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Methods of execution by state

State Method
Alabama Lethal injection or electrocution
Alaska No death penalty
Arizona Lethal injection or gas
Arkansas Lethal injection or electrocution
California Lethal injection or gas
Colorado Lethal injection
Connecticut Lethal injection
Delaware Lethal injection or hanging
District of Columbia No death penalty
Florida Lethal injection or electrocution
Georgia Lethal injection
Hawaii No death penalty
Idaho Lethal injection or firing squad
Illinois Lethal injection
Indiana Lethal injection
Iowa No death penalty
Kansas Lethal injection
Kentucky Lethal injection or electrocution
Louisiana Lethal injection
Maine No death penalty
Maryland Lethal injection
Massachusetts No death penalty
Michigan No death penalty
Minnesota No death penalty
Mississippi Lethal injection
Missouri Lethal injection or gas
Montana Lethal injection
Nebraska Electrocution
Nevada Lethal injection
New Hampshire Lethal injection or hanging
New Jersey Lethal injection
New Mexico Lethal injection
New York No death penalty
North Carolina Lethal injection
North Dakota No death penalty
Ohio Lethal injection
Oklahoma Lethal injection, electrocution, or firing squad
Oregon Lethal injection
Pennsylvania Lethal injection
Rhode Island No death penalty
South Carolina Lethal injection or electrocution
South Dakota Lethal injection
Tennessee Lethal injection or electrocution
Texas Lethal injection
Utah Lethal injection or firing squad
Vermont No death penalty
Virginia Lethal injection or electrocution
Washington Lethal injection or hanging
West Virginia No death penalty
Wisconsin No death penalty
Wyoming Lethal injection or gas
Federal system Lethal injection
Virgin Islands No death penalty
Guam No death penalty
Puerto Rico No death penalty
American Samoa No death penalty
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Highlights of 2009


Highlights of 2009


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Inmates executed since 1976

2008 Year End Death Penalty Statistics

Current Death Penalty Statistics from the Dept. of Justice

Current U.S. Department of Justice Statistics


  • In 2008, 37 persons in nine states were executed -- 18 in Texas; 4 in Virginia; 3 each in Georgia and South Carolina; 2 each in Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, and Oklahoma, and 1 in Kentucky.
  •   Of persons executed in 2008:
    -- 20 were white
    -- 17 were black
  •  All 37 inmates executed in 2008 were men.
  •  Lethal injection was used in 36 executions in 2008; 1 execution was by electrocution.


2007 Year End Death Penalty Statistics

Current Death Penalty Statistics from the Dept. of Justice

Current U.S. Department of Justice Statistics

In 2007, 42 persons in 10 States were executed -- 26 in Texas; 3 each in Alabama and Oklahoma; 2 each in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee; and 1 each in South Dakota, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arizona.

Of persons executed in 2007:
-- 28 were white
-- 14 were black

All 42 inmates executed in 2007 were men.

Lethal injection was used in 41 executions in 2007; 1 execution was by electrocution.

Thirty-eight States and the Federal government in 2007 had capital statutes.