11 September 2010, 2:00
End : Saturday 11 September 2010, 2:00


Cal Coburn Brown - Washington Death Row - Execution set for September 10, 2010

Victims: Holly Washa

The Crime: Brown carjacked Holly Washa at knife point near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 1991 and held her captive for 34 hours at a motel. The 22-year-old Burien woman was raped, robbed, tortured and slashed to death. Her body was left in the trunk of her car.

Brown was convicted in 1993.

WALLA WALLA Cal Coburn Brown was executed by lethal injection early Friday morning at the Washington State Penitentiary.

Cal Coburn Brown was executed at 12:56 am at Washington State Penitentiary. Seven media witnesses sat in and listened in on his final statement. He spoke through a microphone while strapped to a gurney. He was offered a sedative before the procedure but it is not known if he took one before the lethal injection. His speech was groggy, and unclear at times. Here is a summary recorded by the witnesses, it is not verbatim.

The execution came more than 16 1/2 years after a King County jury condemned Brown to death for the rape and murder of 21-year-old Holly Washa of Burien. Members of Washa's family, along with King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, were among those who witnessed the state's first execution since August 2001.

They watched through a glass window as Brown, strapped to a gurney inside the prison's execution chamber, was administered a massive dose of the sodium thiopental intravenously. A curtain then was closed as the anesthetic took effect.

"This is a somber end to the long journey Holly Washa's friends and family have experienced since losing their loved one in such a tragic way nearly 20 years ago," state Attorney General Rob McKenna said in a statement. "Our hearts are with them as they continue to mourn this loss."

Washa was slain by Brown in May 1991, just two months after he was released from an Oregon prison where he had served time for assaulting a woman. Washa had moved from a small town in Nebraska with dreams of becoming a flight attendant.

Brown's final pleas for a reprieve were denied in the hours leading up to the execution as the U.S. and state Supreme Courts, U.S. District Court and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals all rejected the separate efforts to spare the condemned killer's life. Brown's first scheduled execution, in March 2009, was stayed by the state Supreme Court less than eight hours before it was to be carried out.

Brown, 52, dined on a final meal of a combination pizza, apple pie along with coffee and milk Thursday before he was led into the execution chamber.

Belinda Stewart, spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections, said Brown was resigned to his fate and had spent part of the day speaking on the phone with family members as well as his attorneys.

Last Meal:
Combination Pizza, apple pie, root beer, coffee and milk.

Final Statement:
first to the family of Holly Washa, I have to say to you that I understand your feelings and your enmity and hatred towards me. I hold no enmity toward you. I hope that the actions taken tonight will give you closure, the closure that you seek. I forgive you for any hatred that you have toward me. I have no complaints about my treatment by the staff at the prison for the last 17 years I've spent here. They are very professional. As far as the state of Washington and King County, I protest based on disparity of sentencing. The Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, and Robert Yates raped and tortured and killed many women and they were spared the death penalty. I raped and killed one person, I don't see the true justice in that. Hopefully sometime in the future this gets straightened out. Thank you, God Bless you, and God Bless my family."

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