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Executed - Jesse (Jessie) James Cummings - Oklahoma Death Row - Scheduled Execution
Scheduled Executions
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Start : Thursday 25 September 2008, 22:00
End : Thursday 25 September 2008, 22:00

Jessie James Cummings - Oklahoma Death Row - Scheduled Execution for September 25, 2008


Victims: His sister Judy Ann Moody Mayo and her daughter, 11-year-old Melissa Moody

The Crime: Jesse James Cummings Jr. was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1991 killings of his sister and her 11-year-old daughter. Court records also show Cummings' first name spelled "Jessie."

An appeals court later reversed Cumming's conviction for the murder of his sister, 42-year-old Judy Ann Moody Mayo, but upheld the conviction in 11-year-old Melissa Moody's death.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied Cummings' final appeal.

Edmdonson asked the court to set the execution date for 60 days from Monday or the earliest date the court deems fit.

News: McALESTER, Okla. (AP) - Convicted killer Jessie James Cummings Jr. has been executed for the 1991 stabbing death of his 11-year-old niece.

Department of Corrections spokesman Jerry Massie says Cummings was pronounced dead at 6:11 p.m. Thursday after receiving a lethal injection inside the death chamber at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

Cummings also was convicted and sentenced to death for killing his sister, Judy Mayo, but that conviction was overturned by an appeals court.

Cummings has maintained his innocence and says his two ex-wives were responsible for the killings.

The two women - Juanita and Sherry Cummings - both were sentenced to prison for their roles in the killing of Mayo.

Last Meal: bucket of fried chicken drumsticks and a chocolate shake.

Final Statement: "I love my family. I love my children. I love my gorgeous angel, Cummings said. "The justice system let me down on this case. It turned a blind eye to the truth in this. You came here today to see an innocent man die. I forgive everybody involved in this.

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