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Curtis Moore- Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution
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Start : Thursday 15 January 2009, 0:00
End : Thursday 15 January 2009, 0:00

Curtis Moore- Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution for January 14, 2009

Victims: Roderick Moore, 24, Latasha Boone 21, and Henry Truevillen, 20

The Crime: Moore was convicted of the November 1995 abduction and shooting deaths of three people in Fort Worth during two seperate incidents. Killed were Roderick Moore, 24, Latasha Boone 21, and Henry Truevillen, 20.
Curis Moors and an accomplice abducted Truevillen and Darrell Hoyle 21, tied them up and placed them in the trunk of their car. He then drove to an isolated area where both victims were shot then doused with gasoline and set on fire. Shot in the leg, Hoyle managed to escape the burning vehicle and survive.

Later, Moore and Boone were tied up in the same manner and shot to death.

News: The beginning of any year has milestones that are set right off the block. Texas reached one of those last night with the first execution of 2009. Curtis Moore, who had been on death row for over a decade, and who got a stay of execution at the last second years ago, was put to death by lethal injection at 6:21 p.m. last night.

Curtis Moore was put on death row in the first place after being convicted of a triple homicide in 1995. Two victims, 24-year-old Roderick Moore, and 21-year old LaTanya Boone, were found dead by gunshots at a ditch across from an elementary school in Fort Worth. Another victim, 20-year-old Henry Truevillian, was burned to death in a car fire.

Only one survivor, Darrel Hoyle, was found in the car fire. Hoyle helped lead authorities to Curtis Moore, who was charged with committing the murders as part of a drug ripoff. His nephew, Anthony Moore, was part of the act and pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in exchange for life sentences. Curtis Moore got the death penalty.

Moore was first scheduled to die in 2002, but three hours before he was scheduled for execution, he was granted a stay because of suspected mental retardation. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed his mental state to be reviewed, but his appeal was ultimately refused in October. Several other courts also rejected a clemency position.

Moore had previously been arrested for theft, weapon and drug possession, in a criminal career that dated back to when he was 12 years old. Moore was released several times due to overcrowded Texas prisons.

Before his execution, Moore's final words were to a spiritual councilor, Irene Wilcox, who treats death row inmates. Moore had no similar acknowledgment to the victims families, or to Darrel Hoyle, who also attended the execution.

Since the attack, Hoyle has become a rap artist and producer, while still living with the scars from the fire after countless skin grafts were put on his body. Hoyle told the Dallas Morning News that he had forgiven Moore for the attack, but he couldn't forget and had to see this through to the end.

The end came for Curtis Moore last night, as he is now just an infamous statistic to start the execution tally of 2009. He will also be a statistic to death penalty opponents, who can use Moore as an example of Texas continuing to execute the mentally ill.

source: associated press

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