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Part of his Last Statement moments before the Lethal Cocktail began to flow: "When I die, bury me deep, lay two speakers at my feet, put some headphones on my head and rock and roll me when I'm dead."

Douglas Roberts - Texas
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Executed - Marco Chapman - Kentucky Death Row - Scheduled Execution
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Start : Saturday 22 November 2008, 0:00
End : Saturday 22 November 2008, 0:00

Marco Chapman - Kentucky Death Row - Scheduled Execution for November 21, 2008


Victims: 7-year-old Chelbi Sharon and 6-year-old Cody Sharon

The Crime: On the morning of August 23, 2002, Marco Chapman murdered a 7-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy in their home in Warsaw, Kentucky.
Both of the children's throats had been slit and they suffered multiple lacerations and stab wounds on their bodies. Their 10-year-old sister played dead after also being stabbed several times.

The hands of the mother were bound with duct tape and she was tied to the bed frame. She was raped and stabbed in the chest with a knife that broke off in her chest. She was later stabbed with a large knife and left for dead.

After stabbing the victims, the killer burglarized the home and left the scene. He was arrested later the same day in West Virginia.

Chapman was sentenced to death on December 14, 2004.

News: EDDYVILLE, Ky. – Marco Allen Chapman, who killed two children and left their mother and another child for dead, was executed Friday by lethal injection.

Shortly after 7 p.m. CST (8 p.m. EST) the 37-year-old Chapman was administered a deadly three-drug cocktail in a special chamber at the Kentucky State Penitentiary. He was pronounced dead at 7:34 p.m. CST (8:34 EST). As he has long wished, he died for the crimes he committed but never fully explained. Before the sentence was carrried out, he turned to a two-way mirror of room where the mother of his victims, Carolyn Marksberry, was reportedly witnesssing the execution and begged for forgiveness.

"I pray daily but not just for me but for Carolyn and Courtney (the child who survived his attacks) that even though they have the right to hate me, I just hope they don't live with hate in their hearts," Chapman said in a last statement which was released shortly after the execution by prison officials.

Marksberry and her family also issued a statement that was read to reporters after the execution.

"I believe the tears shed today should be for the victims of this crime, not Marco Chapman ...," the family's statement read. "Perhaps now though, not only can our family and community start to heal but (also) Cody and Chelbi can rest in peace."

In 2002, Chapman fatally stabbed to death 6-year-old Cody Sharon and 7-year-old Chelbi Sharon in their home in the Northern Kentucky town of Warsaw. He also stabbed another child and stabbed and sexually assaulted the mother of the children, Carolyn Marksberry.

In additon to witnesses from the victims’ family, which reportedly included Carolyln Marksberry and her husband, official witnesses from the state and news media were present for the execution.

After Chapman read his last statement, the prison warden asked if he had anything more to say. He lifted up his head to say a few more words, showed tearful emotion, looked toward the two-way mirror on wall to the room where the family was and said how "terribly sorry" he was.

Early Friday evening, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a last-minute stay. A Kentucky attorney had asked for the court to stop the execution pending the outcome of a lawsuit that challenges the state's regulations on lethal injection.

On Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court also had denied an emergency motion in the case. The attorney, Philip Longmeyer, questions whether the Kentucky Department of Corrections should have held public hearings before adopting rules on how lethal injections are administered. Longmeyer is claiming freedom of speech violations in the latest appeal.

Since his sentencing, Chapman repeatedly asked that all appeals in his case stop and that he wants to be put to death.

The last person executed in Kentucky was Eddie Lee Harper in 1999.


Last Meal: 32-ounce sirloin, 20 butterfly shrimp, tossed salad with ranch dressing, iced tea and a banana cream pie for his final meal.

For Breakfast He was given pancakes, fried eggs, sausage patties and milk.

Final Statement: don't know why I did the thing that I did, and I know the hate of me over that night must be overwhelming, but Carolyn and Courtney you have to know that wasn't who I was or am," Chapman wrote in a statement he gave to Warden Tom Simpson to read. "I am not a monster even though I did a monstrously evil thing. That is why I give my life willing as well as quickly in hopes that you know how truly sorry I am. I hurt and ache daily for the loss I've created in the Marksberrys' family, but I hurt as well. I don't know if I deserve heaven after what I did, but I pray with all my heart that I find some sort of peace and happiness after my last breath." After Simpson read the statement, Chapman looked toward the room where Marksberry and family members were scheduled to view the execution, and apologized again. His voice shook, and he had tears in his eyes.

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