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Dead Family Walking

Dead Family Walking:

The guru of death row inmates, Sister Helen Prejean, wrote a book Dead Man Walking. One of the victims' family has finally answered her in DEAD FAMILY WALKING. available from the publisher

Sister Helen Prejean is a fountain of misinformation; all taken as fact because of course a nun wouldn't lie. (They can be deceived, naive and gullible, however) She has never answered why the murderers get more support than the victims or their families. She says this is not her intent, but it is the end result.

         By D. D. deVinci 
On November 5, 1977, the Bourque's teenage daughter, Loretta, was found murdered in a  
trash pile near the city of New Iberia, Louisiana lying side by side near her boyfriend–with three well-placed bullet holes behind each head. No apparent motive. Very little clues. 
While the families of the murdered teenagers tried to find closure, a Catholic nun becomes spiritual advisor to one brother on death row and made it her mission to defend him, arguing that the crime was a single act of violence for which the other brother  was solely responsible. Her attempts failed, killer is executed in 1984 when she and killer vow love for each other before he dies. Nun takes body to Baton Rouge for free funeral and mass performed by Bishop. Fifteen nuns brought in from New Orleans to attend funeral for stranger. Body laid to rest in Baton Rouge cemetery on sacred ground. Nun later writes book: Dead Man Walking
Prior to  the murders, posing as police, the brothers would hunt people on weekends kidnapping an 
estimated 30 couples. Boys would be handcuffed in view of girls being held down, raped, threatened  
and released.  Secret conversation with Catholic priest revealed  killer's funeral staged by Church 
hierarchy to protest capital punishment and said Bishop was subdued. Funeral home pressured for 
free funeral. Grounds keeper of cemetery said nun went behind Mother Superior's back to have killer 
buried. Thirty days after burial, upset nuns secretly tried to have killer's corpse disinterred. 
After 6 years of trials and appeals, the devout-Catholic Bourques hoped with the killer's execution  
they could put the nightmare behind them and find some peace with which to live. Instead, the surprising scorn from Church leaders in Baton Rouge was just the beginning of family pain causing them to stop attending church—but they eventually returned with unexpected disrespect for Church personnel. 
Nun's book contains questionable embellishments and according to one victim's parent who was sent a manuscript of Dead Man Walking, "There were lies in there!" Incarcerated Governor Edwards writes 
jailhouse letter contradicting nun's version of killer's last day and her secret whereabouts the night of killer's execution. Thirty days before execution, killer divulges details to homicide detective of shocking death-row proposal including confessing his hunger to kill again. 
Victim's family endures 25 unsuccessful  years of seeking closure, finally contracting  investigator to dig-up details of crime and fallacies of Dead Man Walking. Disgusting discovery  found in killer's briefcase stored in courthouse evidence room for 20 years. Divine message from God to young child pertaining to murdered girl deciphered 15 years later  in 2004.  Surprise conversation with homicide detective reveals details of an unknown American hero that will warm the hearts of all who read this story.
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Highlights of 2009


Highlights of 2009


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Inmates executed since 1976

2008 Year End Death Penalty Statistics

Current Death Penalty Statistics from the Dept. of Justice

Current U.S. Department of Justice Statistics


  • In 2008, 37 persons in nine states were executed -- 18 in Texas; 4 in Virginia; 3 each in Georgia and South Carolina; 2 each in Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, and Oklahoma, and 1 in Kentucky.
  •   Of persons executed in 2008:
    -- 20 were white
    -- 17 were black
  •  All 37 inmates executed in 2008 were men.
  •  Lethal injection was used in 36 executions in 2008; 1 execution was by electrocution.


2007 Year End Death Penalty Statistics

Current Death Penalty Statistics from the Dept. of Justice

Current U.S. Department of Justice Statistics

In 2007, 42 persons in 10 States were executed -- 26 in Texas; 3 each in Alabama and Oklahoma; 2 each in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee; and 1 each in South Dakota, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arizona.

Of persons executed in 2007:
-- 28 were white
-- 14 were black

All 42 inmates executed in 2007 were men.

Lethal injection was used in 41 executions in 2007; 1 execution was by electrocution.

Thirty-eight States and the Federal government in 2007 had capital statutes.