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Executed - Richard Henyard - Florida Death Row - Scheduled Execution
Scheduled Executions
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Start : Tuesday 23 September 2008, 22:00
End : Tuesday 23 September 2008, 22:00

Richard Henyard - Florida Death Row - Scheduled Execution for September 23, 2008


Victims: 7-year-old Jamilya Lewis and 3-year-old Jasmine Lewis

The Crime: The record reflects that one evening in January, 1993,eighteen-year-old Richard Henyard stayed at the home of a family friend, Luther Reed. While Reed was making dinner, Henyard went into his bedroom and took a gun that belonged to Reed. Later that month, on Friday, January 29, Dikeysha Johnson, a long-time acquaintance of Henyard, saw him in Eustis, Florida. While they were talking, Henyard lifted his shirt and displayed the butt of a gun in the front of his pants. Shenise Hayes also saw Henyard that same evening. Henyard told her he was going to a night club in Orlando and to see his father in South Florida. He showed Shenise a small black gun and said that, in order to make his trip, he would steal a car, kill the owner,and put the victim in the trunk.

William Pew also saw Henyard with a gun during the last week in January and Henyard tried to persuade Pew to participate in a robbery with him. Later that day, Pew saw Henyard with Alfonza Smalls, a fourteen-year-old friend of Henyard’s. Henyard again displayed the gun, telling Pew that he needed a car and that he intended to commit a robbery at either the hospital or the Winn Dixie.

Around 10 p.m. on January 30, Lynette Tschida went to the Winn Dixie store in Eustis. She saw Henyard and a younger man sitting on a bench near the entrance of the store. When she left, Henyard and his companion got up from the bench; one of them walked ahead of her and the other behind her. As she approached her car, the one ahead of her went to the end of the bumper, turned around, and stood. Ms. Tschida quickly got into the car and locked the doors. As she drove away, she saw Henyard and the younger man walking back towards the store.

At the same time, the eventual survivor and victims in this case, Ms. Lewis and her daughters, Jasmine, age 3, and Jamilya, age 7, drove to the Winn Dixie store. Ms. Lewis noticed a few people sitting on a bench near the doors as she and her daughters entered the store.

When Ms. Lewis left the store, she went to her car and put her daughters in the front passenger seat. As she walked behind the car to the driver’s side, Ms. Lewis noticed Alfonza Smalls coming towards her. As Smalls approached, he pulled up his shirt and revealed a gun in his waistband. Smalls ordered Ms. Lewis and her daughters into the back seat of the car, and then called to Henyard. Henyard drove the Lewis car out of town as Smalls gave him directions.

The Lewis girls were crying and upset, and Smalls repeatedly demanded that Ms. Lewis “shut the girls up.” As they continued to drive out of town, Ms. Lewis beseeched Jesus for help, to which Henyard replied, “this ain’t Jesus, this is Satan.” Later, Henyard stopped the car at a deserted location and ordered Ms. Lewis out of the car. Henyard raped Ms. Lewis on the trunk of the car while her daughters remained in the back seat. Ms. Lewis attempted to reach for the gun that was lying nearby on the trunk. Smalls grabbed the gun from her and shouted, “you’re not going to get the gun, bitch.” Smalls also raped Ms. Lewis on the trunk of the car. Henyard then ordered her to sit on the ground near the edge of the road. When she hesitated, Henyard pushed her to the ground and shot her in the leg. Henyard shot her at close range three more times, wounding her in the neck, mouth, and the middle of the forehead between her eyes. Henyard and Smalls rolled Ms. Lewis’s unconscious body off to the side of the road, and got back into the car. The last thing Ms. Lewis remembers before losing consciousness is a gun aimed at her face. Miraculously, Ms. Lewis survived and, upon regaining consciousness a few hours later, made her way to a nearby house for help. The occupants called the police and Ms. Lewis, who was covered in blood, collapsed on the
front porch and waited for the officers to arrive.

As Henyard and Smalls drove the Lewis girls away from the scene where their mother had been shot and abandoned, Jasmine and Jamilya continued to cry and plead: “I want my Mommy,” “Mommy,” “Mommy.” Shortly thereafter, Henyard stopped the car on the side of the road, got out, and lifted Jasmine out of the back seat while Jamilya got out on her own. The Lewis girls were then taken into a grassy area along the roadside where they were each killed by a single bullet fired into the head. Henyard and Smalls threw the bodies of Jasmine and Jamilya Lewis over a nearby fence into some underbrush.
. . . .

The autopsies of Jasmine and Jamilya Lewis showed that they both died of gunshot wounds to the head and were shot at very close range. Powder stippling around Jasmine’s left eye, the sight of her mortal wound, indicated that her eye was open when she was shot. One of the blood spots discovered on Henyard’s socks matched the blood of Jasmine Lewis. “High speed” or “high velocity” blood splatters found on Henyard’s jacket matched the blood of Jamilya Lewis and showed that Henyard was less than four feet from her when she was killed. Smalls’ trousers had “splashed” or “dropped blood” on them consistent with dragging a body. DNA evidence was also presented at trial indicating that Henyard raped Ms. Lewis.

News: TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Charlie Crist today signed a death warrant for Richard Henyard, setting the date of his execution for Sept. 23.

Lewis is convicted of the 1993 slayings of 7-year-old Jamilya Lewis and 3-year-old Jasmine Lewis in Eustis.

On July 1, Florida executed Mark Dean Schwab, the first death sentence carried out in the state in more than 18 months, for the killing of Cocoa's Junny Rios-Martinez. Court rulings affirmed the constitutionality of Florida's lethal-injection procedure leading up to Schwab's execution. Further lethal injections were predicted for the 387 prisoners on the state's death row.

Henyard would be the 66th execution in the state since the death penalty was reinstated in the United States in 1976.


Last Meal: two fried chicken breasts, turkey sausage, fried rice, chocolate chip cookies and a Coke

Final Statement: he declined to make any final statement.

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Posted: 2009/1/6 14:25  Updated: 2009/1/6 14:25
 Richard Henyard
While i believe the Death Penalty is appropriate in certain cases, i cant help but wonder if it was appropriate in Henyards case. The horrible crime committed on these beutiful innocent girls is unthinkable, and by far is one of the most tragic events ever. While nothing excuses this horrible crime, i happened to know this youg man suffered much abuse and neglect while living with his father and step-mother. The father was a long distance truck driver and was rarely home. the step-mother abused and neglected what was obviously a serious medical condition that may be viewed as a brain defect. This kid would routinely have horrible seizures in school while in the 5th and 6th grade and he constantly had fainting and dizzy spells. The School System, the community, the child welfare system and his parents failed him miserably. The biologcal mother from what ive read was an avid drug user during and after her pregnancy. Again nothing excuses this horrible crime, but i am not so sure the death penalty was appropriate in this case. I welcome any contrasting points of view. Respectfully