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I am currently forced to reside on the state of Washington death row, innocent of the crimes that I was convicted of committing.

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Executed - Elkie Taylor - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution
Scheduled Executions
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Start : Thursday 6 November 2008, 20:00
End : Thursday 6 November 2008, 20:00

Elkie Taylor - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution for November 6, 2008


Victims: Otis Flake

The Crime: On the evening of April 1, 1993, Elkie Lee Taylor (aka Ronnie Lee Watkins) and an accomplice smoked crack cocaine with an acquaintance staying at the home of Otis Flake, a 65-year-old mentally ill man. While at Flake's home, Taylor and his accomplice were observed looking around the house for things to steal and were asked to leave. Flake's houseguest departed shortly thereafter.

Taylor and his accomplice returned in the early morning hours of April 2, 1993, and ransacked Flake's house, taking jewelry, cash, a television, and other items to sell for crack. Flake's houseguest returned to find the front door open and the house in disarray. She also saw Taylor and his accomplice coming from the back of the house and called to them. Taylor had a white bag in his hand. Upon entering the house, Flake's houseguest found Flake sitting up against his bed. His hands were tied behind his back with white plastic tubing, his feet were tied together with a coat hanger, and a T-shirt and two coat hangers were wrapped around his throat. Flake died of asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Taylor admitted to his roommates on separate occasions that he and his accomplice had committed two murders. The first murder occurred 11 days earlier and seven blocks down the street. The victim was an elderly man who lived alone. He was discovered with an apron and a coat hanger wrapped around his neck. Later, when asked if the police were in the neighborhood because of him, Taylor boldly admitted that he had wrapped a coat hanger around a different man's neck and that "dead men can't talk." Taylor smiled and laughed about his offenses.

When Taylor was apprehended after leading police on a four-hour chase, he was driving the cab of a stolen 18-wheeler. The chase ended when a Texas State Trooper stood in front of the truck and shot out its tires with a shotgun, causing the truck to stop. Taylor admitted to police that he and his accomplice had gone to Flake's house, and that he had tied Flake's mouth, hands and feet, and that he had taken jewelry, cash, a television, and other items to sell for crack. However, Taylor claimed that his accomplice killed Flake. Taylor also admitted that two weeks before, he and his accomplice stole a TV from an 87-year-old man but had been caught by him in the house. Taylor admitted that he grabbed the man. However, Taylor again claimed that his accomplice killed the victim with a coat hanger.

News: HUNTSVILLE, Texas Texas has executed a parolee convicted of using coat hangers to strangle a 65-year-old mentally ill man during a burglary of the man's house.

Elkie Lee Taylor was executed Thursday night for killing Otis Flake in 1993. Flake was found dead sitting up against a bed, his feet and hands bound and hangers twisted around his neck by a friend after Taylor and an accomplice were spotted earlier walking away from Flake's home near downtown Fort Worth.

Taylor was the 15th Texas inmate executed this year and the first of six scheduled for lethal injection this month in the nation's most active capital punishment state.


Last Meal: Spam and cheese, a three-layer white icing cake, a salad, French fries and three bananas.

Final Statement: To his relatives and friends: "You ain't got to worry about nothing, I am going home. I hope to see all of y'all one day. Lord have mercy on my soul." Then Taylor looked through another death chamber window behind which relatives of his victim were standing and told them, "Stay strong. It's bad to see a man get murdered for something he didn't do. But I am taking it like a man, like a warrior. I am going home to Jesus." After telling the warden he was ready and as the lethal drugs began flowing, he said, "Don't forget to tell my daughter ..." and mumbled something that couldn't be understood. Nine minutes later, he was pronounced dead.

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Posted: 2008/11/8 17:44  Updated: 2008/11/8 17:44
i think, this will be my last comment on this site (i think yo will be happy). i do not know, whether he was guilty or not. but that does not matter to me.he was murdered by the name of the american people. i learned, that almost everybody who was executed, prayed to god and - if guilty- was sorry. i also learned, that only the poor, uneducated and black people are sentenced to death. people, who never had a chance in u.s. society. i believe, that you always take convictions for given. no questions asked? the rosenbergs - guilty? guilty for what? o.j. simpson? and so on. that system sucks. well. i am a bit depressed. i feel sorry for your society. sure, not a role model. happy to be european. anyway. god bless.
Posted: 2008/11/6 17:49  Updated: 2008/11/6 17:49
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 520
 Taylor DENIED by the Supremes!!