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ExecutedLeon Dorsey - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution
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Start : Tuesday 12 August 2008, 22:00
End : Tuesday 12 August 2008, 22:00

Victims: Brad Lindsey and James Armstrong


The Crime: The evidence presented at trial showed that, around midnight on April 4, 1994, two employees at a Blockbuster Video store in Dallas were robbed and murdered. The in- store video camera recorded the crime and shows that the perpetrator was a black male with short hair. Employee Brad Lindsey was shot once in the back; employee James Armstrong was shot twice. Later that day, [Dorsey] admitted committi ng the robbery and murders to his girlfriend, Arrietta Washington, and to an acquaintance, Antwan Hamilton. In an interview with a newspaper reporter, [Dorsey] stated that he had burned the jacket he had worn that night and would not disclose the location of the murder weapon. Washington braided extensions into [Dorsey's] hair as a disguise. Later that week, she reported [Dorsey's] admissions to the police. The police interviewed [Dorsey], but he denied any involvement. At the ti me, police erroneously believed that [Dorsey] was too tall to be the perpetrator, and he was not charged with the crime, which remained unsolved until the case was reopened in 1998. During the 1998 investigation, police sent the videotape of the robbery-murder to the F.B.I. for an analysis of the perpetrator's height. Based on the new estimate of the perpetrator's height and accurate information about [Dorsey's] height, police questi oned [Dorsey] again, and he confessed. While awaiting trial, [Dorsey] again confessed to this offense during an interview with Dallas Morning News reporter Jason Sickles. A week before trial, [Dorsey] admitted committing the murders to inmate Raymond Carriere. [Dorsey] also sent a letter to another inmate, Rodrick Finley, offering him $5000.00 to take the blame for the murders. The police had previously suspected Finley of committing the crime. * * * In the instant case, [Dorsey] confessed to five different persons: his girlfriend, an acquaintance, the police, a news reporter, and a fellow inmate. In addition, the videotape depicted the perpetrator as a black male of medium build with short hair, wearing a multi-colored jacket. Washington and Hamilton both testified that the distinctive jacket of unusual design and colors worn by the shooter in the videotape looked just like one often worn by [Dorsey] before the offense. They also stated that they never saw [Dorsey] wear that particular jacket after the offense. Washington also testified that [Dorsey] wore his hair in the same style as that of the shooter at the ti me of the offense, but that she had altered the appearance of [Dorsey's] hair after the offense by adding braid extensions. According to the F.B.I. expert who analyzed the videotape, the shooter was between 5'7" tall and 6' tall. [Dorsey] is 5'10" tall.

Prior Offenses: Dorsey had no prior criminal record at the time this offense was committed. However, after this offense was committed and prior to being convicted for this offense, Dorsey committed Murder with a Deadly Weapon and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle in Ellis County (involved Dorsey and one co-defendant enter a food store, fatally shooting a 51 year old Oriental female, then fleeing the scene with an unknown amount of money). Dorsey received a 60 year sentence for that offense and was serving that sentence when he was convicted of Capital Murder and sentenced to death for the current offense.

News: Leon David Dorsey, who was convicted of the April 4, 1994, shooting deaths of a 26-year-old male and a 20-year-old male at a Dallas Blockbuster video was executed Tuesday.

Dorsey was pronounced dead at 6:27 p.m. after receiving a lethal injection at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Walls Unit.

Dorsey is the seventh death row inmate to be executed in Texas this year since the lethal injection has been reinstated.

According to Michelle Lyons, TDCJ public information officer, Dorsey had recently made threats to harm a correctional officer prior to his execution, but fortunately did not follow through with his threats.

“Leon Dorsey was executed Tuesday without putting up a fight,” she said. “He did not have to be forcibly taken into the execution chamber, and the entire execution was carried out without incident.”

During his very brief last statement, Dorsey did not acknowledge Gerald and Nanci Armstrong or Joan Coleman, the parents of Dorsey’s two victims in the Blockbuster shootings, James Armstrong and Brad Lindsey.

His only words before his last statement – “Hey, sis,” – were directed to his sister, Tameka Finklea.

“I love all y’all, I forgive all y’all, and I’ll see y’all when you get there,” he said. “Do what you’re gonna do.”

While Joan Coleman did not make a formal statement following the execution, Gerald and Nancy Armstrong released a letter to the media which addressed their feelings about Dorsey’s execution.

“Losing James has been and always will be painful; it doesn’t get any easier, but we’ve gotten stronger,” the letter read. “Viewing Dorsey’s execution will not bring any happiness, but we’ve lived to see justice for James 14 years later and today we pray for Dorsey’s father.”

In a segment of the letter which appears to have been written by Nanci Armstrong, more detail is offered regarding her feelings about Dorsey.

“While Gerald has said it was different for him, I have struggled with forgiving Dorsey for killing our son,” she said. “Perhaps Dorsey is as evil as Charles Manson and has no remorse, but I knew that I had to forgive him.

“I could do it in my head, but not in my heart.”

According to information released by the Texas Attorney General’s office, James Armstrong and Brad Lindsey were shot and killed at a Dallas Blockbuster, and the person who shot them also stole $392 from the business.

While Dorsey actually admitted committing the robbery and murders to his girlfriend and to an acquaintance, Dorsey was not immediately charged with the crime.

Dorsey confessed to the 1994 murders in 1998, when new evidence led police to re-question him.

Five months after committing the Blockbuster killings, but before he had been charged with them, Dorsey killed a convenience store clerk during a robbery in Ennis, Texas.

Dorsey pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 60 years in prison.
source: The Huntsville Item

Last Meal: Inmate did not request a last meal.

Final Statement: Yeah, I love all ya'll. I forgive all ya'll. See you when you get there. Do what your are going to do.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2008/8/13 11:13  Updated: 2008/8/13 11:13
 Complete Details of Leon Dorsey's Execution
Posted: 2008/8/12 20:03  Updated: 2008/8/12 20:03
 Re: EVIL to his core.
This scum is now dead! Time of death: 6:27PM CDT
Posted: 2008/8/12 19:54  Updated: 2008/8/12 19:54
 Notorious killer from Blockbuster case is executed
Leon David Dorsey IV, who blamed his victims when he confessed to one of the highest-profile Dallas murder cases of the 1990s, died by lethal injection at 6:27 tonight.

Dorsey was sentenced to death eight years ago. Since that time, the 32-year-old has gained a reputation as one of the meanest men on death row. Last month, he vowed to assault prison staff prior to his execution.

But despite those threats, Dorsey said little when asked by the warden if he wanted to give a final statement.

"I love all y'all," he said from his death bed. "I forgive all y'all. See y'all when you get there. Do what you gonna to do."
Posted: 2008/8/12 17:26  Updated: 2008/8/12 17:26
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 520
 EVIL to his core.
The other inmates view him as some sort of god like creature. Protests had begun as recent as yesterday within the prison. Dorsey has said he will not go without a fight.

2 shanks found in his possession, one as recent as last week. Polunsky unit was on high alert and as of 11 this morning all movement was halted. At noon Dorsey was moved from Polunsky to the Walls unit where he will receive his anti-crime vaccine. I am praying tonight that the victims families find peeace and I am also saying a prayer for the Corrections Officers that have to escort this monster to the gurney or any who come into contact with him for the remaining hours of his life.
Posted: 2008/8/11 21:59  Updated: 2008/8/11 21:59
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 520
 Violent inmate to die Tuesday for double slaying
Posted: 2008/8/11 10:26  Updated: 2008/8/11 10:26
Joined: 1969/12/31
Posts: 520
 Leon David Dorsey Scheduled For Execution Tuesday Night